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A good starter kit for those who like to know more

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posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 02:55 PM
hi every one,
this is just alittle something i found that i thought that others might enjoy. its a farly large collection of e-books dealing in all kinds of subject matters from conspiracy , ufos, spirituality and more. Its mosty in pdf format and has 785 files foldered in catagories. I didn't create this collection but i did down load it and the files are clean. its in a torrent and this is the link to it listing all files that are in it.

i know this is not for everyone being 1.99 gigs of data but just maybe it might help some one out there with a question they might have been searching for and answer for .

i'm not expecting any replies but if i have this in the wrong place let me know

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