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Lyrics: revolution or mindcontrol

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posted on Oct, 10 2008 @ 12:54 PM
Ok, I am going to try to make this sound sensible, so pardon me if I stray. I welcome all debate and theory on this.

First, I have always been something of a conspiracy buff, but I didnt really see how deep the rabbit hole was until I found ATS. Thank you. So, since I started really paying attention to the world around me and learning how to read between the lines and do more indepth research, I have been noticing something that just really went right in and out of my mind, almost all of my life. Lyrics.

As I listen and make note of speeches and interviews, trying to piece together what is really being said, the side affect is that I listen more clearly to rock lyrics. My musical interests are varied, but I primarily listen to rock and metal. While these two classifications have always been promoted as anarchist music styles, there is more to them than that.

Musicians are like comedians in that they take speech freedoms and truth telling to the extreme. As much as they can get away with in many cases. So, I am not saying that lyricists are more knowledgeable or enlightened or more attentive and attuned to the world, but they do promote some very interesting theories.

I have been lately (last several months) hearing lyrics that are talking about exactly what is going on in the world and calls to rise up against the evils of the world. Promoting anarchy is one thing, but to call up the masses to stop ignoring "that man behind the curtain", they are promoting more than just anarchy. They are promoting revolution against the NWO and PTB.

Taking this further, as a sociological experiment, I have also noticed that in public (nightclub, pub, bar) situations, people are more open to truthing, conspiracy, anarchy and rebellion when these songs are playing than they are when something more bland or soothing is playing. Its like a short term, instant mindcontrol switch that goes on and off with the lyrical styles of the moment.

I realize that a measure of this is intentional, because artists often want to promote their viewpoints and do so through their particular medium.

Now, what about just the opposite? There is just as much that promotes "bend over and take it" and the weakness of the people. Are these the counterpoints to the anarchy? Is there a struggle, or battle, going on for control of the masses being promoted through lyrical media?
Can we use it to enlighten people to the truth by speaking clearly what is being said cryptically in lyrics?

Am I just reading too much into this?


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