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Take the truth

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posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 09:38 PM
"Mark 13:
33Take ye heed, watch and pray: for ye know not when the time is.

34For the Son of Man is as a man taking a far journey, who left his house, and gave authority to his servants, and to every man his work, and commanded the porter to watch."

^^ye know not when the time is because it is remote.

The remote Destroyer outside Man is the second death mode. It takes any remote (any remote would-be foes journey) some other. 666 first left his standing current house it implicates. Then 666 gave authority outside his two: implying gave the lake of fire (second death mode) authority: implying turned it on right once after 666 left first. And then those kept from greater sin, being the remote Destroyers working during his house standing period, get servered out his work and get sunk or blown into the lake of fire (second death). Notice it is commanded with an "ed"? Then notice it implying the porter outside watch? It implies the 666 left in place a command 666 dont need manning. Those experiencing the second death remotely 666 come outside such a watch, and is a watch only watching etc. preferred 'Alive and Olive and Paradise' wise, since 666 is heavenly and earthly!!! The whole sea thing where we barely see the least bit each other's images period, gets cut off! The porter been commanded how set... So the current 666, Who went 'for' the tesimony 'against' Itself, how arranged with the hypocrites, been commanded the porter for doing in some other a point and onward outside watch.

Remotely the some other shall be left effected with the four seeds. Second death they shall take remotely how I say metaphorically, figuratively, literally, and ideally.

So I can say some other is in the second death, is the second death, is outside the second death, is gone to the second death, etc.

And once "his house" standing is deminshed, it can still be referred to with pastense in relation with those no longer in it in where they then be. Just how you can refer to someone alive by their current dead ways.

Time is distant when you're outside with no reaching it or controlling. The time been remote and when those some other get put in the second death it still remains remote. So ye know not when the time is ever. Even if I tell when anything shall occur you still know not when since you lack controlling it and lack reaching it, even because things are intelligently set for 666.

Did you take the truth like a man?

posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 09:53 PM
Right now 666 is watching his work.

But "gave", in the quote, implies it with the rest is already set in a sequence once 666 left.

Based on the measures I'd say being here will have been like a brief milla sec. where I get into heaveny and earthly paradise beauties. I'd prolly listen to music about what happened in another true sense. But I will know again what was prearranged. It'll prolly seem like whatever pre-arranged was all happened in a milla sec and got witnessed within a next milla sec. How fast can supreme intelligence work? Can a supreme wizard create anything and create how that anything goes within a sec if it wanted? Think about it...

posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 10:01 PM
reply to post by Mabus

Can a supreme wizard create anything and create how that anything goes within a sec if it wanted?
Yes. Look at Pharaoh's magicians. The Bible says that they made snakes.

posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 10:15 PM
And when I'm outside man and some other is outside man...still his number is 666. How? Because the dead is referred to. a man you see in Rev 13:18 remains a man, but just a dead man or a man that is dead. In a funneral they refer to the deceased still as he or she. Example: He was a good man.

The thing concerning "was" is it implies "previous and still is". It is were which implies no longer. Example: We were there.

So the previous living he is still he, but just a dead he. The damned will wish they become dead, but they can not. They cross into something worst and go away from something deaded.

The rich man dies, but was still reffered to by "he". Metaphorically, it can be said the rich man in hell is a kind of he. Though literally, it can be said the "he" is just a referrence to some other in some other horrible sense now. In an ideal sense, you can say, "Yeah, he in hell now. And the guy who set me up...Yeah, he in hell now!" The second death can imply a hell still in some other sense since the second death can not be put comprehended with these words we use here in full. The specifics are left out the bible concerning what all is happening in the second death. This is why the words menat for here shall not succeed beyond. The beyond got the details, though it dont mean they'll surely be looked across.

[edit on 11-10-2008 by Mabus]

posted on Oct, 12 2008 @ 01:12 PM
The Who (666) work outside every man his (the remote Destroyer's).

Dark sentences I have an eye for. Many thought "every man his work" meant he gave the every man their work or gave the every man his (the Son's) work. This is why it should have been different colors in text or different letter type styles used for carrying how it is meant for understanding.

Anyway, the 666 work remotely every man the remote Destroyer's.

