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To those who have been abducted by aliens

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posted on Oct, 10 2008 @ 03:58 AM
So we meet at last, whoever you are... sorry I've recently seen the simpsons movie and couldnt resist, anyway

Originally posted by Anonymous ATSIt is my understanding that if you can maintain a feeling of indignation and mentally state, "You don't have the right" you will not be abducted.

It is key that you almost angrily assert your right to be left alone unharmed. It's probably important that you do it very early on in the scenario and as an almost reflex action. I think using this as a meditation mantra would probably be helpful in recalling it reflexively.

My gut on this tells me it has to do with the fact that we can communicate emotion in a way that is felt by these entities and the above is uncomfortable to them. It is clear that you are not giving your consent, you are being taken against your will and that you do not agree, even if you have done so in the past.

Maybe their overall power comes from the fact we get scared rather then angry, anger is both a form of fear, but of confidence as well.

Originally posted by Anonymous ATS
I assume that if there wasn't some sort of rules and regulations to all this, the aliens wouldn't go to all the trouble to be secret about it. So there has to be some reason they are trying to hide their presence, beyond just scaring the poor primitives. Obviously, they are technologically more advanced and can pretty much do as they please. There must be some restraining influence.

Possibly they are preserving us for something (your next paragraph perhaps), maybe they need us or a higher power (as in another race) is threatening war against them.

Originally posted by Anonymous ATS

There is a theory that greys are us from one possible future, coming back to seek our DNA in a pure form, before we screwed up our reproduction and resorted to cloning (which gives them the hive mentality). It could be a case of them contacting their ancestors, and then seeking out approval on a subconscious level. It sort of makes sense given that the last 100 years has been the first time in history where births, deaths and marriages have been documented making tracing your heritage back to this point pretty much a given, beyond that and it gets tougher. The secrecy would come in from trying to not create a paradox. Perhaps by asserting your rights, it creates timeline problems by announcing your awareness of what it going on. . . ?

I agree that the future theory sounds credible, and your ideas on paradox are great, however the one problem with the future theory is that as our descendants they themselfs would have every alien abduction account recorded, they themselfs would know that we are aware of their presence as well as the fact we can bring back memorys with hypnosis. Unless their plans are more pronounced. I can remember hearing on this forum something about a Nordic saying that "Dont fight the grays, they wont let you win, yet they wont let you lose", in away that is validation of the future theory, If the aliens lose then their plans are failed, but if we lose they die.

Originally posted by Anonymous ATS
Much of what has been described in this thread sounds like ASP, some of you need to look into this very frightening sleep disorder.

I agree with you some accounts may be ASP

posted on Oct, 10 2008 @ 02:30 PM
I prefer Family Guy, sorry.

If you look at this rationally, some things don't make sense.

Why would a race with superior technology use stealth to abduct individuals? This is a crucial question to answer.

Let's look at the typical circumstances for an abduction. It's the middle of the night, you're alone, often asleep and you're not quite sure if it really happened or not. Or, you're driving at night on a deserted road. It seems to me that you are taken when you are the most vulnerable and your story is least likely to be believed.

It is as if the circumstances of abduction are such as to maximize fear, not to minimize detection. Come on, a vehicle covered in lights that can be seen for miles? Beams of bright light? Aliens that are not in disguise?

Now, it appears that our knowledge of this taking place isn't a concern because we appear to be relatively powerless over their advanced technology. So stealth isn't because detection would result in us overpowering them.

Most abductees express extreme fear and dread during the experience. It is almost as if this is the intended response. C'mon, three bug-eyed aliens standing at the foot of your bed is going to freak you out and there is no attempt to alleviate your fear. Otherwise, the Nordic looking people would be appearing or you would never see the aliens. If they can make their ship invisible, surely they can move about invisibly.

In fact, it is as if they do things to intensify your fear and dread. So either they do not register our fear, do not care about it, or prefer we are scared. Maybe the greys aren't even biological life forms, but artificial intelligence.

If abductions happened in the light of day, in front of many witnesses, and was readily accepted by a majority of society, what do you think the response would be?

Think about that for a minute. If you knew people were being abducted, wouldn't everyone be pissed off?

It seems to me that this what they don't want happening, people becoming indignant and angry over it. Likely, this would be translated into the emotion of individual abductees who would question their right to take another person against their will. It is as if the situation has been orchestrated to evoke shame in the victims and further isolate them, making subsequent abductions easier.

Any stealth used by the aliens is to prevent humanity en masse accepting their presence and making the short jump to the idea that their nefarious deeds are hostile.

What would happen if all humans together asked by what right do they abduct people? Would it require an answer?

posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 11:45 AM

Originally posted by _Phoenix_

Originally posted by Mangelo12
I'm not really sure what happened to me..haha...

I went to visit a gravesite on May 10th of this year. Since then, every time I'm about to fall asleep or I'm really relaxed, I start to vibrate! When I start to vibrate, sometimes I see things when my eyes are closed (my third eye?). Anyway, I've been to the doc several times and they have no idea what's going on. I'm apparently, perfectly healthy. My point is, during one of the vibrational things, I started to see faces, floating from left to right, except they weren't human faces. They looked like what we would consider "alien" faces. It was like I was being shown several races. Very weird! I don't consciously remember being abducted and I don't have any kind of bizarre dreams, so I'm not sure what happened. I wish I did. Anyway, I wish I could tell you more but nobody seems to know what's wrong with me.

The vibrations are sings that your in a trance ready to OBE, Could you not move? And could you hear a ringing noise? these are also signs.
Sometimes you can also hear and see things in this state.

Research OBE/Astral Projection and you will feel better.

[edit on 9-10-2008 by _Phoenix_]

Thanks, and I think you're least about some of it. I can move a little. I don't feel paralyzed. My body feels like it's been plugged in to an electrical outlet, haha. I know that sounds weird, but that seems like a good description. Anyway, sometimes i hear buzzing or static and I've even heard someone call my name. I've also had several instances we're it feels like a group of people are standing over me and they're doing something to my stomach or chest, almost like they're moving stuff around! Anyway, it doesn't hurt and the fear is gone now so I just thought I would share my story. Thanks for the input.

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