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Thousands of Troops are Deployed on U.S Streets Ready to Carry Out

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posted on Oct, 12 2008 @ 07:49 PM

Originally posted by Thewayshemoves

Some did speak up, the whole thing isn't on Youtube because it's about an hour and a half long. I can't find the entire thing. In fact he says in the 10 minute version that he has two respresentatives from other states willing to back him up, but it always cuts off before they speak, and I can't find their parts.

Well, please do me the favor of finding these other men's brave words. I have been asking ever since this came up who else knows about it and all we got is brad sherman and Alex Jones completely misinterpreting it.

posted on Oct, 12 2008 @ 08:46 PM

Originally posted by ballast
reply to post by ConMi27

Fear? Perhaps for some. I doubt that's true for you, judging by your answer.

For me? Hard to say. Sometimes, ats digs out an article of interest that I didn't have to dig for. Occasionally there is a surprise. Generally, predictions, theories and such don't pan out to say the least.

Lately,"The world's too crazy to even consider." To quote Dustin Hoffman from Little Big Man.

"Small leaks sometimes sink great ships." Small leaks can also gain devoted allies, in the oddest of places.

Very true - on the quote and the addition to my quote

I come here for the news. Honestly I get sick of listening to the same lies day in and day out -
ATS and their ATSers make living a little harder and easier to roll with the punches

posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 12:13 AM
first off, i am sorry if someone has already provided this same link, i haven't read all four pages, but in response to the op and rcjw75 and whoever else denies this, here is a link to an article in army times about it. this is old news by any standard, i read about it several weeks ago, and while it may not be actual troops walking through neighborhoods at the moment, there has, however, been a very real brigade trained and deployed right here in the u.s. as an "on-call federal response force for natural or manmade emergencies and disasters, including terrorist attacks." straight from the horse's mouth, son.

anyway, no disrespect to those aforementioned posters or any other who deny this, but i just think you should seek information before you deny something that IS in fact happening (albeit at a far less dramatic or sensational level than the op would suggest).


posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 02:06 AM
As a friend to many of the "wackos" that would love the opportunity to see the powers of the government bobbed short, let me state that many of them are reading the same stuff that gets posted here and preparing for the first sign of trouble to come rolling their direction. Most of them have emergency preparations in place and can fade into the hills are a moments notice. As for troops coming after the common American, it will not happen because many of those "extremists" will fall all over them in a heart beat to show that the government is too big for it's britches. Do you think that all these people that hunt for sport couldn't hit the ten ring on a human being as easily as on a squirrel or a deer? Most of the ones I've met are ex-military and ready to go toe to toe with anyone to prove they are right. So rumors of the military gearing up to enforce martial law on them makes them laugh their heads off.

To quote one:
"Don't get twisted over nada."

posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 01:13 PM
Could this be a possibility regarding troops in the U.S.:

"Some Things to Consider"

"Potential for Civil Unrest
We are currently picking up communications which elude to the possibility of civil unrest in the inner city environments as a prelude to other events. The potential for this type of unrest is actually quite viable as economic conditions have been a reason for civil unrest in the past. A notable aspect has been the focused recruitment drive by Islamic entities here in the US within the inner cities populations. Gangs, State prisoners, locally incarcerated persons in county jail facilities and entire low income neighborhoods have all been targets of very successful Islamic recruitment.
Most of these individuals are inner city residents and have the potential to present quite a problem to law enforcement in these areas. They are highly organized and are very much against the “establishment”. If they were to amass and start civil unrest it could become quite ugly. The concept of these Islamic recruits is much like having a militant Islamic army already in place, armed and dangerous both in weaponry and Islamic militant ideology.
Civil unrest could also serve as a very well paced diversionary tactic for groups like al Qaeida and Hezbollah as law enforcement would be quite busy with the civil disturbances. It would allow Islamic terrorist to focus on both hard and soft targets much easier.
Civil disturbance and unrest is easily and quickly initiated and there is seldom a trail leading back to who actually started the action. All things considered, it would be wise for law enforcement to start putting their feelers out, tap their street resources and listen for any hints of this type activity."

posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 11:41 PM

Originally posted by Cuhail

I still find it amazing that Pelosi threatened Matial Law over Congress and not the population of America, yet, you all seem to be under the assumption that it was the citizens who were threatened. Two different animals, ya know.
Yes. Martial Law is possible, but, by no means probable. There's just no money in it. I refuse to believe it's anywhere on the horizon.
Why an I so sure?
Because I have very VERY good contacts in my County Sheriffs office who will tell me when it's getting sketchy.
I have contacts in the HIGHEST eschelons of the US Navy. They WILL tell me when things are getting sketchy.
I have family in Government. THEY will tell me when it gets sketchy.

