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My mothers near death experience-video

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posted on Oct, 8 2008 @ 05:11 PM
If you aren't going to address half of my points, and then sidestep the issues or call me "boring" as a defence for not having a proper answer, then no, I won't help you.

You literally don't have a rebuttal to anything I've posted, you've just attempted to insult me.

You can stagnate in your self-imposed mental prison that is religious dogma if you can't have a sensible discussion without falling asleep on your keyboard.

posted on Oct, 8 2008 @ 06:01 PM
hey we have gone off topic here. read the OP and you will see that LeoVigo said clearly this was not an attempt to try and convince people of the existance of God or Christianity. You are very entitled to your opinions, but start them in a new thread instead of polluting this one. but while i am addressing the issue i will say this.
is this hard to believe? of course it is. i myself can not rightly call myself a chrisian because i at this moment do not give my life to him, i am not educated in scripture well enough to even begin making that claim, and 6 months ago my reply would have been very similar. only one problem: i began to have visions BEFORE my mother did, 2 different people can confirm this, and i was not as enlightened as my mother, but there are things we saw that are not just alike, but the same thing; so SOMETHING unexplainable has happened. now as to the idea of mud huts being absurd in heaven, and other things, i must ask you why is this absurd? it's my belief that my mother was not IN heaven, but a waystation in between this life and the next. she said herself that she saw a gate, but never did she go inside that gate. it's my PERSONAL belief that had she entered that gate, she would not be here now, i think that would have been heaven and she would not be allowed to go there and return here and be able to tell us what heaven is like. i think she was in a place where one sits in a kind of limbo before passing to the next world, where the facilities of the mind do come into effect making it a personalized appearance at times. maybe your limbo would contain internet cafes instead of mud huts, who knows? we certainly don't therefore we cannot say it would not be. no one was trying to tell you that either, we were only sharing a personal experience to try and get others to have some comfort in the idea of there being something else after you leave this world. i make it no secret that i have doubts about the bible and other things, but there is no room for doubt on some key points:
1. one can tell that my mother is remembering, not creating this story, and seeing as how the video was made without much preperation, many things she remembers in it was the very first time that we as a family had heard the details. this was not concocted and we were just as shocked as many of you when she suggested the idea of Ra being God, to know my mother is to understand that this WAS NOT created by her mind, she would have NEVER believed this idea or gave it credit before this experience, it contradicts everything she had ever believed, even in a hypnotic trance people will not subscribe to ideas or actions that go completely against the grain of their mind, and it does not get any more against the grain than that. she would have dismissed the idea as heretical, and prayed for that person to realize how wrong that idea was.
2. she remembers me coming to her in my OOBE and confirmed the message i gave her. this is key because i didn't even tell anyone about it. no one.
3. i was having visinos myself before she had hers, and went on record with family and friends before her situation brought her visions. my father and my sister will confirm that. Things in common with our visions were: the stitic looking stuff that covered reality, me coming to her OOB and the message relayed, the woman in white that scared both of us. there are other smaller things also that when totaled up leave no room for doubt.
4. i am not religious, and have until just recently believed and acted in a very similar way to you, but there is no way to deny it since i see it with my own eyes, my mother really went to this place and really saw those things. i STILL do not believe most of the bible, i just have major problems with it, but now i am not completely sure about my position on it being for the most part untrue, i am coming to understand that i was not as smart and logical as i thought i was.
so please do not post anything as discrediting as what you did again on here. instead maybe you could have expressed doubts in a manner conducive to a deeper discussion on your doubts, and i'm sure any of us would be happy to answer to the best of our abilities. thank you, and oce again let me stress that i am skeptical myself of many things biblicly, but not skeptical that my mother was experiencing genuine enlightenmint here, as the ideas she proposed go against much of her previous beliefs.

posted on Oct, 8 2008 @ 07:05 PM
reply to post by C.C.Benjamin

Your opinion is your opinion, and you are welcome to it. Instead of letting the things that dont make sense bother me in a logical mind, I come to terms that we dont not know the works of this world let alone, any other.

