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Electronic Telekenisis

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posted on Mar, 24 2004 @ 05:35 PM

This is an article about the use of brain sensor that can operate a remote "device". Perm implant sensor could be linked wirelessly to a computer network, thus operating an electrical or mechanical circuit via "brain waves" although at this point this requires actual sensors to be implanted in a persons brain, the implications are that the actual neuron impluses could be picked up by a remote senor outside of the body and then translate that brain wave activity into a preprogrammed function. ie once a person is trained into "how to think to control" then the control system will be able to detect when that person initiate the proper "control" sequence there by operating the remote device, door, motion control, robot, arm, weapon etc. Anything that the computer associates with that impluse.

Once the "brain wave detection" hardware is developed to seek out those specific patterns the possibilities would be endless in how the human brain can be incorporated into controlling the world around us without the need for physical intervention.

VERY dangerous for if the one way is true, then the reverse is also true. A computer could be created to "Send" the right pattern of signals to a human brain to cause the human to respond in the pre-programed pattern. ie a simple signal to the brain might make the heart stop or make the limbs go through a pre-determined "dance" pull, load, flip, fire - your dead. Or run, jump, fly - over the building you go.

Seeing as this has been funded by DARPA no telling what covert or sinister agenda they have for this technology.

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