Now get this: every man is implying however man can be defined a dead man, a alive man, a 'living and dieing' man, a live man, a lively man, a death man. Man is 666's so death can be figurative slang like "That car is death (very fresh, very cool), man!"

And you know dead man is reference. The whole "was" means "is not, yet is"

^^A man no longer is not, but a dead man yet is or a man still referred to by past yet is.

This is why was had a comma after it which actual is to imply next is the word being defined that "is not, yet is" thing.

I work outside. Meaning, I work remote (distant) literally apart from every man. Meaning, I work remote metaphorically and ideally every man. Implying, remotely controlling any remote.

A person is either remote with or without control. And the remote, a person does or doesnt control, is outside them either which way you look at it. I'm either outside working the remote or I'm outside not working the remote while the remote is working me.

While here I'm still remote and remotely controlled is every man that holds the some other remote existence apart from me.

When 666 left soon after 666 work the remote control and empties out man, through deading man, the some other how ideal. The sequence which 666 put for leaving is already. But the act with what 666 "will" do live, not shall pre-set, concerning dumping man so that some other fry into the turned on lake of fire or lake burning with fire, is:

Matt 13:
30Let both grow 'so apart' (III: some other) until the harvest: and outside the time outside harvest I will say outside the reapers (two some other), Gather (II: Me) ye 'so apart' (III some other) first the tares (two some other), and bind them outside bundles (two) outside burn them: but gather (II: Me) the wheat 'outside outside' my barn.

^^Remote(ly) time remote(ly) harvest I will say.

The distantly control time (666) the distantly control harvest (666) I will say distantly control the reapers (two some other). Then 666 gather ye so apart, and bind III (some other) distantly control two distantly control burn them, except "II" "my" "barn". Dark sentences reveal.

First the confirm declare, then the act is did and done. Basically, 666 control the two some other. I and them, which are becoming III some other, so apart from me first two some other. The distantly control is what burn them, come and find so then.

The would-be foes know not when I master the remote control for the big event. Already ago, now, and/or later. They know not how it is activated.

The key clue is work is not worked and then you see commanded with the "ed". It pops up a live work for doing which can only in the freestyle will sense occur away from a pre-set and away from anything else pre-set that been going on.

Revenge must be done live willingly and freely. And it will be with great wise reason a justification when I hit that death row switch. And what I will have done will be ideal. Yes, and ideal tormenting torments I will elect against any would-be foes who would have done me way worst first if they could if I was rather the weaker coming. Ideally, get slapped like a weak bitch, would-be foes! lol!! No sympathy. I cant get along with any whose will is for tormenting me ever. So I dont care if you scream for me stopping or scream you're sorry, since I have the point spelling you being forever a tormentor if not stopped from sinister ways.

posted on Oct, 12 2008 @ 02:21 PM
Another angle:

Mark 13
34'For' the Remote Destroyer the remote (distant) Man is the remote (distant) a man taking a remote (distant) journey, who (666) left his house, and gave authority the remote (distant) his servants, and work the remote (distant) every man the remote Destroyer's, and commanded the porter the remote (distant) watch."

^^'For' the Destroyer going the second death mode against the distant from Man is 666. The distant are the would-be foes some other put distant from being still his current humankind formate servants, put distant from every man the remote Destroyer's, put distant from watch (both 666's watch and the watch 666 crap). 666 work those distant how 666 will.

666 put the distant the remote Destroyer's still even though they are put distant from every man the remote Destroyer's. You can read the double tone implication in "666 work the distant every man the remote Destroyer's". Implying either way any the remote Destroyer's still.

The would-be foes distant from a man. A man? This humankind. Distant from Man? Man being any concievable concept which is 666's. After all, the would-be foes arent what I call actual Man in any ways. Man dont cross, Man dont betray is what I will point out just the core root way. And besides all this, the would-be foes are carried so no way are they acting actual Man in any act or move or behavor own since 666 make them do what they wouldnt do.

A distant journey those some other taking is second death punishment. The key clue is taking, impling much can be additional coming punishment. Or, the pushiment can be an ever rising one how set automatically.

666 left remote Destroyer's humankind house in reference (metaphorically, ideally) and literally. Figuratively, left his house implies became his house. And so indeed did 666 become the remote Destroyer's humankind house, remotely.

