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New message from Blossom Goodchild OCT 11TH

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posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 01:34 PM
Do you remeber when you where young and waiting for X-mas to finally get here?

Oh man! I must admit I feel like a kid again! And the 14th is like X-mas!

Time seems to have slowed down for me because I am waiting to see what happens!!!

THis makes me feel like a kid all over again.. And on the 13th IM not going to be able to fall asleep without some sleeping aids!!! heheh!

Back so long ago when I was young and waiting on Santa clause, I could never just fall asleep! I would be up until like 3 AM, and wake up like every 20 mins or so and check the clock!
When 6 AM hit, I ran down the stairs and got my mom and dad so we could go into the living room where Santa left us all sorts of good things!!!

I was an extreamly lucky child! from the age of 1-10 I had some of the best X-mas any kid could ever ask for!!!
And while this may seem off topic, I think this metaphore is prudant!

As when the 14th rolls around and nothing happens.. Its gonig to make us all feel like Santa just totally diss'ed us!

If this doesnt happen on the 14th.. Its going to become the little boy who cried wolf..
And when it doesnt go down, Im going to be extreamly dissapointed.
And it will in essence make me look at all furture predcitions with dismay and mockery.

Im telling you if I am let down.. I will never take part in threads like these ever again..
I truely have my hopes up for this!!!
But deep down I am prepared to deal with the fact that no ship of light will be showing itself..

Man I so hope it does... Just like as a child I truely expected Santa clause to bring me gifts..
Just think how devistated kids would be if they woke up X-mas morning only to find that there is no such thing as santa clause..
And not only you find he is not real.. But you didnt get anything.
And then your family breaks apart.. and you get moved to another state, and become homeless, and live in a Van for a year or so...
Thats pretty tramatic to a young kid who once had everything, and was spoiled rotten all my life, then suddenly get slapped in the face by reality, and go from having everything to having just enough to get by..
Well its made me a much stronger person.. And Im happy for that..

So please Blossorn Goodchild.. Dont let me down.. Or I will tottally lose faith in everything I once belived!!!

Yet dont get me wrong.. I still know aliens are out there somewhere..
But are they here? Do they even care about us?
Thats what Im waiting for....

posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 01:36 PM
Sadly, she is deluded, although she probably really does want whats best for the human race, or at least what she thinks is best, at the end of the day Oct-14th will pass just like any other day and of course I hope I am 100% wrong.

I think we should look more to the reasons of why she did this and how stable will she be after? Will she be under some doctors supervision? Could it be certain meds? What excuse if any will she give when this does not take place?

posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 01:36 PM
reply to post by SUMDUMONKEY

Suppose for arguments sake, these visitors actually did do this, nuke a few cities, would you not believe the media because 'you would have to actually see them firing nukes from their spacecraft' before you could beleive what was being told to you?


The travesty of modern man is that we cannot always beleive what is told to us without proof that cannot always be given to us.

[edit on 11/10/2008 by Freelancer]

posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 01:37 PM

Originally posted by 12.21.12
reply to post by Truther

If anything they will use it as disclosure and in any case it will definitely be the wrong kind of disclosure.

I hope that all of you GFLers do some research over the weekend, you are being lied to.

BTW I hope I don't seem rude or anything, I just think we need to all come together about this. Alot of you people believe that this is going to be some journey into higher awareness, but if you guys do some research about this, you might find that it is quite the opposite.

[edit on 11-10-2008 by 12.21.12]

On the other hand if the government say this is disclosure and say the aliens come in love and peace, then i know that this is evil..

posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 01:41 PM
reply to post by Truther

You will know if it is evil because if it is they are going to try to shove some BS esoteric knowledge down everybodies throats. I would suggest you guys read up on Project Blue Beam a bit and be aware of what that is all about.

posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 01:45 PM

Originally posted by dgtempe
The best thing to do is head for your basements and hide. In the event this really happens, it will be EVIL.

Dont fall for this. God isnt sending anyone on a spaceship to get us or save us. BS.

So you believe that a God of the universe impregnated an Earth woman without having sex with her, that he was born perfectly and is the only way to escape the tragedies of life, that he was killed and came back to life on the third day of his death, and that you will go to a place of infinite happiness, but you DON'T believe that aliens could show up and be rather friendly?

Curious...I think that something that happens in real time and space is infinitely more likely than there being something that originates outside of time and space that directly affects us.

posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 01:49 PM
Steven Basset, part of the Disclosure Project, and the Paradigm Research Group, was on The Kevin Smith show last night and Kevin mentioned Blossom and her prediction. Steven said it probably won't happen, but he feels that the contactees are doing a great job in preparing us for disclosure maybe next spring. She seems pretty sure and I hope it does happen, as for me, I'm ready, it would just be too cool
. Anyway, you can go to the show and click on "latest show", and listen to what Steven has to say about it. He wasn't really putting it down, he thinks she's doing a great job. Anyway, here's the link if anyone would like to listen, disclosure is getting closer.

You have to have a media player. I'm sure most of you know, but some people, as I use to myself, only have dial-up and it takes time to download. It is a 2 hour show.

posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 01:52 PM
reply to post by Freelancer

Yes sir i would have to see it with my own eyes, i could ask you too if the goverment said they were hostile, would you believe it!!?? its a no win situation you believe one i believe the other, thats all there is !!!!!!

posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 01:55 PM
reply to post by BelittledBelief

hahahahhahahah well said man, couldnt have said it better myself, if you consider the amazing "stories" in the bible....and yet people couldnt even grasp the concept of aliens comming to earth ...mmmmm very clever

posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 02:03 PM

Originally posted by Truther
It was of upmost importance that your planet was aware in advance of our coming. Otherwise, the shock may have been too great.

