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Jörg Haider's death and the Webbot.

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posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 01:31 PM

Austrian far-right politician Joerg Haider, who was killed in a car crash in his home province of Carinthia very early on Saturday morning, was his native country's best-known person, his sharp and perpetually tanned features ubiquitous on television and magazines. He was also Austria's most polarizing figure, with an impact far beyond that country's borders.

We have linguistics to support a combination of 3/three kinds of [unexpected guests] this weekend, and they are the following aspect/attribute sets: [weather related incident involving a rescue], an [assault/attack] which causes [communications (to) shred (internationally)], and last, but not least, an ['accident' (real or claimed)] which causes a [derailing]. This last may be in the political realm. However, please note that all 3/three of these [unwelcome guests] will be having their most impact at the [dying dollar party] currently involving the global 'financial system', and further that each in their own way, will contribute to the circumstances which manifest in very late November, and into/through December.

''Real or claimed'' is interesting, because im already hearing and reading comments on Ats about how his dead might have been set up.

Definitely something to keep an eye on, considering their predictions regarding the economic crisis was fairly accurate. I think we should watch this closely and see what happens on the 15th of october and the 10th/11th of december.

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posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 02:40 PM
Personally I do not mourn his death, as he was a far right populist, but it is always suspicious when a prominent politician dies.
As I understand it his death is going to have a great impact on the coming Austrian elections, and may even shift the favors in the opposite direction.

I suppose the most obvious conspiracy angle is that he was terminated because he would have been a problem for the EU/Illuminati group, due to his skepticism of the Lisbon treaty, among other things.

As I understand it there is currently no real evidence or suspicion of foul play.

posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 02:44 PM
I nearly danced. But he did one service. When his Fascists got elected, Austria nearly got kicked out of the EU. So they backed down and didn't elect him. That precedent shows why we can never have a federal EU, but God bless him for reminding us that we don't want joint sovereignty with Germany, Austria, Croatia etc.

posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 05:52 PM
Haider was a great man.

He got some many votes because he was one of the few that is trying to stop the infiltration of arabs and islam into europe. He and many in Austria don't want their country to end up like london. Once europe falls to the muzzies the US will follow.

Being pulled from the EU was nothing but a shaming tactic brought on by the jewry, those people who brought on the current financial collapse.

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