I think I have made it clear that we dont think all of these things happened in heaven. The only time we felt the presence of heaven in her vision was when she was standing at the gate. In the video, we tell you that our brother, my mothers first child, was able to go through the gate. Some that were in this 'village' type place were not able to go through. To me, its clear that many still had 'things to work on', but yet, they werent burning in hell. My mother thinks her mother has been re born. Again, we dont see any ideas that there was a hell area going on here. Yes the blood was scary, its a shame what the human minds have came to the conclusions on the requirements of blood in heaven. This field of blood was not in the village or the kingdom or by the gate AND it was the only time she was without a 'guide' Michael. Why was she alone? Why did she get deserted? Because this was a moment of her own reflections in what the world has done to the image of God. Being that you know your Bible, then you know that it was in Gethsemane that Jesus was betrayed. Gethsemane means 'field of blood'. In my opinion, my mother was seeing the reflection of this, the betrayal of Jesus and the blood of Jesus is on our hands. To go a bit deeper, the woman, in my mind, was my mom. A higher self image, the self that already knows all the mysteries and sufferings she has gone through and will go through. The woman, her higher self was the only one with her at this field. To me, its telling her, this is what you have to work on, this is what you need to rid yourself of. It was a direct message to her to 'rethink' this. All the other times, she was with Michael and there was never sadness or fear, besides the idea that the feast told her, this was her last supper. If this was all so bad to her, dont you think she would be afraid of death. She has no fear of dying. She crying when she saw Jesus is no different then a mother crying when she sees her baby for the first time. And who are we to say Cheribs should be loving and took the word devilish out of context when she was clearly describing the Cheribs being 'devilish' like little children can be. If the only things the Cheribs can do is tell the truth, I dont think God would want them going around talking to everyone (especially to someone that is relaying everything she sees to someone still here on earth).

To me, the cocoons are extremely important. We read something similar to this in the book of Enoch. They seem to relate to reincarnation (to me anyways). What if you pass on, and the curious mind is so closed that you dont take interests in such a place of earthly living instead, you crawl into the 'comfort' zone instead of continuing on and exploring. Mabey you would just get reborn since you dont have interests in what is being shown to you, you shrug it off because 'its not what you thought it was' so therefor, cant be anything to you go to what makes you feel comfortable, like the chambers in this tree.

If you thought this was devilish, let me tell you, I saw the demon side of things when she awoke. My mother was non existent for several days. She was completely NOT HERSELF, hearing a voice telling her to do insane kill her self. Ill never forget seeing this, I was there for a whole day watching her tell me crazy things like the nurses had her grand children locked up, that I was in on it with the nurses, she would scream so loud that they were all trying to trick her as well as us. She pulled out all of her IVs, she swallowed hypodermic needles that the nurse left on the counter and the voice told her to take her IV cord and wrap it around her neck. This 'thing' that was possessing her did not want her to live. The anger was so real that whatever this was, it was pissed off severely that she was alive. I sat and ignored her all day, not giving this evil the time of day...before I left I told it that it had no power over me and it had no power over her. The laugh she let out was SO evil. This lasted about 3 days. Someone had to be there at all times because she was so out of her mind. If you didnt know her, you would of thought she belonged in a loony bin. But, this was not my mother. She has never been a evil person, she has always been loving and humble. Clearly, to me, after her telling me later about what this voice was telling her to do, I was convinced that this was a spirit trying to take her.

Who are we to say....what truth is. You cant truly say that its not truth, for you are not her. It can be truth to her and not to you. As we see, you see truths that we dont. I dont think its all black and white. In fact, its probably a color we have never even seen. Its beyond our concepts. Its beyond our ability to put spirit experiences into language.

And about people using the terms 'mabey' or 'possibly'-to me, this shows a humble person that does not dare say...I have all the answers. If the spirit is going to guide someone, its sure not going to come to the close minded individual that wont look at it when its right below their nose! Its going to come to the body that is willing to say 'mabey' and 'possibly'.

We are sharing an experience, if it doesnt sit right with you, then dont feel like its up to you to make everyone else think like you. This is what the Bible is so famous for. Putting God, in a box. Im not here to change religions or here to show others what has changed it for me. I think its been an amazing experience that very few get to have, let alone, are willing to share and open their minds to possibilities.

