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10/13 US Stocks will go through the roof..Buy EARLY

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posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 05:09 AM
I know for a fact we are going to see a rise in stocks Monday morning. A HUGE RISE. Buy as fast as you can my friends. I like the people on this board, so I hope you take my advice and BUY NOW. I am going to say 800 points plus at least by close if not 1200. Use this thread to tell me how you did today, or why you sold?? IMHO gold will drop...Stay away from gold and buy stock. I know I talk a lot of smack, but I have been praying for those out there hurting. Lets hope I am right and today is a turn around.

posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 05:19 AM
sounds like you have basis at all for saying this.

Im predicting a slow trading slow trading day today and a big drop again tomorrow.

posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 05:25 AM
reply to post by TXMACHINEGUNDLR

How long are you advising people to hold for? I am no economist but I will be very surprised if we don't shed the gains of today by the end of the week.

posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 05:25 AM
The British stock market went up 8+% on early trading but it looks to be creeping back down again at the moment. I'm keeping my eye on it.

posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 05:38 AM
If became a trader, instead of an investor, the momentum play would be correct...

buy at the open....and sell right back into this rally, today or tomorrow the latest.

when the analysts look into this massive bank bailout by all major nations
which sparked this rally....they will see nothing good can come out of the propping up of the banks, as the credit spigots will not be opened up...
the governments will still need to buy commercial debt paper, to do what the banks refuse to do

and the slide to a 7500 DOW will Resume !

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posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 05:41 AM
Buy some stock early in MS, preferably before the Mitsubishi deal passes. I am 90% sure that the deal will pass by today, and the stocks will experience HUGE gains today, with the market already looking as good as it is.
I think GM is too risky to buy into.

GS is a buy, though I personally would put more into MS, more profitable investment.

JPM is NOT a buy right now. Their stock is usually a good buy under 37 dollars. Right now its at 41 and it should be valued around 45-47 long term (next years/2010). BUT I think that it will drop again before it reaches that point. This is a small ralley that will see some more losses this year. Then will be the time to buy JPM.

MS I would probably sell MS if it were to hit something like 16 dollars a share.

I would sell JPM if it hits over 44 dollars a share.

I would sell GS over 105 dollars a share.

BAC is another I would consider buying. If I did, I would sell it if it hit over 25 dollars a share. (Unless you are looking to long term invest in this company. Then just hold onto it. It has a bright future.)

TGT will definately go down in the coming months, so hold off on that. Consumer stocks, IMO, are a no go. They haven't felt the effects of this economic crisis yet. Financial Sector is where to buy. MS, GS, and even BAC are good.

Honestly, your long term investments in the financial sector should have been done last week.


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posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 06:40 AM
I'm holding, and continuing my bi-monthly investments with no change of strategy. Actually hoping it stays down for 6 months or so, so my percentage holdings that used to cost me dollars can double or triple as they are now trading for pennies.
I took very close to a 6 zeros with a number first loss on paper this year, (so far) but as I have better than a decade before I will need any of it, I am remembering the millionaires that were made during the great depression who bought and waited.

I wish those who chase the top and bottom the best of luck, as without a generous amount of luck 90% of them lose their shirts.
I foresee great swings this week, with a huge sell off on Friday.
My prediction is, generously, a bottom around 7,000 and pessimistically, around 4,200 for the Dow.
Without some great new advance in energy or tech, I don't see the Dow reaching 14,000 again until 2019 or 2020.

Just in time to reap my rewards for patience.

posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 07:31 AM
Didnt they just ban short-selling due to this very thing? Isnt this one of the reasons that the stock market is topsy turvy? If you buy early today, you better plan on holding. Even under the old rules the SEC prevented to from seeling a stock until 3 days afterwards.

posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 07:37 AM
reply to post by TXMACHINEGUNDLR

That is crazy - why are you telling people to do that? There will probably be a bounce today - but many economist are saying the Dow will go down to 5800 or there abouts. Why would you want people to lose their money?
Just as Jim Cramer says: stay out of the market at this time!

posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 07:41 AM
reply to post by princeofpeace

If your account has a $25K or better value you can make as many day trades as you want, or if you have a smaller margin account you can make up to three day trades in a 5 day period. Cash accounts are restricted to waiting three days until the trade settles before selling. Short selling is a different horse.

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posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 07:58 AM
I thought the short-selling ban had expired last week and only kicks-in when the market loses a certain % in a given period.