It's just not happening yet. Not in Northern Illinois at least.


It may not be happening to the locals yet, it's probably if anything, still at the top of the food chain making its way closer to the center. I highly doubt that if it was to be delcared, that it'd be declared out openly. Nothing like that would ever happen unless war was on our heels and it seemed like a probable answer that the Citizens needed, or hell broke lose and the gov't lose their noodle.

I'm not worried about the population as much as I am about the world - this won't affect just us. Has anyone ever considered the thoughts of the men running the other countries might think? Would they like the idea of the Citizens, or the U.S running over one major organization - quite possibly turning into one of the strongest empires in the world if the other countries come into play? How happy do you think that would make them?

Not very happy is my assumption.

So would they try and stop the gov't, try and help?

Ever thought that if that ever happened [yeah it's not very probable.. but..] we would suddenly show up on the opposite side of the spectrum with Iraq. We will become the nation intruded by anothers Military, mass murders everywhere, chaos. Nobody wanting to believe or to trust anybody...

I'm getting WAYYY ahead of myself.

posted on Oct, 14 2008 @ 05:02 AM
Let's face it; The US Government now tortures children sexually in front of their parents in order to obtain information. The Bush administration has used the Patriot Act 1 and 2 aswell as PDD-51 to remove what legal/constitutional protections Americans had left to Ensure their freedom was upheld.

America is under a State of Emergency and has been since 9/11. Continuity of Government plans were implemented on that day also.

Only a Stupid American would refuse to arms themselves under such circumstances.

Here are some examples of what I am referring to:

Google: Bilderberg Group
Google: Alex Jones Bohemian Grove (he exposes them),
Google: NSPDD-51 - this is on the .gov websites
Google: REX- 84, RX 84
Google: Continuity of Government, John Warren Defense Commission
Google: John Yoo Torture Memo (sexual torture of children authorized)
Google: Patriot Act 1 & 2

*Please stop making snide remarks about Americans arming themselves in case of British re-Invasion. We all know full well why Patriots arm themselves.

The Human Rights Violations and War Crimes of the Bush Administration did not occur in the years preceding 1776, they are happening now.

And if you happen to find yourself to be suspected of terrorism, your children can be sexually tortured in front of you until you tell the nice marines what they want to know.

I won't even travel to America, that is how scared I am of their Gestapos the HSD. I don't want to disappear and be tortured for the rest of my life by psychotic American soldiers handpicked for the job. Bush authorized via John Yoo the torture-rape and mutilation of children's genitalia as a method of 'Advanced Interrogation" in front of their parents - so as to better 'persuade' them to reveal pertinent Data.

It is so sick. This Truth is more horrible than anything. It is sanctioned by the Bush Regime.

I don't want to go to any country that does that. It could happen to anyone, and no one would ever know. People would just think I went missing. Nazi Germany didn't even have the courage to advertise their Evil the way NeoCon America does.

I hope you can now see why American Patriots choose to keep Arms.

It has nothing to do with British Re-Invasion. It has everything to do with the clear and Present danger which the NeoCon Regime Represents - Not King George circa 1776.

As to the Congressmen being threatened with martial Law for the population (as Congress is already under martial Law):

If a bully tells you to give him you lunch money or he will beat you up after school, and you acquiesce to his demands you have been successfully bullied, but nonetheless you had no choice.

If congress had did as their districts overwhelmingly demanded, The population might have fallen under Martial Law.

Point being, the threat of Martial Law is Martial Law - so long as the person making the threat has the capabilities to carry it out.

As the bully is capable of beating you up, the Bush Administration has everything in place to effectively implement Martial Law.

*This doesn't mean troops on the streets. It means a suspension of your civil liberties and criminals will be 'tried' in a military court where they do not even have the Right to Remain Silent, and cannot plead the fifth. They have the same rights as a private.

This is martial Law, Not soldiers everywhere. All Citizens will be subject to Military Jurisprudence - Meaning Court Martials and summary punishments not Trial By Jury or Habeus Corpus.