Your thoughts are very valid, and Im sure there are those who think she was being washed in the blood ect...she might even think this herself, being she has more of a Christian outlook at it. There is no need to grow, for all the answers are right there. I dont feel this is the way. I dont say I KNOW, I say I feel or I think....I dont know anything with any certainty. Who am I to say I know what it all means. I can speculate, but in the end, God knows I place it all in Thees hands.

posted on Oct, 9 2008 @ 02:05 PM
All I can is WOW ..

My mother had similar experiences with demons too while she was in the hospital out of it (on her death bed) ....she said demons were gnawing on her legs and tearing and ripping her skin apart ..she also said that the nurses were being used of the devil ..taking her meds ...talking trash to her while she was out of it etc ..My Aunt WITNESSED alot of this ..she even said she saw my moms legs look disfigured when my mom was yelling out that the demons were chewing on her legs ...(My aunt died just a few months later after this she also saw angels descending from heaven from my Dads hospital room where he died right after this experience so she was open to all the spiritual realm because she was also being called home soon after these two experiences that she witnessed ) my mom lived another year after this..Just so you know ..All 4 of us (My mom and me and my aunt and dad) ...came to the Lord at the same time and studied for many years together ...They are all dead now ..except me is pretty scary for me right now because why am I the only one left ...

While she was out and almost dead these demons were attacking her body she was in a place ..she said like above the world space ...with God ..
He was telling her stuff and she saw orbs of light just floating in space .. ..and he told her just reach out and pull them into your self ...when she did she said they felt like nothing but PURE LOVE ...and inner peace ..and she wanted to grab as many as she could and pull them in .....she couldnt even describe all that she felt without breaking down in tears of joy ..
She was told she had to return to earth and she did not want to ...but the Lord told her her work was not yet complete ...So she came back ..
She was a changed person after that ....
My mother passed a year after this ..but it had a profound effect on her spirit and I believe helped to prepare her for when she did pass ..

As I was listening to those videos ..when you mentioned something about Issacc ...I was thinking Issac possibly symbolic for those who will be GRAFTED back in to the fold ?before the end comes .... ......thats what came to my mind when I heard you say that Abraham was waiting for him ...and that he was still just a child ..

I have to tell you that those videos were PROFOUND ..and INSPIRING .
Thank you so much for sharing them with us ....

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posted on Oct, 9 2008 @ 03:12 PM
reply to post by Simplynoone

Thank you so much for sharing your families story here....I believe this is what we are supposed to do. If all the answers are in ONE book, then we wouldnt need to share this kinda stuff, but WE DO...God made us this way for a reason (curious minds, logical thoughts, phenomenal mysteries) what a mix huh?

I want to share something with you, this might not make any sense to you, but here is how I see things going on with my family. Some of us come as 'soul groups'...we kinda agreed in a way to come together to this world so God could work through some of us but really the work ends up effecting more then one person. Take for instance a childs death....that childs soul could be doing the works of awakening the souls that it leaves. Through the sorrow and pain, those souls might find God. My mother found God after loosing her first child. There are many that wont understand this, because for them, sorrow and pain is how they blame God for our sufferings. IT all depends on if you allow things to humble your nature. My mother has been sick along time, but, looking back on things, she sees this sickness as a gift, for it has humbled her in not blaming God for the bad things here. Our life is an experience of emotions. In this life, we have to except that some things 'just are' and 'so it be'. You have had the experiences you have had because it is exactly what you needed in this life, same as your mother and family. Its up to us to pay attention, God isnt going to shout down....'this is it'...we come to him out of a 'will', Thee will not force us in any way.

The whole demon thing is so new to me. I still dont know if I would call it satan or the devil for I dont like to give a name credit for ruining someone or leading them wrong. I dont know what I believe about the 'darkness' but there defiantly is something there that is not a energy of love and peace. It is very scary.