Gave authority is, as in, ideally: I've came and gave the town some authority since they acted unruly. But they I gave the authorities (punishments) them. Sent the authorities or sent the authority them dont mean they become acting authority. No, it just means the lake of fire is the gave authority against the distant some other. You can give something 'for' or 'against' some other, can you not?

"Gave" also implies "administered". Now that is so death!

So it turns out, they are administed authority before the second death and the second death turn on is also the authority. How you read you should see that a destruction comes here on this planet, which 666, Who left, became, as in, became this humankind house against some other before 666 will do the live work, concering how the distant are put being in the second death.

posted on Oct, 12 2008 @ 02:33 PM
So you wonder the way humankind goes into doom on this planet?

Many get many plagues written and beyond written in this book (Rev) when 666 did become the remote Destroyer's humankind house and definitely when 666 do the livest final work.

How many ways can you see the sun darkened while standing here on this planet? Think on it...

posted on Oct, 12 2008 @ 02:59 PM

I understand that this may come across as insulting. If that is true, I apologize in advance.

I would like to understand what you are trying to say, but you have one of the least perspicacious writing styles that I have ever come across.

It may be a me. I may not be bright enough to grasp what you are saying.

It may be a problem with translation if you are not a native English speaker.

It may be something that I haven't considered.

Regardless of cause, your writings are almost impenetrable.

You may want to find someone that you respect and who is on the same wave length as you and ask them to do a light edit of your writings.

Again, I would like to follow your posts and discuss topics of interest, but I just can't. Any concussions that I draw would be purely conjecture.


posted on Oct, 12 2008 @ 03:47 PM
"and gave authority the remote (distant) his servants (two),"

Two implies: 1. here the distant humankind get it! 2. hereafter the distant humankind, no longer humankind, get it (the second death)!

The second death is already pre-set, but the additional concerning the second death is not pre-set, but will add in live the things not written (Revelation wise). So if you dont call the second death hell, and see it without hell, you should then see HELL beyond the written in this Revelation you all read. A hell beyond fire, since hell is associeted with fire in the bible and fire is associated with the second death (lake of fire). So HELL is beyond the second death. So what more do HELL have coming? The damned (the burden carrying porter) get the first row seat against it experiencing it. So if you wonder what is worst than just a firy burning lasting dieing hell... Wonder now. Creating it will be did live! Ideally, 666 will be at a safe far distance non-effected by own doing. Afterall, am I not revealing such a sign being in a Mitten (Michigan) shaped state? Certain things 666 create 666 creates with the purpose not to touch 666self.

I'm so original with what I create against all outside 666. I dont need to watch or hear (and definitely not experience) any responsive reaction the HELL creation cause the damned. Get treated like you're an ignored response, which is way out the way from being an answer. Afterall, those alien to each other can not answer each other's questions or topics or replies. We aint the same is why. Manners are different. Remember even if a sinister being can answer it will not ever which means that is actually why it can not as if there is a wall keeping them from answering, build in them so like an automatic maganism. Hey, walls come in different ways, even less obvious. Even if you think you are not a wall, it is so still. So a wall made out of manner is so.

posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 11:16 AM

Originally posted by Mabus
So you wonder the way humankind goes into doom on this planet?

Many get many plagues written and beyond written in this book (Rev) when 666 did become the remote Destroyer's humankind house and definitely when 666 do the livest final work.

How many ways can you see the sun darkened while standing here on this planet? Think on it...

The "princes and principality's" are indeed not mythical, as sure as the battle is not with the flesh.

The flesh is true, the host is true, these are in the light and can be seen. Having not witnessed something, I cast no judgment. I open my eyes for a moment and remember for a moment. I am given moments.

I am in moments, testing always, they are relentless, but the message...put away....put away.....put away.........then they reveal.....little bits......from long ago, to wrong words sown, wrong manuscripts, gnomic tricks, spire shaped Y, 3 letters for me......not said in a language, but musically. Told me to keep them and showed me the links, past over past over past over folded in genesis...oh not again....not to reach this end. I'm here on this mountain, on a high lofty bed, in the name of the mountain hearing instructions said, not reading or feeling, but hearing them said.