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posted on Oct, 14 2008 @ 11:24 AM
reply to post by TruthTellist

LOL...thats all I can muster after that post...and you WON'T travel to the US huh...please stick to that promise!

posted on Oct, 14 2008 @ 08:58 PM

Originally posted by rcwj75
reply to post by TruthTellist

LOL...thats all I can muster after that post...and you WON'T travel to the US huh...please stick to that promise!

You have to forgive TT. He believes everything Alex Jones tells him and is quite certain that whatever you find at the end of a google search is a proven credible source. He has been shown that his hero is a liar and that stories he tells are not true. You will get the same response, google bilderberg, google this, google that. Some people just seem to trust every website google hands them I guess.

posted on Oct, 14 2008 @ 10:09 PM
I woundered if any of you have seen this threads? They may apply to the possibility of martial law.

The next webot prediction-Oct. 15th:

"Barack Obama is being sued to produce documents proving that he is a 'natural born citizen', as required by the Constitution to be eligible for the Presidency. He has until the 15th to produce the following:

1 A certified copy of Obama's "vault" (original long version) birth certificate.

2 Certified copies of all reissued and sealed birth certificates of Obama in the names referred to in the document.

3 A certified copy of Obama's Certification of Citizenship.

4 A certified copy of Obama's Oath of Allegiance taken at age of majority.

5 Certified copy of Obama's Application and Admission forms for Occidental college, columbia university, and harvard law school.

6 Certified copies of any court orders or documents legally changing Obama's name from Barry Soetoro to Barack Hussein Obama.

In addition, he is required to respond to the following "request for admissions"

1. Admit you were born in Kenya.

2. Admit you are a Kenya "natural born" citizen.

3. Admit your foreign birth was registered in the state of Hawaii.

4. Admit your name was legally changed to Barry Soetoro and citizenship status was changed to "natural citizen" of Indonesia.

5. Admit you were adopted by Lolo Soetoro, a citizen of Indonesia.

6. Admit LS signed a government acknowledgement form legally acknowledging you as his son.

7. Admit you are a citizen of Indonesia.

8. Admit you are currently not a "natural born" US citizen.

9. Admit you are not eligible to serve as President.

10. Admit you cannot prove your citizenship status.

Source. Berg v Obama

Now, if he cannot produce the appropriate documents and it is proven that he is not eligible to be President, this would further spiral the mood of this country downward, on both sides. It also brings the Web Bot prediction of 'confusion' surrounding the election to fruition. It could also cause a big enough uproar (possible riots) to cause the implementation of Martial Law (military component). Notice that the date of the order of discovery is October 15th, the date of the second 'event' forcast by the Web Bots."

Obama's Motion to Dismiss Berg's lawsuit denied?

'If Obama is not able to prove he is currently a “natural born” citizen and he is elected as the President of the United States, he is violating our United States Constitution and we are at serious risk of a Constitutional Crisis. Furthermore, if Obama is sworn into the United
States Office of the Presidency, neither Plaintiff nor the general public will have the right to bring suit for redress as a result of all the immunities the President of the United States carries, thus Plaintiff and all the general public will be further harmed as they will be forced to live with the grave consequences."

edit to correct link

[edit on 14-10-2008 by ballast]

posted on Oct, 14 2008 @ 10:18 PM
reply to post by ballast

And just what was the first event. As I recall, the 7th came and went just fine. It is now 40 minutes from the 15th and nothing ever came of the last prediction.

posted on Oct, 14 2008 @ 11:12 PM
reply to post by MorningStar8741

Ah, the little ray of sunshine, Morningstar! As I recall you appreciate good references. Glad to oblidge:

webot threads on ats:

10 pages I used-webot-as search word

Here is the free webot site, although on the threads there are some excellent answers and references.

Here is the paid site some free information:

There are many other interviews on radio, video and even a documentary played on channels like discovery, etc. The documentary may be on you tube. Coast to Coast has had George Ure and "Cliff" the designer, programmer and acknowledged expert in several disaplines.

Actually, it is not nor is it claimed to be a "prediction" of anything. The webot does a kind of forcast and a very accurate forcast at that. It is quite technical and one has to apply one's self in order to understand the the basics.

It was begun in 1997 as I recall, so there is a long track record. The first event was a long time ago.

In order to draw a conclusion regarding the dates, I suggest study is in order.