Isaac....I think you could very well be right. If there is another 'begin again' this could be looked at as another 'Adam', another 'mankind'. All the dark matter that gets left over that can not return to the 'light' lets say, gets compacted down into a single thing, partial, source, and becomes a new start. At least in my present thoughts, that is how I see it. I like how you describe it like a 'folding'.


posted on Oct, 9 2008 @ 03:53 PM
Wow! I never thought it would all come to this. If you really think I was unhappy or afraid where I was all I can say is I wish you could have been there or see my eyes. I always felt protected and so much love with me. The only place I was alone and afraid was in the field of blood. I don't understand what that vision means but it was important at the time that I experience it and see the lady on the horse. The cherabs were not mean. They were cute little things but child like in their manners very playful with each other. The mud hut WAS NOT IN HEAVEN! It seems to me I was in a greeting place of sorts. Where there were others waiting for me and others there waiting to move on to their other place to be. It was a very safe and restful place to be. There were angels with me all the time. Some in my room by my bed with there hands on my shoulders keeping me a peace. I don't know why I saw all these things but I feel very blessed that I was allowed the experience. When I saw Jesus, it was the most wonderful feeling in fact I can not discribe to you the "feeling" that I had there just are no words. He was so beautiful and so much love came out from his eyes. When he called me daughter I never felt that kind of belonging to anyone or anything like I did then. It all made sense at last. Even the reason for my fist child dieing. I don't know why I was given a chance to come back able to make that decision. I know how badly I wanted to push that gate open and walk through it but I knew I would not be able to walk back thought it. I am sure Jesus knew I would choose to come back for my family. I loved being a mother but being a grandma is a special love and those 4 babies are my world. I need them as much as they need me. I will be happy to answer any questions anyone has. I don't think I was special in anyway. I think my daughter had a lot to do with keeping me in 'this world' while I was traveling around and seeing all these other things. If not for her asking me questions about what I was doing and what I was seeing maybe I would not have tried so hard to fight. I don't know. Just a thought. Thank you for all your kind words and thoughts.

posted on Oct, 9 2008 @ 04:09 PM
we need to get you a neat avatar mom, Ill work on that....

posted on Oct, 9 2008 @ 04:32 PM
Hi Leo ...I absolutely agree with you about what we go through in this life and the reasons for it ...
I tell people all of the time that even a newborn baby death is for a BIGGER purpose ..and they just dont see the WHOLE PICTURE of why it happened .And how that one horrific event had a profound impact on those who were a part of that babys life (even for that short period of time) ...We should all know by now that life does not just revolve around ME >>>We are not supposed to live our life for ourselves anyway ..its about OTHERS more so than us even most of the time .....
That babys only purpose could have been just for those people who knew that baby (Remember the blind man ..he was born blind just for that day that Jesus used him for a miracle to show OTHERS) ..........Death is not something we understand very much and we fear it mainly because it is an unknown to us and because we are so human and physical ......but God doesnt view death as we do .
The body dies the soul does not the only thing those babys lost was their body (the vessel) that the Lord inplanted that soul in ...the body is nothing but a mere vessel for the soul ...and everything that happens is for a BIGGER PURPOSE that affects more than just one person ...

I found this all out when I look back on my life and why things happened the way it did even to me .....I see it all now ..then I could not understand what purpose was in any of the horrible things that have happened to me throughout my life time.... ..but as I look back ...It gave me a different perspective on LIFE ITSELF ..and how it all works ...and what the purposes are ...(Not that I have it all figured out yet cause I dont ) ...but God comforted me by showing me that it was what lead me to where I am in him today .......I learned love ..I learned patience ..I learned forgiveness I learned to be humble ..all from being beaten for years by one man ..and then mentally abused for years by another ..etc etc etc etc (Yeah I know I was stubborn and evidently needed to learn some things the very hardest way to learn it ) ... much has happened to me in my life time that I cannot even tell it all without writing a book or two .. ....those things even though bad things to me ...HELPED ME become this person I am today ..
And I am also not so afraid of death after all of that either ..
It is only my body that will die anyway ..during those beatings ..I actually left this body and had to see spiritually more ..(that is the only reason why I know what spiritual is even ) ...I learned to concentrait more on my inside than my outside ...that helped me grow in the Lord ...and helped me to get over this body and keep it under subjection ...(which the only way I could learn that was through those experiences I guess) ......for some people it may take a near death experience (I considered my situations with those two men as my near death experiences) One man tried to take my life literally ..the other man tried to get my soul ..since satan could not get me with the body beatings ..he tried with a soul beating ...(That almost worked too ) but didnt fact it was what finally got me out of it all once and for all ...after that second person in my life ..I RESISTED THAT DEVIL to the bitter end ...I resisted him being able to make me so weak I would die ..HE THEN HAD TO FLEE from me life has never been the same since I learned what I was supposed to learn through all of that ...My life is now very peaceful and no more wars between myself and myself at least lol ..(thats really what it was ..the war between the good in me and the evil in me .and that evil had to flee because the GOOD TOOK CONTROL with the help of ALMIGHTY GOD ..and the HOLY SPIRIT within me ..which I have had since I was younger ..but didnt quite understand any of it ..until I went through all of those things ..(I am not gonna say its all over yet because it may not be ) there is much more to come I am sure ..but I AM READY and now I am ARMED TO THE TEETHE with the WORD OF GOD in my heart and my SOUL in the LORDS HANDS 100 % ...I had to give up that rest of myself I held back from him ..before things changed for me ...(take note of that everyone) ................

