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Tying It All Together

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posted on Oct, 12 2008 @ 08:50 PM
A few months ago, I was quite interested in the news article concerning the "Boskop Man." If you're not familiar with him, it is essentially the story of skulls that wee found around the turn of the century in Africa. They appeared to have larger brains that regular humans, and with smaller face-to-head ratios (something like 5:1 as opposed to the human 3:1). The implication is that these people could have been more intelligent than contemporary or even “modern” humans.

I came to find that this flurry of media attention was preceding the release of a book entitled Big Brain. I have purchased the book but have not had time to read it. I'll find out if it was a reasonable purchase or if I was a victim of marketing :p

Doing some light digging, I found what appeared to be the primary source for thee Boskop story, an excerpt from Loren Eisley's book The Incredible Journey. You can read it here. Note that it uses words like “negro” in a non-racist sense, as the book was written in the 50's. Try not to be offended.

I also came to find, after not too long, rebuttals to the media attention. A standard example would be this one, The “Amazing” Boskops. Not being a scientist, I couldn't tell you which side to believe. However, it did give me an idea, one that I think spans a couple very important ideas in Ufology.

First, the Greys. We know them we love them. We all know what they look like-

They are described as having waxy skin, lacking external noses or ears. Huge, unblinking eyes. They have little muscle definition. Their fingers may have suction cups on the ends. They don't appear to breathe, and their mouths seem too small for eating, if present at all. Their heads appear too large to be supported by their necks. And any scientists will tell you the odds of an alien species evolving the humanoid shape we have are incredibly low. And science as we know it states that we cannot travel faster than light, so it seems very out of the way for them to visit just to flash lights at people. The greys are just a little too unbelievable to exist in many people's eyes. They just don't work in the way life should.

However, the greys are not the only alien reported. Many other are, but I'm talking about one in particular. The small, humanlike ones, here-

As you've probably figured out, I see quite a resemblance between this little guy and the Boskop Man described above. Large head, childlike face. Now, when the Boskop Man was being discussed months ago, a very common comment was “maybe they were aliens”, noting the large head. And we all know the “ancient astronaut” theory that humans might be descended from aliens. And we all know that the Greys are here to cross-breed and create hybrids. They've reached a genetic “dead end” and need our DNA to fix it.

So, is my point that Boskop Man may, in fact, have been alien? It's a great idea, right?

Wrong. Unfortunately, that idea is rubbish. Genetic testing proves that humans are 100% home grown earthlings. We've traced out heritage back millions of years. We evolved from other primates, just as Boskop Man did. So that also means any alien species would not be able to make a “hybrid” with us. It would make no sense, our genetic material would be of no use to them. So what is my theory?

Over a year ago I posted a thread, The Black Knight from Space. The important idea to take from it is that the Earth may possibly have been visited by a probe from another civilization. An intelligent probe, one designed to actually contact and converse with another species, not just to take pictures. An ambassador from 100 light years away.

Let's go with that. The probe visits the Earth. Let's say it even somehow explores the surface and tried to make contact with the most intelligent creature. What if it was the Boskops? The probe may have carried a number of them into space. The remaining Boskops could have gone extinct or simply been absorbed into the human population, as some believe Neanderthal did.

The Boskops are in space, somewhere in the solar system. They've visited the other planets, maybe even created settlements on them. The probe that met them has taught them the advanced technology needed to survive. They are completely at home in space.

But maybe they have met a genetic dead end. Maybe too few of them were taken into space to maintain a varied genetic code. Maybe some disaster killed many of them. In any case, they need an infusion of foreign DNA, just as an inbred family could benefit from it.

Being related to humans, possibly even being considered the same species, we would be the obvious source of this material. This explains abductions and the creation of “hybrids,” as with a little genetic finagling they can create viable offspring. But because they are related to us, they are probably susceptible to the same diseases we are. However, humans have developed immunity, as the strong survived and those who did not have naturally immunity perished. So obviously, they need some kind of protection.

The grey alien does look a lot like the cute little humanoid alien in a spacesuit, right? Suddenly, the waxy skin, lack of muscle definition, lacks of noses and mouth, make sense. It's just tight suit. The eyes don't blink because they are only lenses.

Once I realized this, so much of what didn't make sense in Ufology did. They don't need to travel faster than light, since they have always been here. They look like us because they're related to us. They need us. Heck, the reason some of them are worried about us destroying the ecosystem si because this used to be their home, too.

So how come they haven't official contact again? Maybe some rules set down by the probe: “If you come with me, you can never go back.” Probably many of the same reasons we get now- mass panic, religious problems. Can you imagine the collective ego damage finding out we are not the most intelligent species to evolve on Earth?

Now, I've meant to put these ideas down for a while, and I apologize if my post appears to be rambling. I just want to get these ideas down while I'm focused on them. Personally, my entire view of the subject changed when I accepted the notion that these things might not necessarilly be alien.

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