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Is there actually a benefit of a bailout?

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posted on Oct, 10 2008 @ 06:05 AM
Bailout : A situation in which a business, individual or government offers money to a failing business in order to prevent the consequences that arise from a business's downfall. Bailouts can take the form of loans, bonds, stocks or cash. They may or may not require reimbursement.

So far $1 trillion in losses from this financial crisis, over $1 trillion put in to stop this. However conditions are very different from before the losses and after the bailout.

For supposedly governments with access to great minds dosent it seem like there putting cash in a bag with a hole in the bottom? I can see the reasoning behind it as it is the right thing to do with the current system and is probably just to buy some time, but borrowing £500 billion is the equivalent of borrowing 10x as much as they borrowed last year.

Surely time is to call it a day, Im sure it would cost less if they said they would guarentee all savings as people wouldnt be moving money around, withdrawing it etc and would possibly attract more savings.

Or even using anti-terrorist laws to nationalize the banks for free as it is there fault and run them cooridinately without paying hunreds of millions in salaries to top level employees.

I do not know one good reason why the banks should not be owned by the governments. The government is there for the people, the government should invidually renegotiate each bad debt to fit peoples circumstances. Follow the trail of money and conviscate it, city executives with millions made from the last few years should have it confiscated as ultimatley they were getting paid to lead us to this! People should own up to their responsibility and then maybe be saved from jail.

For people who believe in the NWO they will probably say this is what they want, they want people to say the government should have a larger role as the government is their puppets. I say are you serious? People who are in the shadows with billions of pounds, countless land, everything imaginable supposedly why on earth would they waste their time!!!!

Everyone has to look at themselves a lot harder now, this is ultimatley everyones responsibility for we empowered these guys for we are the people and what the people want they get.

posted on Oct, 10 2008 @ 07:34 AM
Is there a benefit to the bailout?

Yes! The officers in charge of those bankrupt companies can afford more hookers and coke.


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