I dont know if any of this made sense ..but I am a living testament that BAD things ARE REALLY GOOD things in disguise and it all does have A BIGGER PICTURE ...and affects MANY OTHERS ....(I know how that sounds but it is true ) ....

To this day ...I get many people at my door (yes God sends people right to my house ) .....who are going through alot ..and when I share with them some of what has happened to me and how I got through it and what I learned from it ..IT HELPS THEM so much it is unreal how what I went through has helped so many even 20 years after the fact ...

It just blows me away how God works ..and how things really are ...we only see through a glass darkly ...there is a HUGE BIGGER PURPOSE for IT ALL>>


posted on Oct, 9 2008 @ 04:45 PM
Hi Grandma *((((((((HUGS )))))))) you are so precious and I feel your spirit even from the puter ....

God reached out and touched you because he knew you would share it with others ...
This experience was for you ..but just like you said it is for MANY OTHERS as well ...your work was not finished ..and I am SO HAPPY you are here to even tell me ...I feel blessed to even have heard it ....THANK YOU FOR SHARING ,......

I have some more to say about the huts ..and the field of blood ..
But I will need to pray on it and think on it some more .
I had a dream once about a field and blood everywhere ..I have to try and bring it back to my remembrance ..maybe it is significant to help understand what you saw ..who knows ..
Could it be like in Rev where it talks about the wine press ...(maybe thats what it was symbolic of ) ......
The woman and her horse ..reminded me of that White Horse who went to CONQUER and made war ...and the Women reminded me the woman in Rev who was all adorned and beautiful but was a HARLOT ....*(which could be the apostate christians) ...
The hut place ...could be the paradise where Christ said the thief would be with him when they died that day ... ......where the souls go as soon as they die .
Remember the bible says those who died are sleeping ....wonder if it is a place for soul resting or something like that ..

Ok I will come back to this later ..


posted on Oct, 9 2008 @ 05:01 PM
Grandma I just came back to tell you that I believe you are not crazy ..We thought my mom was nuts for a while but my spirit just knew she wasnt imagining it ...and she wasnt crazy ..Far from it actually ...

My momma acted very strange after that so much so that she was in the spirit for like two weeks after her experience ..she could see things in the spirit more then than anytime in her life and it was ALL GOOD ...all LOVE and ALL MERCY from her for everyone ..even the drunks in her house she had to deal with everyday ....(it was for those drunks that I believe she had to come back for unfinished business..... (and she had seen angels many times before that experience) but this affected her in her entire being ...She could not even sign her name to a check for two weeks ..she could not talk or think about anything for about two weeks ..she felt love for everything even inanimate objects ..because of those orbs ...she grabbed and stuffed into her heart (Thats how she described it) ...
She even told me that she believes that in the very end (after all of it ) that everyone will KNOW and LOVE THE LORD ...(I am sure she was talking about way after the millinium) ...After those dogs (maybe those people are the ones who take that mark) ... who stand outside of those gates of the New Jerusalem have to watch all of those inside that gate ..and see what they are missing ..Who knows maybe God does have in mind that someday even they will want in that gate and be allowed in (Like way later in time sometime) ...who knows what God has in mind ..I know I sure dont ..

