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posted on Mar, 24 2004 @ 07:03 PM
Well, i am the kind of person that thinks that everyone has the ability to have visions. For some people it is easier since they were born with these abilities.

Since i was a child I have been having different visions throughout my life. I have never felt special or important because of these abilities.

In some of those visions I saw exactly what would happen to me the next day, to an extent that I was able to tell those around me what would happen next. I never found out exactly how it works, and I don't have visions everyday.

I was raised in Spain and while living there my visions used to be more personal. Like seeing with my third eye someone tampering with my father's motorcycle for mischief as i was playing with some friends in their house, their house being 6 blocks away from where my father's motorcycle was.

My visions were mostly like that, or seeing as if i was watching a movie what would happen the following day. It was mostly nothing unusual, just common everyday things. The one prophetic vision I had in Spain, and if i remember correctly my first prophetic vision, happened when I was about 8-9 years old.

I saw myself in a place where most houses had only one floor, i have come to believe it was a city in the States. I was inside the house by myself when i saw a bright light coming from one window of the house. i went outside and saw the earth under my feet cracked as if by drought, all the houses were gone, there was nothing there. I went inside the house once more and began asking outloud what had happened. A man appeared and spoke softly to me. I just can't remember what he said, and can't even remember his face.

When I came to the states in 1989, i began to have visions that were of extreme weather patterns. Mostly i would see winds destroying everything in their path and some people even holding to some family members and hugging trees, to avoid being taken by the winds.

I would also have visions of south florida under water, not completly but the water would reach the roofs of two story buildings.

In the last 4-5 years some of my visions have been of some kind of war in the States. I have seen myself and others in combat against an enemy I was never able to see. I can't say for certain, but my gut feeling is that this will happen in the future.

Not so long ago I made some research when i heard that George Washington also had visions. He saw three world wars, and the last one he saw as a mass of people from Africa and Europe came to the states, destroying many cities.

here is a link to his prophecies.

Also I have had some recurrent visions. About 8 month ago or so I saw in this vision as if i was in the body of a small child. I felt myself as this child, it is someone i do not know, i was holding the hand of the child's mother. We were in a park and i remember seeing skyscrapers in the background. The park of stone was like in a small valley and there were stairs that led down to the park.

We were both walking in this park when suddendly there was a bright light from behind the skyscrapers. The mother of the child yelled and hugged me as something bright approached us fast. Then I jumped to another body. I saw myself now walking on a wooden dock, i saw the same buildings the child saw but they were now in a different possition. I was a man now, about 6 feet tall and was walking with my arm over the shoulders of a woman. I knew she was my girlfriend (well, the man's girlfriend) as we were laughing and talking we suddenly saw a bright light comming from the water, everyone saw it at the docks and all hell broke lose. Some people started to run, the woman i was holding would not move, and i just hugged her as the fast energy/light reached us, then i woke up.

I had the last vision about 6-7 months ago or so. This one was a bit different.

In the vision i saw myself on a big map that looked like the United states. I was standing in south Florida. (where i live) In the vision I was looking from south FLorida towards the north, as I was looking up north I began to feel the ground tremble, then to the northwest i saw a big volcano erupting, then somehow i was compelled to look south and I saw the water rising in south FLorida, and the last thing that happened is that I was compelled to look towards the sky. In the vision I had the sense that all of those things would happen because of something that will come from the heavens.

I do not use drugs or anything else. I have visions once in a while and it has been about 6-7 months since my last one.

posted on Mar, 24 2004 @ 07:17 PM
For a while now I have been convinced that an asteroid or comet strike will cause mass devastation on earth within my lifetime. Its not based on any visions I have had, but on various prophecies and a feeling of something not being quite right. I know that the Government would never tell the people about any impending NEO strike (for a start, Morgan Freeman isn't the president) so your vision is quite valid. The people you 'inhabited' were obviously not aware of what was happening until it was too late. Too many things point to this. Just type in 'Asteroid' and 'Comet' on the ATS search facility and you'll see what I mean.

posted on Mar, 28 2004 @ 11:07 PM
I too have had dreams where it's an ordinary day, I'm with a friend or maybe I'm in the future or something and then a big light or horrible rumble comes out of the sky and I go "it's the end of the world!" At the end of one of them, I actually felt my "real" dream body disintegrate into molecules and then I was just a conscious spirit.

I used to think these were dreams about the end of the world, but after reading your post, something just popped into my head--

That light in the sky, that rumble, that fire, that catastrophe--that's not to be taken literally. That's the "cd-changer" of your dream-journey mechanism. It is the sweeping away of one dream scenario to get ready for another one or to get ready to go back to waking consciousness. It should be something that you would not witness and remember, something seamless--but sometimes for whatever reason we retain our lucidity in the dream state and observe this "change of scene."

I never considered this, this just popped into my head right now. It might sound daft, but it feels right to me.

It is perfectly ok for you to have visions--some people just have that power. But be careful with interpretations. While it is true that there have been visions & dream material that became literally true--there is a lot that is symbolic. Or a lot that are only partially true, or that you might misunderstand. So interpretation is a tricky business--keep journals, trust your intuition, and talk to like-minded folk to get other points of view (like you're doing on ATS!)

Pisky: civilization as we know it will still be around for at least 25 more years, for sure. If my dreams about my next life as a tiny female Asian bohemian college student have any validity at all, then maybe even more. But let's say 25 years at least to be safe. By civilization I mean: we still have newspapers & make announcements, like movie openings and obituaries. Now: will there be catastrophies? Yes. Things like we've never seen in our lifetimes? Yes. Things like back when Krakatoa erupted and you could see the red sky fallout all the way from Europe? Yes. Could things happen like in the city of Bam in Iran, but in a more familiar territory? Yes. Might people have to reshuffle and move around a bit? Yes. Might a lot of precious artifacts and art and papers and stuff have to be slowly moved to a new place in anticipation of environmental cluster#s? Yes. But like I believe Morgan Freeman said in Deep Impact: "We will prevail."

posted on Mar, 29 2004 @ 02:54 AM
About 4 nites ago I had this dream similar to yours.

I live in a city in Florida right by Miami, called Hialeah.

From what I remember, the dream started in my home. I then went outside with my either my dad or my mom, and we both looked up at the sky. The whole sky was crowded with planes, satellites, UFOs, and other unknown air vehicles. There were also alot of people outside talking and witnessing everything, it seemed chaotic I think.

I went back inside when I heard a UFO speaking to the people on the ground with a microphone or something. It sounded like a loudspeaker. I don't quite remember what they were saying because I went back inside and heard abductions being taken place. I could hear the energy coming from the "beams of light" being sent from the UFOs to abduct people. I heard people also screaming, and chaos going on outside.

I think the dream ended there because I saw a flash of light. Then, the next thing I remember is going to the store with my mom to buy some food and get ready for the poleshift. It was weird though, we didnt even get enough food to survive, we only bought a small amount of groceries, and I was kind of.... excited and, happy while we were in the store.

When you said that you saw flooding waters rising up to the height of 2 story buildings that really struck home. Literally. Because I live in a 2 story apartment here in Hialeah, Florida.

My dreams have been getting... more insightful lately. Ive been dreaming of future events, most of the times they are pretty subtle but I could tell that those dreams had lots to do with the events that occur after having the dreams.

[Edited on 29-3-2004 by The Quiet Storm]

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