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Do official documents exist proving the existence of Project BlueBeam?

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posted on Oct, 12 2008 @ 07:55 PM
I have been looking into this lately, and it really seems way too "out there" to be real. Nasa tied in deeply with religion etc? I have not been able to find a single official document yet I often see others talk about it as though it was fact.

Or if anyone has any good websites with official documents on MKultra, mind control is really very interesting too me and I do believe the technology exists to make humans do things and they wont even know what they are doing or what had just happened.

A good example would be a spy or a CIA type guy, if this CIA guy doesn't even know he is CIA then he can give zero info if he were to be tortured or interrigated. Or the he or she could know that they were in the CIA, and just have zero idea what they actually do.

Also checmicals to get rid of fear and memory seem like they could be very very possible. I mean look at the drugs these days for mental illness, stop smoking etc, they modify your brain.

Wouldn't it be crazy to wake up to a phone call at 1 am, be gone for a week then wake up in your bed a week later having no idea what you had just done. Awsome stuff. although very scary.

Anyway I Would really like some credible info on MKultra and or Project Blue Beam.

TY ATSer's

posted on Oct, 12 2008 @ 08:09 PM
As with the united nations claims this is so far only another hearsay case.

I sometimes visit DarkKnights thread due to its interesting story line, but apart from the 3rd hand account, I haven't seen a single "official" document or a 1st hand account.
The idea is interesting though and that must be why it still lives on.

The technology certainly exists to some degree. I mean if you see some of the public videos around of the capabilities of holograms etc. then it's not too far fetched.
The problem in my point of view is the sheer magnitude that such a plan requires. Coordination on an exceptional scale, the x factor in peoples reactions towards such an event, the economy in it (maybe that's why we're in a pickle now ;P)

However, one night when I was bored I sat browsing through the public budget of the US defense department and surely there was a huge amount of funding based on Psy-ops. Someone mentioned to that, that it wasn't that unnormal, I just remembered thinking "Damn! That's a lot of money!"
I can't find it again, but I garuantee it was on the official DD pages. The money was coincidentially set to run from 2008 to... guess what 2012 ;D I liked that coincidence hehe. It's probably got something to do with the way the governement works.
Of course psyops also works with propaganda in a more conventional way as in the Iraq war etc.

Anyways, would be fun reading some more about Blue Beam.

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