I do know though that he sees us all AS SPECIAL to him ...and he loves us all ...especially the lost I can see him allowing them to come to him someday ..somehow ......maybe thats why Rev is silent after the thousand year reign ..because there is more to come ..that maybe we could not understand right now ...............

posted on Oct, 9 2008 @ 08:10 PM
Grandma ..I was thinking about what you said in the video about Ra ..
And you know maybe that is one of the reasons why Jesus was sent ..there is really only one true GOD ..and people gave him so many different names through the centuries and as you said corrupted the truth by bringing in so many they called gods ..including man ...mangod like the men of those days thought of themselves . And all the mythical gods etc .it became so confusing God saw that he needed to clear it all up ...Which was ONE reason for Jesus to come as he did (Besides all of the other reasons etc ) ..
And that is why God says there is NO OTHER NAME under heaven by which men can be saved (JESUS) is his name other words ..toss out everything you have ever heard about this god and that god etc ...this one ALONE is HIM mistakeing this one because even satan trembles and fears even at the NAME JESUS > other name under heaven has any power to be any kind of god ... but that one ..JESUS CHRIST >...because all power has been turned over to him THE HEIR OF GOD ..the only begotten SON JESUS CHRIST .....

I remember that dream now about the field .
It prob. doesnt have anything to do with your experience but here goes ..
Many people were in this field it was almost dark out ...and there was this huge plow and someone with a sickle in their hand ....there were lots of people dropping and rolling trying to get away ...and get under the fence to get out ....(jumping over the fences wasnt an option for some odd reason ) ..the plow was running everyone over and chopping them to pieces the guy with the sickle was chasing those who were trying to get away .......anyone who would drop and roll quick enough and roll far enough would make it under the fence on time and be spared ..and a few did make it under the fence ...most did not ..they were not paying attention and it would plow them right over was a real bloody mess all over that field .......and I was watching it from a distance ...the end ..

Not sure what that was all about sounded sort of like in Rev with the sickle and the reaping ...

posted on Oct, 10 2008 @ 01:05 AM
Sometimes, our mind needs to be open enough to allow a personal experience to show us things. Sometimes, a personal experience can mean more then any book or idea.

You have added that here, how much your mind is open, how much you are allowing the spirit to come to you without limitations or boundaries. You are shining a beautiful light....more people need to do this. We shouldn't underestimate God in thinking he is done showing us things through ourselves!

Thank you for adding your feelings and thoughts and personal experiences. TY!
You shine light where it is having trouble shining in so many people. They have this idea that God can only be certain things. We need to find ourselves not worthy to KNOW all of the works of the Almighty. I think others really need to ask themselves, if God comes to you and tries to show you something that might be 'out of the box'....will you listen, will you pay attention. OR, are you going to say, it cant be God because my book says certain things.

We are in between ages, Jesus came in between ages. He came at the beginning of Pisces. We are now on the cusp of in between ages again. I find it possible that God is going to be working through people, once again.

People are always so sure of themselves. You show, that God is so magnificent, that we should be careful to think we KNOW it all. Leave room for possibilities.

To others-if its Satan your worried about, misleading you, have faith in the fact that you can tell Satan every have no power over me. Have faith that if God is in your life, you are protected.

Peace to you and yours,

posted on Oct, 10 2008 @ 09:25 AM
Hi Leo ..
I appreciate your kind words ..
I see your sort of anti bible ..and I can see why alot of people would be ..but I consider it my daily food is my directions persay ...I keep it in my heart so that I might not sin against God ...even the word says it was written for our example I take that to mean that it is just as necessary as listening to each others experiences those men had experiences too and are relaying them to us through the word ...I believe I am reading their diary .....and it is food for thought ...they knew the Lord personally and I want to know what they learned from him ...and what he was like etc ..since I wasnt there myself helps me to learn as much about Christ as I can ..without just sitting here making up my own ideas on what he was like and what his messages were about ...and what the meanings of them were ..
I have a really overactive imagination ..and I do not want to just depend on what I think ..because what I think most of the time isnt even the way it really is ....I could be adding what I want or taking away what I want and end up in believing somethings that may not even be close to the truth ...
So the word is my GUIDE ,My example,spiritual food,inspiration ..etc ..

I was thinking about that outside of the box statement ..I do try to think outside of the box only because I try and keep this in mind .
2Cr 3:6 Who also hath made us able ministers of the new testament; not of the letter, but of the spirit: for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life.

