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Gorbachev on the Pale Horse....?

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posted on Mar, 24 2004 @ 11:12 PM
Here's what I think;

If you know the word at all then you know that Gorbachev was the 8TH to rule over the soviet union. Fits Rev.17 to a tee. He has not been put out of office only has moved it from Russia to his new environmental organization "GREEN CROSS INTERNATIONAL (WORLD).

In Rev.6:8 we read about the "Pale / GREEN" horse. Now ask yourself this question, What is a "CROSS" used for? DEATH!!! Gorbachev is the rider on the PALE horse! And by him death will come as DESTRUCTION!

Here's another one for ya,

The entire world scene changed when Gorby came to power, In fact things seemed to speed up rather quickly. In Jer.1:11,12 we read about this rod of an almond tree (Tree loving nature NUT). Here's the real interesting part the word "ROD", In the Strong's concordance Heb # 4731 is "maqqel, makkale" take out a "k" and you still have Makale. Now read all of Jer.1:11-16.

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