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HAARP goes online this October....

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posted on Mar, 24 2004 @ 10:59 PM
Bruce Beach Newsletter March 24,04 ( HAARP)
Here is a throw-away line that I just read.

"The deployment of a Navy destroyer in the Sea of Japan will coincide with
the U.S. military's plan to put on alert several ground-based interceptor
missiles at Fort Greely, Alaska, by September."

Why does the destroyer 'coincide' with the missiles?
Because the destroyer does the targeting
for the missiles.

And why are the missiles there?

Not because of North Korea -
but because they are the defense
against Russia and China
for the new Alaskan
225 Antenna HAARP Range
that is to come on-line in October.

And why does the US say to China -
"We are not going to let you go to the moon"?

Because that is the High Ground
that could knock out the HAARP Range?

And why would Russia or China
want to knock out the HAARP Range?

Because he who controls HAARP controls the world.
Literally - not figuratively.
By that I don't mean that they control it militarily.
By that I don't mean that they control it economically.
By that I don't mean that they control it socially.
By that I don't mean that they control it monetarily.
By that I mean that they control it literally,
because they would control the weather.

He who controls the weather - also controls the world,

With HAARP they are supposed to be able
to affect the Ionosphere
and move the jet streams about at will -
determining drought or floods
wherever desired in the world.

Even if they can't -
it will make everyone mad at them,
because they will blame their bad weather on them.
The weather will never satisfy everyone.
One person will want picnic and parade
when another is wanting their crops watered.
One will want more snow
for the slopes of their ski resort
while another is wanting to cut back
on the snow removal costs.

One man's flood
causes another man's drought.
(You stole all the rain out of our clouds!)
Boy! Want to make the world mad at you -
control the weather.

But aside from that little side effect -
the Russians and Chinese greatest fear
is that the US is about to make a
technological breakthrough
that will allow it to control the world -
in every way-
and once it is in place -
there will be no stopping it.

September, you say. (Missiles ready).
October, you say. (HAARP ready).
November, you say. (Election already).

Then the Chinese and Russians think -
well, if Bush wins in November -
there is no stopping him -
"Look out - rest of the Axis of Evil".
Regime change in
North Korea.
Regime change in
North Iran.
Regime change in
Regime change in
Where do you draw the line?

But, if it looks like
Bush might lose in November -
then maybe something 'pre-emptive'
on his part might be in order in October.
A real October surprise.

It is best to pre-empt the pre-empt.
So better for Bush to be ready in September.
And the pre-empt for that would be August.

Nope -
I don't think anyone is going to do anything -
But circumstances build.

What is going to be happening in Iraq?
Will everything settle down there -
and the bombings cease -
and the Americans quietly leave
by June 30th?
I don't think so.

Meanwhile - over there in Israel / Palestine -
will things just get calmer and calmer,
now that they have gotten rid of the Hamas leader?
I don't think so.

And of course,
North Korea could just roll over
like Kadaffi.
But, I don't think so.

Afghanistan and Pakistan (and India) -
may just all become sweetness and light-
and a dozen other such situations
about the world
may all just smooth out -
but - on the other hand -
they may not,
and any one of them could start a local conflict
that could escalate
and bring in the Big Boys,
who could possibly conclude -
it is now -
or never.

There ARE people
among those countries' military leadership
who have said that they think that way.
So, I am not saying a thought -
that no one else has thought.

To me -
this is the RISK.
Forget -
suitcase nukes -
train station terrorists -
homeland defense and all the rest.
But -
it makes no difference what I think -
the question is -
what do the Russians and Chinese think.
What do they think -
that Bush thinks.
Forget about what Bush thinks -
the important thing is
what the Russians and Chinese think -
that Bush thinks.

But of course to you -
it is a matter of what you think.

Do you think that HAARP is real?
You might be interested to know
that it is patented.
Patent numbers
You can read about the patents here:


And for the
1990 original description of
look at:

Just one more thing
for most people
to not worry about.
Your government knows best
and is looking out for you.
Or not.

Peace and love,

posted on Mar, 24 2004 @ 11:59 PM
Nice Poem


An intellectual is a man who takes more words than necessary to tell more than he knows.
Dwight D. Eisenhower

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