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Lightworkers The Real Ufologists

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posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 03:24 PM
When one thinks about Ufology in the old days it included the Contactee Movement not hollywood films based on evil aliens and video games .

Real experiences by real people .

They were with Venusians and other people from other worlds beyond Earth books have been written about these events such as Stranger From the Pentagon by Dr Frank E Stranges.
Ohters like George Hunt Williamson who wote a number of books on his contacts regarding People from other worlds and Ancient Et history.
as time went on the UFO Movement or what is called Ufology became takenover with a new generation who were not Ufologists but looked at Ufology for its entertainment value.

You can findout of that here on ATS in some of the posts people make on Alien UFO threads.

So what is a real Ufologist is i one that puts down messages from Blossom Goodchild ? Is it one that see's real UFo video footage and say's it fake even if its not?

Lightworkers time and time again have comeout to be the real Ufologists not because they believe in Life elsewhere and that we are connected to God etc etc.

Its because to even call ones self a Ufologists you should start with the understanding that we are not alone in the Universe and that people live on other Worlds besides our own.

Secondly that these people just might be advanced and spiritual advanced to travel freely where they wish without your permission to do so.

For those that say Aliens Ets or people from other places cannot get here thats your limited understanding living on a Planet called Earth.

Where they live it is highly possible that these beings are able to do far more then we can imagine.

We are not the center of the Univeiverse but a tiny part of a great Galactic Picture.

Its time we started to realize this .

Lightworkers are more open to the ability of Ets to travel and interact with Human beings and that ships come and go from Earth even before we were born.

Whats happened tp the current Ufology movement is it has been taken over over the years by negative people and those that are in a fear based mode instead of being in a mode of I would like to expand my consciousness and learn about the history of this subject .

The Contactee Movement is a good place to start.

So UFology is filled with skeptics these days not real ufologists its changed greatly from the 50's and 60's and even early 70's.

The New Ufologists are the Lightworkers who are tuned into whats really going on these days .

Thats my view of things which I understand some will disagree and others will agree 100 %

Blessings In the Light of The Most Radiant One Always,
I approve this message

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