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FoL Bluebeam- Just My Different View and Commentary.

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posted on Oct, 8 2008 @ 08:15 PM
I've seen a lot of threads and responses on this so I thought I would offer my commentary to see if I can keep another one from popping up...

Suppose the FoL is Bluebeam in disguise...WHAT DOES IT MATTER?

It will be the same wash, rinse and repeat cycle that so many of us have experienced. Just for the record again I believe in the FoL, but this is from a different point of view.

The hologram appears in the sky with a massive alien ship. The masses will be stunned and will fall for everything that the media says on the tv. NO ONE will think twice that this is not a holographic image and will think that rapture has finally arrived. Worldwide panic will ensue. Meanwhile, ATS-like people will know exactly what this is but it will not matter. We will try our damnedest to convince people that this is all pre-planned and just another step in the New World Order takeover. No one will believe us and we will be labeled the exact same thing we have been since Roswell. " We're all a bunch of conspiracy nutjobs and you can't prove anything!"

IT DOES NOT MATTER so stop worrying about it and making more predictions. It isn't worth it.

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