As far as the world goes, I would not characterize the recent events as going fine, not by a long shot.

posted on Oct, 14 2008 @ 11:18 PM
reply to post by ballast

Yeah, thanks for all that. I alredy had all that info, as you see it has nothing to do with what I said. The 7th was supposed to be the beginning of an event to cause emotional distress greater in scale than that of 9/11. Correct?

Happy 15th!

posted on Oct, 14 2008 @ 11:47 PM
reply to post by MorningStar8741

No, not correct. I'm glad "you know all that", that is an enormous amount of information. Your question does not really apply, it's not "emotional distress".

The webot is very technical in application, theory and results. There are some very good long explanations. The language applied in understanding the forcasts is really a "webot" specific vocabulary. So the terms used by "Cliff" and George Ure is specific to the webot.

As an example, windows in Microsoft Windows is not windows in a house.

Given your questions, I suggest reading the most recent thread. It's not too long and some of the posts are excellent. Here is the link:'

posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 12:08 AM
reply to post by ballast

I asked several times in this thread exactly what it is that the webbot was predicting. I even asked someone to post it's native language or at least the closest thing to it available. I was given the same thing over and over again. I got different minor variations on the exact thing I stated. If this is incorrect, instead of posting links to lengthy threads and short threads and about you just tell me what the prediction was about the 7th. Do me a favor and keep in mind that there are many many threads on this and it has been posted over and over and over again before the 7th. So when you rewrite what it said with added hindsight, try to stick close to what it was before the 7th came around so that I do not have to bother going back and copying and pasting one of the many many many many posts of this prediction.

posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 01:00 AM
The following is my opinion as a member participating in this discussion.

Where are all these troops? I just got through, this past weekend, driving through most of Washington state, the peninsula, Seattle/Tacoma, Yakima, and down through the columbia gorge. Not a soldier in humvee's, no check points, infact the only law enforcement I saw, I didn't see until I got to Port Angeles on the Olympic peninsula. Even in the vecinity of Fort Lewis, not a one... No soldiers, damned few cops that entire weekend.

It was almost disappointing. Not quite, but almost...

As an ATS Staff Member, I will not moderate in threads such as this where I have participated as a member.

posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 03:14 AM
The silly and obvious has already been mentioned, but it's worth reiterating: Soldiers have to return home eventually (you know, back to the US) from their tours; they won't come by in groups of ten or twenty, but in groups of thousands.... This in no way points to any indication of martial law. How one can conclude such a thing is beyond ridiculous.

Thread delivered some paranoid humor. I'll give it a C-.

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posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 04:08 AM
Please guys , have you read about the Codex Alimentarius?

Its not fiction , it IS FACT.

Have you seen what it will do? Its inhuman and outrageous !

In my opinion that # shouldn't even be able to be allowed to have the tiniest chance ever of getting through!

And why , oh why are they letting it happen? Why do so little people know about it?

And it is related to the UN , which means it is also related to the US ... it really makes no sense UNLESS there are extraterrestrial forces behind it.

Why would you want to kill your own people , even if it was to keep things controlled ? People , or should I say humans , don't have such a long lifespan that it would make SUCH a real impact in their own ambitions , they would certainly not benefit from it from a long period perspective ... now , if you were an alien race , that lives much longer and want to manage this Earth easily , now that would rock!

I don't know about a Martiaw Law , but rest assured , if it is whithin their agenda , it will happen at a time it will benefit their causes , don't expect it to happen just because it will happen. If it happens it will have a motive.

Or maybe if they can just keep people at their homes , numbed and ignorant about what is happenning , and at the same time furthering their agenda , who knows? People will just die later to the "toxic nutrients" , or even better , the lack of the nutrients on food....

posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 04:11 AM
reply to post by Roufas

"Codex Alimentarius"

HA! There is no such Thing.

Alex Jones just made it up to scare us into buying his DVD's for free on google.

Evreyone knows that. Geeze, jump on the bandwagon....

posted on Oct, 15 2008 @ 04:30 AM
reply to post by TruthTellist

Did he also invent the site?

With the countries in it , you can also find the 7 of the 9 pesticide substances that were BANNED before , right there. Also I never heard of that Alex Jones you speak of.

I did hear it from Dr Rima Laibow :

and from Ian R. Crane :

Though , the one from mr Ian R. Crane , he shows many of his research work , you can research yourself , both are very insightful.

Don't expect to hear it from the media.

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