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Ideologues vs. Rationalists

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posted on Oct, 12 2008 @ 07:55 AM
In every election cycle, there are ideologues that seem to be able to unplug their "reason module" from their brains, and then argue a point which is absolute, pure propoganda that is 100% logic-free. These people exist on both ends of the spectrum, and in some election cycles, like this one, more from one side than the other.
Addressing all ideologues, but in this cycle most especially the McCainiacks, do you really believe that there is no chance that Obama could legitimately win, or are you just "pumping up the base"? There have been a few occations when polling was just totally wrong, but this is actually fairly rare when you study all the available past polls. The polls that are most often wrong are the "exit polls" done by media on election day.
In talking to a broad range of people in metro Atlanta (5+ counties), I've found that more ideologues exist on both sides among those with less formal education. Both GOP and Democratic supporters with 4+yrs. of post high school education say this will be a very close election that could go either way. My "poll" is unscientific, but I bet I could drill down into current polling and back it up with hard evidence. I'm not attempting to insult anyone, and if you are adopting a hard illogical position simply to maintain the morale of your side, I understand.


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