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A remembered dream

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posted on Mar, 24 2004 @ 08:13 PM
It wasn't until I took psychology i learned about this dream journal thing, I've always realized, though, that the things that happen are not by coincidence therefore it must not be random. Anyway, this is the strangest dream i've ever had and i just kind of wanted to know how i could begin to interpret it.

The dream begins with my friend taking me into a house that has no roof(space) and it's all purple and black but there's a balcony above like a western. He takes me to the basement which is basically a whore house, but the "beds" are baby's cribs, and the women are lifesize cardboard cut-outs that are attached to the bed by springs. Something happend from going from there to me being in my house and i was on like the middle stair on the stairway. at the base of the stairs there's a robot chasing me and at the top of the stairs there's a purple brontosaurus pushing the stairs down like a downwards escalator, so i can't get up. Eventually I get enough speed to reach the top and I go into my parent's room. I hide behind the bed for a few minutes, and then pop back up and the robot shoots a laser and kills me.

Anyway, that's it. Comments are more than welcome.

posted on Mar, 25 2004 @ 12:01 PM
Nothing, zero

You have an overactive imagination and you made that all up to give us all a laugh.

Cut back and your world will become clear

posted on Mar, 25 2004 @ 04:07 PM
Nah, that seriously was a dream I had in 8th or 9th grade.

posted on Mar, 25 2004 @ 04:58 PM
Then too much sugar and too much cartoons

posted on Mar, 25 2004 @ 05:05 PM
Yeah i guess you're right. Too many of those sour gummy worms.

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