I'm a complete stock market novice though, so somebody please correct me if I am incorrect.

posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 08:10 AM
Whatever investments you make, keep an eye on the international bond markets.

With the announcement of infinite fiat by the Fed and the UK, the US is going to literally end up being on the hook for the entire world.

One more major player fails and we all go down. First bond market to go, will be the first loser.

Won't happen today, but this is the big thing to keep an eye on. Especially if the infinite fiat stick save opens up the interbank credit

posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 09:22 AM
After half an hour of trading markets are up. DJI is going +3.7%.

So, how did you know it as a fact that there will be bull market rally. Did you use any source of information for that or because market has gone down for a week and it's making market correction today ?

posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 02:39 PM
reply to post by justregistered

Dow futures looked good. After hours trading on friday showed me that certain companies were do for an up or down come monday.

Crunched numbers and found what would be a good buy or sell. Preferably I would sell what I said to buy today as soon as you are legally allowed to as they both broke the marker I had set.

MS(Morgan Stanley)last close- 9.68_My mark to sell-$16/last trade- 18.19
GS(Goldman Sachs) last close-88.8_ My mark to sell- $105/last trade- 111.85
JPM(JPmorgan) last close- 41.64_ My mark to sell-N/A(called for a slight drop)/ last trade- 40.53
BAC(Bank of America) last close- 20.87_My mark to sell-$25/last trade- 22.47
WFC(Wells Fargo Corp) last close-28.31_ My Mark to sell- N/A(assumed little to no change)/last trade- 28.82
TGT(Target CP) last close- 37.00_My Mark to sell-N/A(don't buy, it will drop during the 4th quater and possibly the 1st of 09 too)/last trade- 39.00

I think I hit relatively well for one day predictions. This huge rush in the market will fail within the next day or two.

If you cannot sell till a minimum amount of time has passed, this is my recommendation if you bought on my advice today.

MS- sell it unless it falls under 11 dollars(unlikely) Definately sell if over 14.
GS- Definately sell if it is over 100, sell anyway if it is between 90-100. If it is under 90 by the time you get to sell (very unlikely) hold this stock, It will have another day of rises, that is for sure.
BAC- Hold onto it unless you need to take some stock out to invest elsewhere
JPM- If you already have stock, just hold onto it. No reason to sell because they experienced a small drop today. If they drop down under 37, they are a good buy
WFC- I would hold off as there is nothing to indicate there is any reason to buy these stocks
TGT- Hold off for a bit longer, see how much they drop. If you decided to buy, sell it. It will experience losses down the road.

posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 03:32 PM
It is going to keep going up....Hold on tight folks, the world is going to be buying our stock while the people that were in a panic thanks to the media sold it for next to nothing. Our market is like blood in the water, you can see the sharks coming in for the kill. My guess is Tuesday is a 600 point plus day at least as well. I would be buying blue chips and bank stock. SMALL BANK STOCK. I did crazy great today, hope yall had a good one too.

Love and Peace..................AND MONEY!

posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 03:40 PM
To The Thread Author... You can have a hotline dedicated to your services setup right here, or you can e-mail me all of the stock tips, either

It must be nice to be an inside man....


posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 04:06 PM
Good Call!

If you do have inside information - please continue to share!

(I myself have nothing inveted in the market - so the roller coaster ride is merely an interesting diversion to me - although I do regret not getting on board with Yahoo and then later Google - as exceptions to my rule - as they were particularly no brainer)

posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 04:26 PM
I had told my sister about this and wanted to throw about 500 into the market today. But alas no one believed me. So I didn't do squat.

People really should believe me.

posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 04:49 PM
It doesnt take a rocket scientist to see that today was going to be a huge turnarund in the market. If anyone was paying attention to what happened last week, combined with what happened over the weekend, combined with market history, all signs pointed to a huge upswing today.

posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 05:24 PM
We will see the market go up by as much as 400-600 points 10/14 . Then prob 200-500 Wed and by Thursday-Friday I expect it to level out or drop a bit with profit taking. That is what my magic 8 ball is telling me
But if we have a weak Tue-Thur which would be weird, then Friday will be a crazy up day..700 points...I just dont see that as taking place. But with over a trillion gained back, and the EU banks feeling good we may see another 500 -700 point day tomorrow. US stock is dirt cheap right now. The money that was lost is going to be made up. We shed lots of bad debt with the crash, and I think that Americans will open their eyes to the fact that might have been a good thing.

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