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What's the End Game in global meltdown?

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posted on Oct, 8 2008 @ 06:13 PM
When Europe and Japan are also straining due to the popping of the derivatives bubble, we can expect to see the usual: manipulated, nation-by-nation attempts to shower the burden on other economies in order to make it their problem, also. When the real dollar value of credit default swaps (a scam) and other bubble derivatives (financiers' paper, not real assets) is estimated to be anywhere from 30 trillion to 300 trillion, you can see what may happen.

The US economy has been "hollowed out," as Naomi Klein writes. The greedy were so convinced that government is the enemy (it could put them behind bars for many crimes against humanity--even here in the USA) that they eliminated common sense regulations that should have stopped inflation of a monstrous bubble in the first place. Now, even Henry Paulson says no one knows how much is at risk. But is that true? Ever seen a banker or a moneyman who didn't keep exact track of his money investments? In truth, the situation is a systemic crisis, an inevitable deflation of an ecology-destroying cult order that would actually ruin the entire planet as long as they had a cave to crawl into, scr*wing along the way. But Paulson and Lehman and especially Morgan/Rockefeller/ and Rothschild interests want us to think that those exact, precisely known money numbers are a complete mystery.

In other words, they want to hide their crimes but tell you it's just a crisis of confidence--so YOU pay up, rather than them. They know the exact value of derivatives--it can be calculated on a laptop computer--you don't need the NSA's 16 acres of mainframes to do it. Paulson looked like death because he was looking at his own ruin. The bubble represents a slow-motion coup d'etat by a financial and black budget mafia that can't face the light of day. We see corrupt owner/bankers (don't forget the OWNERS) who deliberately lent beyond the assets-to-credit line in order to invent money that wasn't there (as is usual) but also to put their lesser dependent borrowers at risk, or to put the entire system in danger. But why would they put the entire system in danger?

The truth is, the system is a failure--we can all see that. Nov. 2 may be an Obama landslide that even Rove's psychos can't hack without looking like they dropped the bomb on Main St. We need a system that's fractional in the sense of the new physics: all quantities are merely fractions of the universal whole, which never can quite be observed as a whole because the very process of observation borrows from the (fractionally enumerated) total. In an economic sense, that means that the only sustainable economy is daily rated against the more immediate "whole," the sustainable ecology's resources (and energy), NOT an invented financial fiction. If rated as such, whenever we go beyond ecological sustainability it's headline news. It's a more humble, resonant ecology--vastly more futuristic.

The real fiction today isn't sustainable ecology; it's the financial numbers---you see them failing today. Paulson says no one knows what the real consequences will be. In other words, he want you to be afraid--be open to martial law, the loss of human freedoms and possibly dictatorial powers in the near future. Bush, himself, would love to have a three page mandate like the one Paulson asked for. Even McCain stated, on-air, just last week that he always wanted to be dictator (off-handedly, of course). But if Paulson and the financial elite certainly know the value of bad derivatives, why are they hiding them? Why do they lie in that regard?

Don't ask your local paper's money columnist. Such people never investigate the underside of recent history, the crimes against humanity, the secret jails and the paymasters of the death squads. Instead, they're content to lap at the pre-chewed puke of the mother bird: Wall St. and a few dozen wealthy families. The big lie about the numbers (which they certainly know) allows them to selectively wheel the hollowed out monster from one nation to another, selectively inflicting losses on whoever talks too much, whoever tries to insulate themselves. By pretending the numbers are indeterminate, the hollowed out wreck can be selectively called up, the derivative bundles custom-arranged to savage your pension funds, Social Security, and other nations. It can be wheeled around, host-of-the-beast style, making sure that the creators of the golden fleece (Morgan, Rockefeller, and Rothschild's minions) don't take the hit. It's the financial version of a political scandal: find a scapegoat and bury the issue before people find out too much.

