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No galactic traveling beings can be evil or dangerous

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posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 05:49 PM

Originally posted by Grey Magic
so there couldn't be an extra terrestrial virus that they could accidentally bring?

and I am not talking about the x-files black oil like virus

WOOPS! sorry we understand anti-grav and bending time and space and telepathy... buuuuut we accidentally exposed your entire planet to a baaad virus! and oooops it wiped you all out...

woooops aaaciideennntt!! you see we haven't mastered the concept of quarantine and complete sanitation... woooops.

we've been getting kind of a "bad rap" among our other space-faring galactic neighbors...
they think we are irresponsible and making a mess.. spreading out space-viruses everywhere we go... we mean good though.. we mean no harm.. but we just keep messing up.. on this .. cleanliness virus thing...

hopefully we'll not forget it happened everywhere we go.. to every planet we visit.
hopefully next planet it won't happen... we'll see.



posted on Oct, 12 2008 @ 07:50 AM
I strongly agree with the guy who posted this thread all together. You have to break it down people. Everyone has motives, yes this is true. But if you are so superior technologically why would you need to kill? You wouldn't it just doesn't make sense. Even on this planet think about Buddhist they say there is no god, and that Buddha is not a god just a man they look up to because his teachings of peace to all was where its at. As long as we as humans in a majority stay materialistic we will never truly know what its like to be at peace. The reason why they travel the universe is to find planets like ours and watch over us until we are ready to be introduced to magnificent technology to travel the stars. If you are one of those people who have never seen the LIVE footage from the space shuttle in 1995 you really need to find it and watch it. (Actually if someone could get me a secure link I would enjoy that too seeing how the 2 I had were removed) There was probably hundreds of ships in our atmosphere. In all truth. You ever think that our government has made contact and we were threatened not to leave our planet until otherwise told because we weren't mature enough as a species to leave. Sure we have satelites and other machines that travel the universe thats fine. But human beings are not permitted. A machine can't make a settlement somewhere and start expanding. When you think about people. Think about this.

A person is smart, logical, and able to accept things gradually.

PEOPLE are ruthless, close minded, scared, and inferior, and believe what they are told.

HUMAN BEINGS kill what they don't understand and destroy when in panic.

Why do we as human beings have to become so destructive. Think about how primitive we still are. WE WATCH VIOLENCE FOR ENTERTAINMENT! Don't say you don't but think about it. We had Colosseums not that long ago just so the people could watch their fellow man die. Honestly if I was an avanced species I would be scared as **** to meet human beings. And even more terrified if they got the technology.

To other species in this universe. We are like a science experiment, they show up in our solar system from time to time to check on us and probably to get information. Or who knows. Those space ships we see could be some alien students observing "homo sapiens" for a project WE JUST DON'T KNOW. And it will be a very very long time before we will know. I mean think about it, our government is still to coward and scared to admit there are aliens and WE ALL KNOW THE TRUTH! But this kind of truth will be them admitting they have no true power to protect us. But that's fine it will just prove that we need to stand as a people together and prove we can accept this next step in the world.

I'm going to leave with one last thing.
Thanks for your time. I've typed enough.

posted on Oct, 12 2008 @ 07:01 PM
I don't believe any ET's currently visiting Earth are hostile. If they were, we would not be here talking about it. However, I don't think it is impossible that a race capable of faster than light travel can be hostile and/or aggressive. With all the technology the human race has invented, to this day we have not stopped the violence as a collective race and it continues to be an issue.

Perhaps some races are inherently or genetically violent, you think advanced technology changes the nature of those who are naturally violent?

That said, if there is any race that is the hostile one... it is us.

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