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Throw away your life

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posted on Oct, 10 2008 @ 08:04 PM
As you learn more over time you should have a modern definition to what life is. Tell me what you define it to be after you read how I've modernly found it defined...

Lets look into dead, death, life, and then alive so it's summed up perfectly:

Dead implies any person or any thing no longer some certain way. The living can be reffered to as the dead as a referrence to what way they no longer be.

Death implies a person experiencing a living and dieing state working so apart though with each other, where experience is living into dieing or dieing into living. A 25 year old human is living and dieing or dieing and living one in the same.

Life implies, outiside your reach and control, any stand still or reversal away from your any original and own, idividually preferred changing or direction. When someone works to change you from being you, they have given you life. Life is an unfavored, damned, stand still, confinement state. Usually certain would want to give you life if they are ensured it is given outside of your reach and control just so they see you cant be the actual you again.

Alive implies the always changing and going a direction away from and apart from life. Basically, alive is being never stood still or reversed your favored way how going. Feel back and forthward alive!

^^By the way, which of those do you actually want for yourself and others?

Anyway, seek not life any further. If you have life, throw it away! But certain shall seek going outside save this life, and may think they lose it when actually a great command will preserve it against them. These are they which face karma manifold after they would damn another. They have no power expect it were given. Meaning, the cosmos lied to them by making them buy they had high seating so they may damn and not be damned.

On a bible note:

Death and hell is here, and they get put away from even deceptively seeming once come the second death. Notice the "second death" isnt mentioned with "hell" in Rev 20, and the lake is remotely burning the cast ever so severing with them kept from the greater sin when you match Rev 20 with Matt 13? Whatever is remote is outside your reach/control. That's how the fire effects who cant turn it off. The life that the damned are given is even a life away from their original life. The damned's original life would never repent from being the greater sinister. The heavenly, here only temporary, await eying/facing the original Alive and Paradise, each.

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posted on Oct, 10 2008 @ 08:33 PM
what you are saying is that:

death is a static state. life is a dynamic one.

yes. i would agree with you, and i would prefer life over death and have consistently since my birth.

should i ask where you want to go with this?

my guess [more likely than not] is somewhere spiritual since you thumped that juicy bit on the end of your post from the bible.

posted on Oct, 10 2008 @ 08:44 PM
reply to post by banyan

If someone had a magical camera, and took a picture of you, and it frooze you into still (not the cold felt froozen), and you could still experience, then you would be experiencing the same stillness for life. You'd be aware you're still so you'd feel gloomy and crappy and etc. of the like about it, specially if you remember how you once were better then then. So, say, if someone lights a match to your still face it would actually be so remotely out of your control/reach because you cant stop anything given nor move away from anything given while still.

^^Is that not an unfavored, damned way being? With dead, you're no longer being (experiencing) a cetrian way, which means you are 'being and experiencing' alive and/or 'being and expereincing' death (how I described death). The better live is experiencing: Alive! Or, to be more hip: Olive! Why? Since "A" represents first in a series and O represents original. Side note: In Rev 11 there is mention concerning the two olive trees.

*Puts head against your chest, and asks similar like that mentally ill guy in the movie "Bullet": Do you feel the knowledge?*

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