And in the sake of life, they do not expire, they belt and they bleat, and the music is non-stop, some say nice things, others hit me with rocks. The day I saw the vision on the path winding through, and march of his company followed, 7 spinning heads all still forming not one, the heat of baal cain, the blade left his tounge and split me like that, since I've been lone, sun darkened on every side, everything taken, "worst nightmares" couldn't hide.
But I still see the light I say, but know I'm dead anyway, I don't despise this, i invite this as I'm confused in every way, but to not hear or have no will. I beg and I plead, why won't I APPEAL, TO "PUT AWAY", to the senses in the sense of he, not say and not do, I deserve nothing, I have not been responsible to listen. Not the book, though they speak to me all the truth of these books...pointing me through...even with their hands.

I say things I shouldn't some times, like a kid that can't keep secrets, but I see they are outside and this is the turning I am weighed. I am lacking, yet true life remains.


posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 04:16 PM
Matt 13
Another (III: A not her) parable (II) put he (actual) forth the distant them (actual he: II), saying, The kingdom the distant heaven is likened (II: Like name) the distant a man which sowed (II: so wed) good (hyprocritic) seed the distant his (actual's) field: But while men (II) slept (implying no longer asleep!!), his (actual's) enemy came (implying been left: impling no longer an enemy!!) and sowed (II: so wed) tares (two: some other) among (II: a mong) the wheat, and went his (actual's) way.

^^Hold. The would-be foes no longer foes are put some other (a mong) how II so wed the dream concerning stars playing roles 'for' a testimony 'against' the II.

Matt 13 continuing:

But when the blade was (implying is not, yet is) sprung 'up' ('666'), and brought forth fruit, then appeared the tares (two: some other) also.
So the servants (two: some other) the distant the householder (II) came (implying been left) and said the distant him (actual), Sir, didst not thou sow good (hypocritic) seed the distant thy field? from (implying distant) whence then hath (snare(d)) it tares (two: some other)?
He (II: Actual) said the distant them (II actual and/or actual II's a mong), An enemy hath (snare(d)) done (finished/completed/retired) this. The servants (two: some other) said the distant him (II: actual), Wilt thou then that we (two: some other) go and gather (II: actual: gat her) them (II: actual) up (666)?
But he (II: actual) said, Nay; lest (implying being case) while ye gather (II: gat her) up (666) the tares (two: some other), ye root up (666) also the wheat with them (II: actual).
Let both (II plus two some other) grow together (implying distant apart) until the harvest: and the distant the time the distant harvest I will say the distant the reapers (two: some other), Gather (II: Gat her) ye together (implying distant apart) first the tares (two: some other), and bind them (II: actual he) the distant bundles (two: some other) the distant burn them (II: actual): but gather (II: gat her) the wheat 'distant distant' my barn (II: gat her).

^^It is implying the distant would-be foes are put away from burning the II actual He (householder: 666 which been the actual He gat the actual her). Gat her? Her is every woman (look and manner) He would like been eternally gat since 'will' is eternal bound.

Read my thread in Psychology board "WILL + TIME = PASSION". You'll see.

Basically, the devil, the astral devil aspect, and the betrayer got put forth. Who put em forth? The Actual not them. But did so snaringly, meaning, so the III would-be foes are a controlled mong how the Actual makes the would-be foes play out mong roles. Once the roles are put finished, after explaining the would-be foes never been finished outside themselves toward being actual foes toward the Actual, they are still kept from their will and they get put into the second death which a HELL beyond will become the addition into.

The III would-be foes are not the "her" because the III would-be foes the Actual would not actually like and never actually liked. So the would-be foes got put some other for a testimony against the Actual.

Will: exist, existed, existing. But the stong will can server fulfilling any abominable 'will' how the strong doesn't find such agreeable.

Strong Will, which is bound a first coming up from come and came, brings on purpose: the remix, the remixed, and the remixing.

posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 04:21 PM
^^When you see "the distant" in a sentence you should know it's the would-be foes dropped away from doing or being certain things against the Actual, but made doing or being roles the Actual gave only.

So when the III some other are put into second death they are then even put distant (as in, away from) any mong role the Actual II gave.

posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 06:01 PM

Originally posted by EricD

I understand that this may come across as insulting. If that is true, I apologize in advance.

