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Zeitgeist lies

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posted on Oct, 10 2008 @ 02:59 PM

Originally posted by ROO-meh

just stop and think ...

if the whole global NWO conpiracy was true = real

then ...

1/ why can you freely pick and chose your job/employer

2/ get in your 4/6/8/10/12 cyl car and just drive

3/ choose your partner male/female

4/ talk and post like I am without being stopped

5/ walk into any internet cafe and see / post / slander / approve whatever

6/ jump on a jet plane / or buy your own and fly away

etc etc etc pls add some more before you spam poisen this thread ...

freedom IS a state of mind set yourself FREE

well !!!

[edit on 10/10/08 by ROO-meh]

The NWO is fairly obvious, it has been talked about for centuries and there are some people who are trying for it. The way I see it the trend toward a global economy makes an eventual global government all but inevitable, the question is what kind of government, one of harmony and cooperation or a brutal dictatorship...

1. I'm sure someone else has said this, the employer picks you, not the other way around. Though you have freedom to choose which jobs to apply for, here in the USA we don't have too many good jobs left.

2. The car you drive in is watched by cameras, if there are no cameras around there are usually police and there are hundreds of traffic laws. Gasoline also cost money, quite a bit, and is controlled by some of the greediest corrupt SOBs in the world.

3. No arguments here, except that in some places this isn't true, here in the states same sex marriage is only allowed in some states...

4. The internet has luckily escaped too much censorship, if the powers that be felt threatened by any of this they could likely find out. The problem is worldwide surveillance creates a massive information surplus, and they probably can't monitor everything as closely as they'd like to.

5. Never been to an internet cafe, I imagine #4 applies...

6. You need a passport, last I checked these passports have or will have biometric data and RFID chips. Planes are expensive and need a runway to land, a flying license, etc etc

Let me just say that we do still enjoy some freedoms but that gradually they are being stripped away in favor of high-security and police state tactics... A massive government and over-regulation of the American people (it seems like you need the governments permission to do just about anything) weight down on us. Not to mention our financial system in the states which is based on debt, debt is a sinister form of slavery and most Americans have some debt...

The way I see it the NWO isn't some "out there" conspiracy, it's obvious. The elites themselves have come right and out and said they want to form a New World Order the question is how far will they go. Chances are they will weave the most dangerous of dictatorship, the kind in which you don't even know you're a slave...

posted on Oct, 10 2008 @ 03:28 PM

Originally posted by Epsillion70
[simply say I want to actually do things out of Love and not hate. ...
That is when those that stand above on the Pyramid capstone will feel the foundations actually shake.

very well said.

it is pretty simple, isn't it.

posted on Oct, 10 2008 @ 03:45 PM

Originally posted by ROO-meh
why are the police arresting people ? Isn't it only the criminals that I can see get incarcerated [few exceptions I know ]

well, depending on where you grew up, and the type of people you hung around - perhaps you only witnessed criminals being arrested. Where I grew up, it was the opposite. I witnessed people getting arrested for being "in the wrong part of town," or for "not staying where you people belong."

The trouble is with who the police actually are. What about when a criminal has a badge? It sort of throws the whole concept out the window, does it not?

If I read you right you disagree with people power HUH ! If my paper trail publicly elected representative does or says some crazy bs then I can walk into his/her office demand an answer or kick his butt outta office and in the mean time between elections make them irrelavent.

I disagree. First of all, in most places you cannot just walk into an office and demand answers. In fact, you have a slim chance of even getting a phone call to your representative, depending on how far up the ladder they are, and how far down the ladder you are.

The truth is, unless you have a serious following (like, hundreds - thousands of people) - they don't care what you say, or what you do. It's very easy to destroy someones credibility these days too. The easiest way to take care of dissenters is to a) arrest them b) discredit them c) ignore them d) bribe them d) kill them.

Hey, we're on a conspiracy site.

posted on Oct, 10 2008 @ 04:36 PM
who said the famous quote that goes something along the lines of, "The best slave is the slave who thinks he is free..."?

let's just take Bush, Jr. for example - he's a member of the powerful and influential Skull & Bones secret society at Yale. well if he's just a member, and he's leading the U.S., then who's leading him, and who's really leading my country?!

also, Bush, Jr. sometimes visits the Socialist Fabian Society in England, which Tony Blair also frequents, and their logo is a wolf in sheep's clothing!!!

is that really necessary? is that not the definition of selfishness?!

moreover, isn't "Ordo ab Chao" ("order out of chaos") a motto of the Illuminati?

you should listen to what Jordan Maxwell has to say!
just watch this one video and tell me you don't believe in a New World Order... and watch all his other monumental lectures too, on Google video!
you need to view all 3 hours of it though, for a full understanding; doesn't have to be all at once!
otherwise, you're only holding yourself back. ...that's the government's job!!

GOVERN - control
MENT(E) - mind

DEMOS - "mob"
OCRACY - rule

we've been had...
and they're laughing in our faces!

well not mine. i already know about them. if you think you're truly free, then i hope those chains don't lay too heavily on your shoulders...

posted on Feb, 1 2009 @ 12:43 PM

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