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Diagnose Me

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posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 01:37 AM
Hello every one this is my first post on above top secret. I’ve come here looking for answers about myself. I come here to ask members of this community who are more knowledgeable than my self to diagnose me. I need to know if I’m just plain crazy, special or if everything I speak of in the paragraphs to come is just coincidence. Before I start though I would like to throw out some odd facts about myself and my family that may help you understand me. I have rarely shared these experiences before with anyone until now for the fear that people will think I’m crazy. So sit back and enjoy a good read.

First off there is a history of occurrences with the date March 29th in my family. My mother’s father was born on March 29th and died on March 29th. My fathers, fathers sister was born on March 29th and died on March 29th. If your following me you guessed It I was born on march 29th.

My great Aunt who shared the same birthday as me I only met once. I remember my father and the rest of the family saying she was kind of crazy. I do not know the medical term for the condition she had but it basically was a thing layer of skin that covered her face.(my father called it a vail) I only met her once when I was younger (a story I will go into later) and do not really remember what she looks like. My father told me that my great Aunt could see things no one else could and could predict things that happened in the future. For example when my dad’s father died my great Aunt who lived in Ohio at the time was sitting on the chair in a room with her daughter and told her daughter that in 5 minutes one of my other aunts was going to call because her brother had just died. I guess her daughter did not think anything of it until the phone call came not five minutes later. It was shortly after this instance that I met my great aunt. I was around 5 at the time and I was at my grand fathers funeral. (the one she predicted) All I remember is standing with my father and my great Aunt coming up to me and saying to my father Robert this one is special. Then she put her hand on my face and said I can feel it in you. Your like me. Since I was so young I was not really freaked out about it but it more or less confused me. My fathers reaction was to just kind of play along with her and walk away. Later my great Aunt approached my mother and told her “there is something special about that boy” meaning me. A year later she passed, on March 29th. My great Aunt also told her daughter that she saw a light glow around me.

posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 01:38 AM
My freshman year of high school it was discovered that I was 80 percent deaf. The doctors did not understand how I learned to talk and etc. Before finding this out I was back and forth to doctors due to the fact that my grades were never well in school. Well it turned out it was because of the hearing loss. I have had reconstructive ear surgery 7 times. I can read lips. Three of the times I had surgery there was a infection called a cholestiatomia in my ear that basically would have killed me if not removed. The infection ate away the three bones in my inner ear called the ocolies.

When I was little but old enough to talk. My father said I would sit in bed at night and have conversations with people yet no one was in the room. I guess he never really paid any attention as to what the conversations were about. At one point my parents were considering having me talk to a priest because for some crazy reason they thought I might be possessed. Now my father has said this seriously in the past but also has claimed he was only joking about the priest part. So I don’t know if that is 100% true.

Well now I’m 28 years old. A lot of things I can not explain have happened to me in 28 years. Not going into specifics unless anyone is interested here are some of those things.

-In the past I have had dreams at night where shortly there after they would come true

-I remember my first bad dream as a child vividly but can not explain it. There are no people in it only dark shapes, time does exist, I feel it is a moment that will come in reality that evolves the fate of millions of people. I can not explain it though. It is like nothing practical to myself as a human.

-For a male I’m extremely emotional. When someone one around me is in pain I feel it as if it were my own.

-When friends, family or even people I don’t even know are upset I know the reason. While talking to them I’m able to feel what they feel inside and often times have told them about things that there is no way I could know about them. The tones of these conversations are always positive. Everyone I have ever done this with is amazed and leaves the conversation enlightened and on new path.

-When my x fiancé became pregnant with my son before she was showing. I could sense and knew she was. I felt the presence of two. It was not a planned pregnancy and the day she was going to break the news to me before she did I told her I already knew that she was pregnant. I had also told a few of my close friends I thought she was.