I would like to understand what you are trying to say, but you have one of the least perspicacious writing styles that I have ever come across.

It may be a me. I may not be bright enough to grasp what you are saying.

It may be a problem with translation if you are not a native English speaker.

It may be something that I haven't considered.

Regardless of cause, your writings are almost impenetrable.

You may want to find someone that you respect and who is on the same wave length as you and ask them to do a light edit of your writings.

Again, I would like to follow your posts and discuss topics of interest, but I just can't. Any concussions that I draw would be purely conjecture.


Yes, I have had this same problem reading every thread made by Mabus. I have asked him/her to try and speak more cleary but he/she never responds. they just keep posting and saying things that dont really seem to make much sence to me.

I too would love to discuss this with mabus, but I am unable to as I am not quite sure what they are saying.

posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 06:02 PM
Matt 13 explained further:

He (II: Actual) answered and said the distant them (II: Actual He), He (II: Actual) that soweth (II: so we) the good (hypocritic) seed is the Son (remote Destroyer) the distant man;
The field is the world; the good (hypocritic) seed are the children (II: child name) the distant the kingdom; but the tares (two: some other) are the children (II: child name) the distant the wicked (awesome) one (first);
The enemy that sowed (II: so wed) them (II and/or two some other) is the devil; the harvest is the end (666) the distant the world; and the reapers (two: some other) are the angels (two: some other).
The distant therefore (II: the devil fore watch) the tares (two: some other) are gathered (III no longer: gat he red no longer) and burned (no longer) the distant the fire; so shall it (the fire) be the distant the end (666) the distant this world.

^^Hold. Last sentence is implying the would-be foes 'shall' ('II Actual will command') be the fire once distant this current humankind world. Once distant this world they shall be the fire which shall be outside their control.

Gat he red no longer? Lets go deep into what red symbolizes. The devil. Love. Passion. The foes are no longer such an own though referred to as devils.

Matt 13 continueing:

The Son (remote Destroyer) distant man shall send forth his (Actual's) angels (two: some other: carriers), and they (II: Actual) shall gather (II: gat her) out the distant his (Actual's) kingdom all (a second) things (two: some other: roles) that offend (II: off end), and them (II: Actual) which do (implying slang's 'do in') iniquity;
And shall cast them (II: Actual) 'the distant the distant' a furnace the distant fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing the distant teeth.
Then shall 'the righteous' (implying 'the 666 right') shine forth the distant the sun the distant the kingdom the distant their (II: Actual's) Father (II: Fat her). Who (Actaul) hath (snare(d)) ears (two: some other) the distant hear, let him (Actual) hear.

^^Pirate talk: Cast me a furnace the distant would-be foes. Harr! Plus, cast, itself, is also some other put a mong role. So the cast turns into a furnace the would-be foes that are currently distant fire. Fire? As in a fire which would burn me and as in a fire I have not here given the would-be foes and as in fire outside the would-be foes control which shall then burn the would-be foes. The key is you dont see the word "the" infront of fire.

And the would-be foes are those that are snared so that they do not hear what I say with any understanding since the would-be foes are distant me. They never knew me, they dont know me, and they arent knowing me at any time.

II Actual gather their Beauty (Gat Her) out the distant would-be foes. The II Actual even has the would-be foes in few flesh roles of the hinted gat her existing. But the actual gat her for experiencing existing is away from the would-be foes, since shall can imply the command is so the case already, reguardless of when you realize. It is a second (down grade: way off end) two some other roles being the current case indeed concerning a seemingly hinted gat her.

The 'do in' is always against actual iniquity. The iniquity you see now is false in this world which is a kind of movie simulated with real senses. Every body here is a temporarily stars. That is why you see the stars shall fall from heaven.

Fat her? Ideally, think of a large, eternally, fat crowd of women apart from an at once Woman. The Fat her is the Gat her apart for experiencing, one to some, the apart way, on and on and even again and again, how the great passion you'd enjoy better.

posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 06:05 PM
Mabus buddy, Listen to me. Im having trouble understanding what you are trying to say here. Could you please try to rephrase it for me in a way that is a little more legible?

