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Time masters conspiracy

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posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 01:32 PM
If time masters, in a conspiracy, went half and half on setting a moment in time for everything as man knows it to evolve into destruction that maintains all those here that moment into incorruptible, ever onward dieing carcasses, would you even think the time masters did the right thing, since afterall, man the moment was way filled with crookedness (be it, doing it or allowing it) that destroyed the calm and enjoyment states man was supposed to only keep as their own man's keepers inorder to innerly keep hell back?

When the time masters set the evolution turn on man's 'let go' of the days of the calm and enjoyment, what can you expect if you're apart of letting it go staright to damnation?

You know like how a particular human being were in thier prime years ago, but let their body go a long time ago by not keeping it in a prime... Well think of the state of man not being kept prime by themselves together...

The true ones who didnt participate in crookedness in any way (be it, doing it or allowing it), the time masters actually wouldnt leave in the evolution they set just so no one should think what they bring about is wrong. I mean, it is only wrong if you're the one stuck in the moment, which wouldnt count as a rational judgment about it.

A lil history on the time masters:

The time masters' symbol is the "II". And they can cause and change the 2nd actuality come after realization started with imagination. The 1st actualization had come both random and bound caused before 1st awakened realization. After it did come, purposely, a 2nd and 3rd realization that are the II which are the time masters.

When the 3rd one sees no one 'for' reasonable justifications for stopping crookedness outside the crooked state, that's when the a 9th reveals the damned hold themselves damned in beg for evolution into incorruptible dieing, since wheresoever the heart is, so is the home actually.

If and when the time masters' set evolution turns all, the crooked eternal nature shall turn out not eternal afterall when evil nature is destroyed and stopped with endestructable dieing from the dead and from evil and from this earth way stood and from the time masters and from the rest which are non-crooked participaters.

[edit on 6-10-2008 by Mabus]


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