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During Debate McCain refers to Obama as.."THAT ONE"

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posted on Oct, 9 2008 @ 10:25 PM

Originally posted by Christian Voice

How can you people possibly even think about putting a man into the highest rank in the country

Please help me figure out where I said that. Where did I say I was voting for Obama? If I vote for Obama, I would be doing so as a vote against McCain. I am a registered Libertarian, although I don't like Barr much. My vote is undecided. I am however certain at this point McCain should not be the President.

that has only two years of political experience,

If he gets elected it will be 4 years experience (09) in the U.S. Senate.

That's 'political experience'. Why is other experiences not a factor for consideration? He has contributed to our society for quite a bit longer then two(4) years! Why is his work post-Law School not factored in? Especially when it was related to the economy and civil rights?... Again, i'm not this pro Obama guy you think I am, but I find the idea this experience is not pertinent to be quite silly at best, biased at worst.

and no military experience? The "Commander in Chief" with no military experience at all?

Well has every prior president had military experience? There is a reason that isn't a requirement imo. I think you are overlooking the fact that the President will have an entire staff of experts and veterans with military experience. Also, it's not like the Generals disappear. He's not a dictator, he's not a king. He will work with the Government on these issues, as prior presidents have. It's a collective pool of experience ultimately. The most important distinction is that the President can have the last word...

Which brings me to the most important consideration imho...

Do I trust his heart. Do I believe in his Goodness. Honestly, I truly do not believe McCain is a good person. Therefore I do not want to empower him with the final word. It's that simple for me.

Face it, this country has become a place of whiners and empathizers.

And a place for fanatical Christians. It's a melting pot of diversity. It's been this way for quite a while
One thing is for sure, we are a Nation of apathy.

I work for a company with a population of roughly 90 percent black people. They have all (roughly 70 people or so) said that they will vote for Obama just because he is black.

I believe you. But... what does this prove exactly? Are you alluding this random sample shows a corollary between black people voting for Obama simply because he is black???

I am sure we can all find a company that employs 90% white people that are not voting for Obama simply because he is black. Does this prove all white people are racist? No. Neither does your example prove all black people are voting for Obama because he is black. Have to consider the flip side to your argument, else you fall victim to double standards.

Let's forget for a moment his lack of morals, his Muslim history, and his inexperience he's black so let's elect the man.

I don't need to forget his 'Muslim history' because I think the evidence for that conspiracy is lacking. Then again, perhaps I just don't understand what you meant by that?... Also, him having a 'Christian history' has the same impact on me as if he had a 'Muslim history'.

Morals. That's exactly why I would prefer Obama over McCain (that's not me saying I am voting Obama). I see lots of reasons to believe he is more moral and ethical then McCain. That's my primary reason. Obviously that's not a science, it's my perception on things.

Don't get me wrong, I'm no McCain fan either and I have always voted republican

Maybe it's time to break that cycle? Independent? Libertarian?

but he does appear to be the lesser of two evils and I see absolutely nothing wrong with his comment.

1. I see Obama that way.

2. I didn't say there was something wrong with that comment.

Obama's campaign tried immediately to turn the entire election into a Jerry Springer nightmare as soon as Palin was announced on the ticket.

She didn't need anyone to help her with that.

If you are gonna complain, complain about something tangible. Not about "That One"

I hope you were speaking to everyone
... cuz I never complained.

Did you read my posts? I said multiple times in multiple posts that I said this was not a big deal and McCain made an honest mistake...

[edit on 9-10-2008 by Lucid Lunacy]

posted on Oct, 9 2008 @ 11:35 PM
I'm sorry Lucid, I actually thought I had replied to someone else. I didn't really see anything in your posts that I disagreed with. It's late and I didn't pay attention to whom I replied to.

posted on Oct, 9 2008 @ 11:37 PM
reply to post by Christian Voice

Ah, well then no worries about that.

I'd still be interested in hearing your thoughts in response to what I said anyways

posted on Oct, 9 2008 @ 11:54 PM

Originally posted by mental modulator

Originally posted by sos37
McCain was nice to refer to Obama as "That One" even if he did mean it in the most cynical way possible.

If Obama wins, I will ever refer to him as 'President' or even 'Mister'. I will be calling him the "Chief thief Obama".

Nothing at all wrong with that title, as I've heard so many people refer to President Bush as far worse.

[edit on 9-10-2008 by sos37]

I swear if this whole thing does not stink of some deep seeded koolaide racism.

BTW president BUSH is the worst president in history... He earned it. worked hard at
it, put big money first and now we have this. I revel in the fact that your vote will be considered the worst vote in history. THE children will hear of the tyrant and the radical
pseudo nazi denial that infected AMERICAN voters.

I am amazed you still love BUSH - he's on permanent vacation...


Did I say I loved Bush? Hardly. The man has made mistakes. But he's hardly the worst president in U.S. history and certainly not as bad as people make him out to be.

But, then there are people like you. Too ignorant to form your own opinions - you have to jump on the bandwagon simply because hating Bush is the COOL thing to do.

And racist? You just proved your ignorance with that line, sir. I've posted why I support McCain in several threads on ATS, sir and they are all on the issues. My reference to Obama is well-deserved:

* Obama says he and Ayers have no relationship? Guess that's why Ayers threw Obama a nice fundraiser in 1995 in his own home then, right? Just a guy that lives in my neighborhood. Why the secrecy when lying about a meeting with a convicted and unrepentent terrorist?(

* What's going on with ACORN? Now we hear they are being investigated for voter fraud. They're a liberal organization with which Obama has extensive ties. Why isn't he trying to distance himself from them?

* Tony Rezko. Enough said.

* Obama's funds coming from the same questionable overseas donors in increments of $20 - some are suspected to be from Hamas

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