I really want to discuss with you all the things that you have mentioned, but I am unable to as im just not sure what it is you are saying.

Please help those of us who dont understand you, to understand you better as we really do want to participate in this thread in an appropriate manner.

But we cant do that unless we know for sure what you are trying to say. Please help us out here Mabus.

posted on Oct, 14 2008 @ 02:21 PM
18Here is wisdom. Let him (II: Actual) that hath (snare, snaring) understanding (II: the distant standing) count the number the distant the beast: for it is the number the distant a man; and his number is Six hundred (II: hund red) threescore (II: three score) and six.

600 is II 60 is II and 6

600: II 60: II and 6

600: II (hund red) 60: II (three score) and 6

Who is the II the III score? The 3rd (the End, the Ending: the Omega: the Last, the Lasting: It: Up).

The III score even? Revealing exist, existed (decieving), existing; experience, experienced (decieving), experiencing; awake, slept (decieving), awaking; mix, mixed (decieving), mixing; remix, remixed (deceiving), remixing; and basically -ed and the alike implication (decieving). It is no said. Only say and saying. It is no snared. Only snare and snaring. It is no commanded. Only command and commanding. It is no left. Only leave and leaving. It is no came. Only come (realize, actualize)and coming (realizing, actualizing). Etc.

Then shall two be (and being) the distant (and distancing) 'the field' ('the II: Actual World'); the one (first) II Actual command (and commanding) be (and being) take (and taking), and the other leave and leaving.

^^The one first is implying be (and being) a taker. The other is implying a leaver.

The II: Actual World: is the Actualize and the Actualizing World and the World Actualize and Actualizing. Implying the Actualizer World and World Actualizer.

The II Actual command and commanding is implying the II Actual the Actual Commander. Or, Commander Actualizer and Actualizer Commander. Just like if someone say Bad Boy Killer is can imply they kill bad boys and it can also imply they, a killer, is a bad boy. It can be implying through (inner ego) or external ego. Sort of implying An Awesome Killer when it's the through inner ego killing any external.

600 (6+0+0=6). 60 (6+0=6). 6 is just 6. And implying addition. 6:6:6 is how the number should reveal.

Who the II the hund red? hund implies a number 100. (1+0+0=1)... Basically the Who the II is first. With red it implies first passion, first love, first devil. The devil itself isnt first the devil since I'm a devil puppet master. I, the Actual Commander, set, first, how the devil shall be, say, and do. And there the would-be devil, some other, dont surface ever! I'm first you and all ever! So I let me be, say, do away from any would-be beings actual own selves exteranally even distant innerly.

Add the 1 into 6:6:6 and you get 6:7:6. Both numeral implications are the Ender since the End be and the Ending being. It is no Ended.

Whole End + Some Ending = Remote whole continue + remote some continuing = be and being some, say and saying some, get and getting some, and do and doing some how favorable my chose and choosing, my prefer and preferring, and my like and liking with my perfect and perfecting, my advance and advancing, my style and styling, my clock and clocking, my wiz and wizing, my mix and mixing, my voice and voicing, my grace and gracing, my magical summon and magical summoning, and my etc; etc.

The beast is the whole. The beauty is the some. They equal the wholesome beginner and ender.

The manufacture and manufacturing, and the womanfacture and womanfacturing is my II my.

My whole woman some women will willing be being woman womanning me some and themself some and women some. And I whole man some men will willing be being man manning them some. Up and down like hydralics or a rollercoaster such some with such some, ideally.

My womanufacturer ensure and ensuring me my girly, my womenly, and my lady-like are my greater like and liking, concerning appealer looker and womanner apart some.

Hey, if it is manner, then it is also womanner.

posted on Oct, 14 2008 @ 04:04 PM
And the number that is the would-be foes that are the distant (away from) me (6:6:6/6:7:6), is?

18 (Here is wisdom). I also count it too another way. 1+8= 9. Both 18 and 9 is a mark and marking them the distant.

Even in Rev 13:18 that 18 is distant (away from) 666 you read basically.

What is in common? The 7 in middle of 6:7:6 is common with 7th day of the week (Saturday) while also the date Saturday (here this Oct) come and coming is 18 (which also = 9).