Yes, now at least maybe 30000 people out of the 6 BILLION people know about it... Im still suspicious of the agenda behind these messages. Would it be that difficult to find a real news station and show them a ship? Not one in the US, I mean one in the semi-free world.. like in France perhaps.

Oh well, at least October 14 will make the next week a bit more interesting.

posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 02:04 PM
reply to post by BelittledBelief

I was hoping somebody would ask that question. This is the only theory that has ever seemed to connect the dots by using actual historical accounts and it goes like this.

Julius Caesar had a child with Cleopatra. After this child was born Julius Caesar was murdered by members of his own council. The child being the successor to the crown was exiled to conceal his identity. He was adopted by Mary and Joseph and went to Asia and became an understudy of ancient buddhist monks and read directly from ancient buddhist texts. Cleopatra remarried and had three more children, one of her children was named Mary Magdalene. Jesus returned to Egypt as a healer and a person who seemed to perform miracles.

The Queen of England is in fact a direct descendant of this bloodline. Bush is also in there as well as many others. So take a good look at my signature there. The crown has twelve stones. Under the throne she sits atop is the stone of stones. In her hand she holds a rod of Iron, it is the same that has been passed down from each King and Queen that came before, all the way back through ancient Egypt, who by the way had a nearly identical religion to Christianity.

The Queen is the single most powerful and wealthiest person in the world. She holds the title to the cap stone of the Pyramid and not one person shares it with her, everybody else in the pyramid is below her She is also the person you see holding the light as depicted by Columbia pictures. Take a close look. Think about it.

And as the book of Revelations goes, there will be a king who will rule over the earth for 3.5 years, ruling with a rod of Iron. That rod you see there that is in the queens hand.

posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 02:09 PM
I think we should all concentrate on the 13th. Even if you are a skeptic or a non-believer or a die hard believer before going to sleep on Monday the 13th we should just open our minds to asking this to happen.

What can it hurt, we all want to witness this and for it to be true. As a collective there is a much better chance of this situation to develop if we all get in tune with this thing and just clear its path. Just concentrate on telling them to come and that the world does need more love and peace. That we are ready and wish for this to happen.

We have spent more time debating the subject on here for the last couple of weeks, so why not put a little of that time into asking for this to happen a few hours before it is to take place.

On the 15th we can all move on - or - stand outside and witness the greatest event in human history. Either way it will teach us a great deal. I just think we should give this event everything it needs so there will be no question after the fact. Plus, if it does happen we can say we were part of it.

Ah, why not

posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 02:11 PM
CAN ANYONE...tell me when this lady was right on any predictions because...if she could predict the future, wouldn't she already be a trillionaire? Anyway, what theories has she foresaw that have everyone on ATS posting every single prediction she states.

posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 02:11 PM
reply to post by SUMDUMONKEY

You gave an honest answer so I too would have to say, I would have to search my soul very deeply before I made any decisions on who, or what to beleive.

The problem is, the more we hear of conspiracies and counter-conspiracies the more likely we are to disbelieving the very truth we seek.

If you done any research on Project Blue Beam then you will be aware 'they' are supposedly able to project almost anything into the sky and make it almost very believable. That being the case, spacecraft seen supposedly firing nukes on cities is a possibility even if they are just holograms.

The deeper we dig for the truth, the more confused and bewildered it becomes.

posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 02:14 PM

Originally posted by antmax21
CAN ANYONE...tell me when this lady was right on any predictions because...if she could predict the future, wouldn't she already be a trillionaire? Anyway, what theories has she foresaw that have everyone on ATS posting every single prediction she states.

Thats exactly my point, Blossom Child is NOT a prohet, NOT a psychic.

This is an Agenda plain and simple. Shes a NWO puppet, everything will go as it was planned until somebody does something to stop them.

posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 02:35 PM
All I want to know is where are they serving the koolaid?

Get a grip people. Know this, they could take over in a second. They just want the question of doubt to never surface again.

Is there any one here who is happy with their life right now? Now look on a worldwide basis.

Can you think of a better opportunity in world affairs to implement what is represented here?

posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 02:36 PM
I for one will not dismiss the high probability of life outside of our own world, whether that be on other planets, or in other dimension, yet undiscovered. However, this lady is insane.
Now if I'm wrong, and I wake up October 14th ala Will Smith in Independence Day, then I will eat a shoe. I will record myself eating said shoe, and I will post it on Youtube for all to see. It will also include an apology to this woman.

That being said, I don't think I have to worry about digesting leather anytime soon.

posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 02:41 PM
reply to post by Freelancer

Can they do that during the day in bright sunshine?

What I am expecting to see will block out the sun, like in Biblical times. Our records of previous earth events where the sun was blocked out, recorded by the people who wrote about those events, now found in the bible.

There is a recorded precident.

posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 02:45 PM
You guys say she is squeezing money out of everyone..

Please tell me how?

posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 02:49 PM
reply to post by xbranscombex

she really isnt thats the funny thing yea she has books and cds or whatever but in all of her interviews and even seeing how she talks you can tell shes just trying to get the message accross

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