I try and look past just the literal reading of the word (The letter killeth) and look into the spiritual meaning of the word (The spirit giveth life) ...
Although I also believe some of the word is to be taken literal ...I also see that over and over again the word says ..Hear what the spirit is saying ..

But I also believe if you get too outside of that box ..your opening up another can of worms and can end up making up your own ways ..(and remember our ways are not Gods ways) ....
I know alot of people who have taken pieces of every belief and ended up with something WAY OUT THERE ..making up their own ideas (which may or may not be correct ) .. ..and you then become too open for deception ....

I have many dreams ...and they come true ..but one thing I have noticed ..none of my dreams are CONTRARY to what the word says ..
So I believe without a doubt the word of God is the truth ...

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posted on Oct, 10 2008 @ 09:31 AM
As far as satan goes ...I used to believe that satan could only manifest himself through other people he wasnt a real spirit to me either for many years .
Until one night I actually had to wrestle with an entity that wasnt pretty ..and wasnt loving ...and wanted to tear my face to pieces ...after that experience I believed that satan was as real a spirit as God is and could manifest itself all by itself without needing a host (a person) it did in my room that night ..

It was pretty darn scary ....
Even though I know am protected ...I am no longer naive about it ...

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posted on Oct, 10 2008 @ 10:12 AM
I totally respect that you stand behind the Bible. I really do. My path although has been different.

I dont think we are imperfect and I dont feel God is wrathful. There is a shadow to the light, which chaos originates. It is not of the light. The light is all loving, having no capability of harm, wrath, judgment, pride, envy, jealousy....I think its sad that we picture God as this judge who is punishing us and who has blood on his hands in the OT. For what ever reason, my spirit says, this is not the Most High.

No where does it say that God gave a list of books that he wanted in the Bible. I believe, that these new thoughts in my heart is what brought my mother to her experience.

With that said, I respect everyone on their path. I do fear though, that those who place blood on Gods hands, could be gravely mistaken. The old serpent is every so sly, I wouldn't put nothing past him....for he will try to deceive the masses in Gods name. The only time we see a name for God is in the OT. I find this very dangerous.

My best and respect,

a soul shows its vine by its seed...your seed is loving and humble...


posted on Oct, 10 2008 @ 11:20 AM
Thank you for sharing this. All the news is bad, most of the time anyway. Its these stories that are so needed. My faith was self given, or Spirit given. My family was split between Christianity and atheism, and my branch scientific, mathematics, atheistic mainly. But I used to think about things deeply. Without having the words to put it, I could feel that it took just as much faith to believe in the magic of the universe existing from nothing, with life,or soul a secondary whimsy, as to believe soul was primary and the "rock" or matter secondary. Now I see it as one and the same, all the energy of the universe, intelligent and God. But I was led to Jesus around 10, and felt the presence of God in his words, and a few scant passages in the bible. I read the whole thing, and the God who depopulated an entire planet and told them to kill the women and even babies of the lands they conquered, is not my God. That guy is made in our or ets, image. I knew it when I began reading the bible at that young age.
But Jesus is a different matter to me. God Him/Herself will have to take him gently from me if She choses to, if She feels I need to grow up. But theres no person or et that will do that.
I've always been on a spiritual journey. And I've had so many daily blessings. Sometimes even when I'm very angry at God, and many years I was any time I heard of any tragedy, particularly befalling a child. When I ranted and raved at God, She wasn't angry. That surprised me. Once, falling into a sleep state I had a vision of myself leaning against a stone wall in a highway tunnel, right near the exit. The sunlight was almost at my feet. I was looking very upset, and stubborn. The words came to me, "We have to agree to disagree. Now, I want you to pick yourself up and walk along your path." I thought was pretty funny, and definately wouldn't! Then again, the same words. This time, with an inner unfolding of what it meant. Number one, note that God wasn't authoritatively ordering me. He/She was telling me that if He/She was me, with my knowledge, She would feel exactly the same way, and renounce everything too! No, the means don't seem to justify the end. No, coming up with all the pat answers the priest and believers repeat so they can go to sleep at night after a disaster is not how God feels about injustices either. They are tragic! That my feelings were understood. But that there was something else to it that I didn't know yet...
The irony with that vision was I walked down my path into an abusive relationship. But in the end I have grown, I guess. Another small moment was when my son insisted he wanted a pair of red running shoes. That year, they weren't popular, weren't in the stores, and I didn't really have the money for the new shoes. For several months he asked. Then mysteriously a bag appeared in my door, with a pair of beautiful, dark red suede bootie running shoes, roughly one size too large, so he wore them for over a year.
I knew right then that God loved us so much, not just to force is into hardships and lessons, not just to have crumbs thrown at us, but loved us so much, that the desires and joys of our hearts were noted.
Many moments, and this despite me being a new age, gnostic, my own kind of faith, lover of Jesus, who will never accept anything ugly associated with Creator God. My grandmother had a dream years ago, that all the people from the nations were being processed in a huge grinder by the cooperations and factories of the world. Not God's winepress, but the coorporations were grinding them into pulp in big shredders. She knew that even if the devil didn't exist, they were devils and if they had any faith, it was to worship him.
I'm aware right now, that if we're here, we are meant to teach our children to love, and to help others to love, and show another face than the world's face. We have to be here for the disaster ahead, to be here for each other.