If we count also taking apart 18 it would be 10 and 8. 10 being greater would imply a month (Oct to be exact). 8 would imply beginning of the night or ending of evening and also imply eternal. If you look close the 8 has two circular holes with no-fill/filling or no-shade/shading which both are not touching each other, but having outline/outlining. Some is more an 8 and whole is more a 0. The opposite 8 is 0 going by shape. October is 7 letters, the same number mid 6:7:6 (the Ending). And Oct has two perfect "O"s in it, the same number the perfect 8 has apart concerning shape.

2008 has two "O"s, shape wise, in the 8 which is the last number.

10-18-2008 "mark my words and remember me"--Lamb of God

6:7:6's COMING DISTANCING. I leave and leaving body (house since this aint my actual original body) with something in place and placing.

You all wonder and wondering what something?

Rev 19
20And the beast was take and taking, and is him the false prophet that wrought miracles before (II: be and being fore) him, is which he decieve and decieving them that had (snare, snaring) receive and receiving the mark and marking the distant the beast, and them that worship and worshipping his image. These both were (no longer) cast alive (II: a live) 'distant distant' a lake the distant fire burning is brimstone (II: brim stone or brims tone).

^^See the which? Speak and speaking in place and placing of me is the False Prophet (the Ruiner), Stander where it ought not. I, sacret, through it, if it is stopped, blow some world apart which put you all where next? That second death. Hurt it not! Or recieve the second mark and marking. It could be way in the U.S. and if some in Canada hurt it they shall see their bodies ending peice by peice like something teleported a beat down no man seen did. You shall then have signs of being beaten up pretty badly. I shall command you all do something so that you all see it happening while you all are asleep and being a carry and carrying into sloppy seconds. That feast part II for ya. Get half ya face ripped off like a beast came through and did it. The beast has an appetite to make the ugliest art out of human bodies till they are no more.

posted on Oct, 14 2008 @ 04:31 PM
Then they shall say it is the beast when beaten so by a beast the beast.

The beast tears up the club for real like that cartoon character the Tazmanian Devil going around. The would-be foes can get sliced up like X-men's Wolverine coming through. Hey, I'm even in the Wolverine state up.

--The Beast

posted on Oct, 14 2008 @ 04:56 PM
16And he causeth a SECOND, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, the distant and distancing receive and recieving a mark and marking the distant and distancing their right hand, or the distant and distancing their foreheads (two: some other):

^^A second marking? Do you see now how the beast is a literal beast coming against you all? You basically are made agreeing for it to why you see you all distant 'right hand' ('implying agreement').

Think your sayings is your's, would-be foes? No they are not!

Rev 13
5And there was give and giving the distant and distancing him (II) a mouth speaking great things (two) and blasphemies (two); and power was give and giving the distant and distancing him (II) the distant and distancing continue and continueing forty and two months (two).

40 + 2 (a 2) = 40+ 4 which = 44. 4+4=8! The would-be foes even the power give the type of screaming them in the second death. Screaming is also speaking great things. And it is irreverence when you scream at someone, though you all would-be foes shall be screaming way away from me wailing what I make you all.

Like that guy said on Feast 1, "A storm of hell is coming" then got taken first. lol.

Remember when they came and got me I couldnt see the project green light concerning feast? You all see how it even has meaning about what is instore. And hey, it wont be special effects when the beast rips loose.

posted on Oct, 14 2008 @ 05:55 PM
And let it be known. The second beast in Rev 13 = the false prophet which shall skin humans that are awatch though the would-be foes, distant/ing, are asleep them.

Now look into the first beast:

10He that leadeth and leading captivity shall go and going captivity: he that killeth and killing is the sword must be and being kill and killing is the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.

^^Accomplished revealing a while ago. The would-be foes are put away their actual own be, say, go with also -ing. They are captive.

The Ender is now revealing in the bible. Last time the Beginner. But the Beginner is not here right now so the Ender slides in place and the Ender slides in place his False Prophet which is also himself some other external way.

There is more than one way to skin a cat.

When Apollyon arrives it's that time revealing ending literally the current way peice by peice. Apollyon shall reveal how Destroy and Destroying goes. Apollyon is what I call my False Prophet (my Son version). To you all, it's "the" False Prophet or "the" Son. My every word a nightmare!!!

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