Here's another very real scenario: If and when--it may only be a matter of time--the US economy and the dollar are so dead in the water that no one will buy into it--Russia, China, Japan or anyone else in their right mind, the gloves come off. China has the lion's share of black-ink cash wealth in the near future. Russia, Venezuela and other nations that simply live more humbly, less wastefully than the US are ascendent, while the US continues to be an imbalanced equation. But the energy and technology future aren't locked up abroad. Read about the TR-3B, the TAW-50. Read David Adair's story about "reverse-engineered" technologies in US black budget labs since the late 50's. Now-manufactured black budget technologies in the US (but not owned by the US government--they're controlled by that Rockefeller-related black budget mafia, ironically) feature "scalar electromagnetic" energy and flight technologies, bizarre new materials that most readers never hear about, and energy devices that China, due to its lag in advanced tech, isn't as deeply involved in.

When the dollar goes down and a new currency is proposed, we'll first see an attempt to draw us into something like McCain's group of "democracies." If the new currency doesn't fly, then desperation will tempt that relatively tiny elite to unveil, little by little, the black budget technologies that already dominate the skies and space in the 21st century. Ever wonder why there's no replacement for the almost-dead fleet of space shuttles? Do you actually think the US would just sit without space-faring recourse, absent the shuttles? Read about the TR-3B, the TAW-50, the alt power sources in some of the X-22A's, the Aurora, and more. Read about how electrons in bismuth can behave like massless photons, and read about "dark states," Bose Einstein condensates, and the bizarre light-containing physics of gold, under lab conditions.

But the same people who've stolen control of such technologies are the same people who now lie about derivatives, death squads, intel-narco imports, and the murder of witnesses to black budget crimes. They've committed the worst crimes against humanity in our time, so they don't plan to be forthcoming or share with the public those technologies that were almost entirely gained through public monies and infrastructure. That's just another layer of the rotten onion that Bush Sr. loved to wax coldly about. The first unveiling of those technologies has already occurred: whistleblowers, an "acclimation" program, high-level defense officials who make less-than-subtle hints about them. Many who are high in US defense fear that the whole scheme has gone too bizarrely, dangerously far into epic extremes of corruption--hence the "white hat" whistleblowers." But witnesses were freely murdered during Cold War days, some still linger in prison. After the Cold War, secrecy waned, then came 9-11 and now an Orwellian attempt pose Russia as unilateral invader, etc.

The real revolution that underlies and haunts every major figure in both the current financial debacle and the near-future's fallback schemes is one of advanced technologies (called "scalar," zero-point, electrogravity, or negative energy technologies--they're all the same but people use different terms). Those technologies are predominantly wireless, not microwave, but based on deeper fluctuations in the vacuum. Because they will allow people to use them off of the power grid, the financial system as we know it would be challenged (WHAT system, you probably think, it's failing). More importantly, the further implications of those technologies (their actual origin and the "USAP"s or Unacknowledged Special Access Programs) and the murderous corruption in Rockefeller and cohort's corner are the most revolutionary potentials in modern human history.

The moment those technologies are unveiled, the economy and resource strategies of the 21st century and far beyond become starkly apparent. That will forever change the economics of this planet.

That's why the murder elite would rather take down the old notion of constitutional order and democracy, run the economy into the ground, rather than publicize the new technologies and the new physics behind them. Both the new black budget physics, the actual origin of scalar flight and energy technologies and the larger (much larger) backdrop) point clearly, unmistakably toward a more equalitarian kind of social order. That means the exposure, if not the end of the Federal Reserve mafia, the CFR scheme and the desperate wars for energy resources of the Bushmob and its cronies.

The challenge, both for them and for us, is to simply admit those truths already upon us, then behave accordingly. I'm not referring to an ideological plan, simply the basic implications that every intelligent reader will soon see upon reading about the above. Today's last paroxyms of the old order are obvious in one respect, but it would be dangerously naive to not see what appears to be a deliberate, carefully planned effort to take constitutional democracy down and replace it with something that most people would think relatively alien: a technological dictatorship of sorts. Stolen elections via computer are just the beginning. Electronic elections can be stolen via scalar technology without even being on the telecommunications network.

Meanwhile, the new energy and technologies, certainly the larger context, can be more liberating than oppressive--in the hands of honest people. Remember: the shuttle fleet is over with, so what's the fallback?

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