posted on Oct, 10 2008 @ 11:29 AM
Well hello Grandma, and welcome to ATS. Hopefully the moderators here will try to keep the trolls and disbelievers away from this wonderful thread.

We can choose to believe you, or we can choose to believe something else, different from what you saw. Personally, there are no details of your vision which do not merge with what I have read, including the idea of RA being connected to true worship of Christ.

I am wondering if you have talked to anyone else like a pastor or friends about these visions and if you can share with us what they said? Also I am curious to know if prior to this you maybe had previously associated Egypt and the sphinx with paganism or non-Christian practices? How has this affected your knowledge of Jesus?

Thanks very much for your answers, I believe every word you said, and I have also felt that the hand of the true Creator (or his agents, as in your vision) is like a lion's paw.

Sometimes when I close my eyes and I feel a connection with truth, I feel a paw against my own hand, and I can feel the claws lightly touching my wrist. It's an odd sensation because it's "all-in-the-head" of course, but I feel that the hand of God, aka, the True Creator who loves us, would be both soft and dangerous, like a lion's paw. It is as if to remind us in that moment that all of Nature (which is what felines are a part of, of course) represents the correct and proper "fear" of God. The same fear we would have of a lion who allows us to approach or even holds out its giant paw, though we know it won't kill us. I feel this is one of the ways to properly see the true Creator. Does this make sense in relation to what you saw and felt?

Thanks very much!

posted on Nov, 12 2008 @ 01:34 AM
mystiq, simplynoone, smallpeeps, thanx to all of you. I chose ya'll for my friend list because i want intelligent people on there for every subject i am interested in, and when it comes to things spiritual, you guys are my adviser board! you help me in my understanding of spiritual matters, and your enduring patience and understanding of others is refreshing.

posted on Dec, 14 2008 @ 05:54 PM
I can't believe I didn't read this thread the first time around.

I checked it out but never did read the content or watch the videos.

After chatting a bit with the OP this afternoon I decided to come and take a look and am very glad I have done so. Perhaps it wasn't time to look at it the first go round.

And Grandma, if you are reading this I would like to say Hi and send you a belated welcome to the board.

I noticed your posting a couple of days ago, taking note of your sig and the fact that you are the only one using the Grandma screenname!

Glad to know you better.

Okay, I am off to watch the videos. After my earlier conversation with the OP I am convinced of the legitamacy of the content of the videos and am grateful for the opportunity to share in this what I would deem a very important family circumstance and shared vision of sorts.

I find it extra interesting that Grandma had lost her first son at birth or early on in his life and that according to EP (leovirgo's bro) that the first son was part of this experience as well.

And one last thing.

G-Ma, what has happened to that Avatar? If you still need help with one U2U me and I can try to hook you up with someone that will help you!

posted on Dec, 14 2008 @ 08:22 PM
reply to post by Enigma Publius

Enigma Publius I added you a long time ago to my friends list ..I enjoy your posts and I thought the same thing about you ...
I learn from you too .

After rereading the thread ...I noticed I sure am long winded ...sorry I talk so much lol ......

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