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posted on Oct, 7 2008 @ 02:25 PM
The only problem I have after reading so many posts, and the comments added is how everything seems to think aliens are going to come to Earth to "save" us. Save us from what? Ourselves?

Let's think this through. Why would an alien race come to Earth to interfere with the natural flow of life on that planet, unless it is to push their belief system onto us? Because if they NEED to SAVE us from ourselves, then they deem we need saving. Thus pushing what they think is right or wrong onto us. What if they think that all gay people must be killed in order to save us? What if any child that is disabled in anyway should be killed in order to save us? Doesn't that sound like a mad-man trying to take over the world?

I do not doubt aliens exist in some form in the galaxy and beyond. Maybe study Earth. But to think an alien race happened to come across our planet, and happened to "study" certain governments and happened to decide they are corrupt is a little, well out there. Then, add that these same aliens decided to somehow talk to just a few humans to tell them of their arrival someday? What would be the reasoning behind that choice?

In short, yes I am sure there is alien life. I would expect it on Mars and Titan. Intelligent life, I do not expect to find in this solar system, or even close. If you allow for intelligent alien life to somehow detect intelligent life on Earth, and also allow for them to have the ability to travel here at speeds we can only imagine in science fiction, then you must also grant them the intelligence and reasoning that goes along with those. Curious, yes they might spy on us. Interfere because they "think" they can do a better job at our governments? Then why don't humans interfere with the structure of bees, ants, wolves, lions, and every other life form on Earth? We watch, we film, but we don't interfere because it would, well intefere!

I know some people will lash out at me because I do not agree that aliens, hiding themselves for the greater good (of their definition) will suddenly show up on a certain day...announced by a select few people for some "save" us. But what makes more sense. That, or a few people who are having fun at, or taking advantage of, people? Shouldn't they at least be able to communicate with us without following the "rules" set up by humans? For example, why would an alien have to create a profile to post to an internet forum? Why would they have to be secretive about anything?

posted on Oct, 7 2008 @ 02:35 PM
copied my answer from another thread:

I was putting the things together in the same way:

- threath of food-shortage
- threath of 25% of all mammals going extinct
- threath of global warming and all its concequences

changing our way of living would take to much time for all those threaths to diminish, only a quick cut-back on people would have the desired effect. How? Well they tried to start a war (9/11) but that did not unfold as they would have liked (WW3). So what would a possibility be? Something people don’t know, something people are afraid of? Exactly: Aliens; feeding on the frigthfull stories of abductions and superpowers (advanced technology), beings with new (?) religions will take over the world with a all destroying attack.

Under the cover of beautifull name like the “Galactic Federation of Light” arriving with a message of love, they will unleash a vivid rain of fire, whipping the most of us out. Than in the last moment (after losing 75% of earths population) the goverments of the world will defeath the aliens and restore peace and order to the world.

In fact these aliens are the goverments soldiers; created in secret labs under the ground trhu mixing Rosswell Alien DNA with human’s DNA and well trained to obey goverments orders;

ALL FANTASY???? Maybe, who’s to say?

posted on Oct, 7 2008 @ 02:51 PM
Excellent post!
You share my opinion 100%. But I fear it won't be that popular in this forum, because - to quote you - it "is a little, well out there."

You mentioned the aspect with the humans don't interfere the ants. That could be the answer to the Fermi Paradox.

Do the ants recognize us humans as another species/civilization? No, because they can't. It's beyond their intelligence, they can't imagine it.

Amoeba are our distant biological ancestors. They are still around this planet in absolute abundance. They are in your house, plants, trees, even in your car, yet they have no awareness of any of it. Their entire reality is composed of basic chemical functions and nutrient intake. Even something as simple as an insect like an ant is beyond their comprehension. Ants are much further along the evolutionary chain, with a great deal more complexity than an amoeba. For one thing, ants have a nervous system and brain that gives them some rudimentary sensory experience and cognitive abilities. An ant's tiny brain and its chemical sensing and processing are radically advanced emergent phenomena completely outside of the very limited ontological space of an amoeba. If nothing else, an ant’s brain is programmed to serve the hive mind, which it is a part. In any case, the amoeba doesn’t have a clue.

Ants in turn are not aware of human civilization. They have no concept of humanity, language, buildings, cars, airplanes, the ocean, the moon, earth, stars, mathematics, space travel. Almost everything we take for granted is completely outside of the limited ontological space that composes an ant's existence.

[Quoted from linked article at the bottom of this post

This could very well be the solution to the Fermi Paradox: ET life is around us, we just don't recognize it. It's beyond our intelligence, we can't imagine it.
That's why the typical ET in most "reports" is a "Grey", a humanoid, more evolved being, because that's what our brain can imagine.

