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What Happens Next? Hopes, Dreams, Dreadful Predictions?

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posted on Oct, 10 2008 @ 10:13 AM
It seems to me that we, as an allegedly-civilized species, have reached a critical mass.

Our ever-global economy is swirling down the drain. The elite have flushed their toilet, and a-down we go...

Here in the United States, this financial coil has jettisoned Senator Barack Obama to a growing lead in the polls, however rigged they, the election and the markets may all be. I, for one, will be stunned if the Democrat is not elected on 4 Nov 08.

Speaking of which, I thought we'd get an all-Chicago World Series; thankfully, some things are still left up to "chance".

As a new ATS'er, I've been pulled back to these pages nearly every day since I signed up a season ago. I've read [and, occasionally, learned!] so much in these hallowed halls. So much info here has helped my suspicions and beliefs [and doubts] coagulate into more solid, stable forms. Yet my interests in UFOs, secret societies, and the sometimes-maddening anomalies in our world have been subdued by the two aforementioned topics: namely, the Global Meltdown and the 2008 US Presidential Election.

The latter continues to be a fascinating case study of present-day America, in all her glory and, ahem, greed. :down:

Which brings us back to this financial firestorm. Seems to me that this has all been planned. One of our Senators even says so. [She won't see another term...] Watching Pres. Bush right now, and wondering how well this plot is unfolding. How much of this is actually left to "chance"? More like competing interests, all exerting a sickening amount of control over yous and mes. And like the last two, the coming election seems stacked.

My question for all of you is simply this:

What happens next?

This is an expansive-sort of question, and I'm hoping for a wide variety of answers here. Speculate wildly, my good people. Some speculating points:

• 24 days until the election
Thousands of Troops are Deployed on US Streets...
• The latest/greatest Web Weaver, Reinhardt predicts WWIII.
• This drawn-out financial crash appears to be planned.
• And. lest I forget...the GFL.

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posted on Oct, 10 2008 @ 10:29 AM
First of all, there is NO WAY we can know what's going to happen next. We have never been here before. The most we can do is speculate.

Fortunately, we (on ATS and elsewhere) have known this was coming for some time and have had the opportunity to prepare. And that puts us (me anyway) in the preferable position of just watching as a society collapses around me. Not being invested in the stock market, loan business or the economy in any big way, I am able to observe and take it all in.

That's my position. It's like I'm watching a movie.

As to what I think will happen, I agree that Obama will be elected, barring a false flag operation or assassination, either of which could happen - and then the timeline would split and the future would look very different than what I speculate.

The economy will continue to fall. People will lose their homes, jobs, we will enter a full-fledged depression.

Obama will do what he can, but there's only so much a government can do in a situation like this. At least his concern will be with those who need it most, not those who have the most.

Over the next 10 years or so, the country will re-build.

That's what I think, anyway. No big deal.

posted on Oct, 10 2008 @ 10:40 AM
reply to post by Benevolent Heretic

Danke, BH.

Very true that we don't "know what's going to happen next." But, as you pointed out, we have this fine resource/arena called ATS, wherein we can research, reject, rejoice and rebuke. And, as has been mentioned, speculate.

I find myself in a similar position to the one that you've explained. I don't have massive debts [save for good ol' student loans, and even that one is relatively small...under $15K, anyhow]. And it does seem, eerily at times, like a movie.

Some of our compatriots 'round these boards have, subtly or otherwise, cheered on this financial crisis. "Let the markets bottom out," they'll say. Honestly, a part of me has similar sentiments concerning all of this.

Then I think of the millions of, shall we say, unsophisticated Americans [and others] who have unwisely put their future in someone else's hands...financially, politically, even ethically [and that is another topic for another time]. People who have invested and borrowed and followed and...


Yes, it appears that the 44th president will be Barack Obama. Yes, the economy will necessarily be re-built in the coming years. Many suspect it will continue to take an even-more Socialist/Corporatist [paradoxically enough...] look and feel.

Perhaps the gold-eating, slave-driving aliens will reveal themselves on "Cribs" and "Big Brother".

posted on Oct, 10 2008 @ 12:46 PM
Markets down another 5%. The corporation I contract with has seen its stock prices reach all-time lows...and we're talking about a company that's one of the Dow Jones' 30.

War with Iran....

Project Bluebeam....

The Palin effect....

The meeting of socialism and fascism with our banking industry....

The Federal Reserve just keeps pumping out cash...

And so on and so forth...

Will we have bread-lines? Will we have a draft? Will we have Contact? Will we have an African-American president? Will we be rounded up and sent to FEMA camps?

Will we even make it to 12.21.12?

posted on Oct, 10 2008 @ 04:51 PM
From where I sit, and if credit completely freezes (which it is well on its way to doing), then the stores won't be able to buy the goods that the growers and manufacturers might have unless they have cash (unlikely), and the manufacturers won't be able to buy their supplies unless they have cash (unlikely). And the transportation companies will not be able to buy fuel for their vehicles (buses, trains, planes, boats, big rigs, etc) unless they have cash (mostly unlikely), and the food distribution network will fail.

And the cities will run out of food.

And the people will riot.

And Martial Law will be declared.

And the elections will be suspended.

And we will have turned into a fascist nation pretty much over night.

Gone will be the short-term credit days of "Fill 'er up and send me the bill."

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