Side-Note: Did you know Grey's are only popular in the western culture, especially the US? Aliens must love America, even the "Galactic Federation of Light" comes there. About 75% of all US/UK "abductions" involve Greys. But in the rest of the world they are under 10%. This shows us, that the human mind is just making them up (mostly at least - I can't prove sth. not to exist, nobody can). The numbers are from the wiki abduction page btw.

So, there are SO MANY possible life-forms, the chance that those (hypothetically) visiting us are humanoid is very slim. But how big is the chance that those lifeforms are so different that we can't make them out?

If you want to find out more about what I wrote, here's an interesting article: Exotic Civilizations: A Possible Answer To Fermi's Paradox

Sorry if I got a little bit off-topic, but this could very well on-topic on a larger scale. There are different types of civilizations, types I - III (see linked article). If they are there - here - chances are high, that they don't even recognize us. They would be far more evolved (they have solved the barriers of faster-than-light/inter-stellar travel), type II or III, which is SOOO far different from us.

You could picture someone jogging through the forest on a beautiful day and passing a colony of ants, without caring for it. Except, the "someone" would be the ET civilization, the forest would be the universe and the ants would be us.

That's why they won't save us!

[edit on 7.10.2008 by SiONiX]

posted on Oct, 7 2008 @ 02:55 PM
reply to post by Shadow_Lord

I have to agree with most of your idea here as well.

However, to me the issue is different. Frankly, I don't want anyone "saving us" from ourselves. This idea is born out of cynicism, because it suggest we can't save ourselves. I don't want to use "alien technology" to build our world or colonize other worlds, I want to use our own. People are so quick to unleash negative judgments about their own species that they never consider how incredible our creativity and problem solving abilities can be when properly motivated or directed.

Are we in a patch of rough times right now? Of course. And there have been terrible things done throughout history. But I for one am one of the few I suppose left that has faith in humanity and its ability to survive and grow of its own volition.

Obviously some people on these forums believe certain things, some of them far from what the majority believe. That's fine, obviously they must have seen some evidence of something they believe points to supporting their idea. Personally, I've never seen any evidence (not proof, evidence) of any sort of alien intervention be it present or past. UFOs, absolutely, there are some things we cannot explain for certain, so by definition they are "unidentified". And I do believe that there simply is too much space out there with so many suns and so much material for the chemistry of life floating around to suggest there aren't other species on other worlds. I would even go so far that if you're a subscriber to the idea of Occam's Razor, it answers the same way.

But aliens aren't going to save us from current problems, they aren't going to save us from "ourselves", and I don't believe they should even if they're in a position to do so. It's for us to solve, not someone else. Otherwise our own organic growth will be hindered.

"Arrested Development", as it were.

posted on Oct, 7 2008 @ 02:58 PM
reply to post by saturnus1962

In fact these aliens are the goverments soldiers; created in secret labs under the ground trhu mixing Rosswell Alien DNA with human’s DNA and well trained to obey goverments orders;

Help For You...

posted on Oct, 7 2008 @ 04:09 PM
I had a regression a month ago, to help me remember some of my childhood encounters and hopefully to learn more about the visitors motives. To cut a really long story short, the visitors used my altered state to open a line of communication, between them and myself.

At one point the question of why they are here came up and their answer was to save us to some degree. Their message was that life is pretty rare, sentient life is incredibly rare and new sentient species are as rare as rocking horse doody (That wasn't quite how they said it, but you get the idea). They told me that they are here to help preserve ourselves and our distinctiveness. The collection of genetic material is to preserve our genetic variety for whatever will occur in our future.

We are heading into a pressure cooker, our environment and our economy are in the process of collapsing simultaneously and if we cannot keep our heads we may strike out at our neighbors. This could escalate into a nuclear exchange and this is why the visitors have been banking our DNA.

There is more, but that is the most relevant bit. Here is a link to my site with a recording of my regression aliendoodles.


posted on Oct, 7 2008 @ 09:04 PM
I think the greys are here for totally selfish reasons: ..... to save themselves. Period. They are a race that can not breed by themselves anymore, naturally. Either they manipulated themselves through genetics or evalution has made them that way, so they have to splice our DNA into theirs to revive their species.

And I've read this part in a book because I haven't personally ever seen.... that they eat by putting nutriance on their skin and it absorbs in and then into their bodies. How can a species get so bad genetically that they can not even breed or eat normally. That's just unreal.

And that you have to understand that the greys are expert on the brain functions of us physically how it works and spiritually. I believe they tell us they are here for good intensions to save us because they want us to believe it. But really it's a slight of hand..... to get our confidence and hide their real intensions. I know others who have their opinion on the greys and think they are here out of love, but I really don't believe it. I think they want our planet for their new "part us" / "part them" species to live on.

oh well, I don't want to freak anyone out about all this, sorry but this is my opinion on the greys.

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