-I do not consider my self religious or non religious but when I was younger I led Pope John Paul through the streets of Baltimore City to memorial stadium. At one point he placed his hands on my head looked me in the eyes smiled but did not say one thing. It felt like a strong non verbal communication in my body and head.

-When I love and things go sour I fall hard to the point where it affect me physically. In the past I have experienced panic attacks and I do have a mental illness of anxiety.

- I have dreams that reoccur of me leading people into a shelter. The sky is grey and the feeling that we are being hunted or something really bad is happening over takes me in the dream. There is a religious theme in this dream.

-Before or when something goes bad or wrong (not always) I get a ringing in my ears like a warning. This has happened all my life.

- My cousin who is into Wicca and three other people I have met have mentioned seeing blue orbs around me when we have discussed Wiccan beliefs in the past. I’m not Wiccan though.

- I get feelings not visions but feelings of things that are going to happen. Last year no one believed the Giants ad a shot of wining the super bowl I don’t even like the Giants but I told everyone at my parent’s house the Giants were going to win and was able to give them the exact score. Of course embarrassed that they would think I was crazy I played it off as a joke.

posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 01:38 AM
Two weeks ago I had drank a few beers at my parent’s house. I was on the porch talking to my mother and father at night. I think I felt comfortable telling them this because it was so dark out but I told them something really bad was going to happen in the United States and that I did’nt know what but that before it did the economy would collapse.

I could go on and on about things that have happened in my life, situations like the ones described above but I feel I have said enough for now. Hopefully some readers will be more knowledgeable than myself and explain myself to me. I feel like I’m crazy because of all of this. Reading some threads on this site though as made me feel as if this is the proper place to discuss this though and possibly learn.

So my question to ATS members is :

1. do you think I’m crazy?
2. do you think there is something more and if there is can anyone help me control or learn more about these things?

If anyone has any questions they would like to ask me please feel free to? If anyone wants I can go into more detail or give other examples of things.

Thank You for reading

posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 01:49 AM
p.s. if anyone has a better spot for me to poast this please let me know

posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 02:07 AM
Hi, lightinthedark33

Welcome aboard.

A very interesting story indeed, I don't think that you are crazy, maybe you just have a special gift?

Would be interested in what other information you may have on possible future happenings. Whether bad or good.

Cheers, Fox.

(and good luck!)

This thread will end up being moved by the mods, so don't worry. (they enjoy their house keeping duties, though they grumble about it.

posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 02:14 AM
Welcome aboard. That was a great intro.

1. do you think I’m crazy?
2. do you think there is something more and if there is can anyone help me control or learn more about these things?

1. No, it doesn't sound like you are crazy to me.
2. I think there is something more and that this place is probably as good as any where you will be able to find someone to help you.

I think you should spend some time in the paranormal forum, because it sounds like you have some borderline paranormal ability.

posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 02:18 AM
Thank you for responding. I was afraid my ost was goig to get burried.

Anyways i really don't know how to make it happen where i sense the future. I know for some reason tonight i'm really shaken inside. I normally go to sleep at 10 p.m. Eastern time but could'nt tonight. I don't know why but i'm getting the feeling something bad is going to happen. I felt this before coming to ATS tonight and when i got here was reading all the Octoer 7th stuff. I can't say October 7th will be when it happens what it is or where it will happen but it feels as if it will be soon.

Also for the record October 7th is a meaningfull day in mylife one that already contains upsetting memories.

While these feelings scare me i also feel as if what ever is going to hppen will happen as a result of mankinds choices to abandon our morals and brotherhood. I feel as if something bad is going to happen to everyone just not one place though.

I guess we will know if i'm crazy in the next month or so...

posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 02:20 AM
reply to post by Karlhungis

Thank You i will go there because if this is something more i want to get a handle on it. Learn about it.

posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 02:28 AM
What a fabulous story!!

I don't think you're crazy,and here's why. Crazy people don't know that they're going crazy. You've shown a distinct awareness,and that pretty much proves you're sane. Sounds like you've got gifts my friend. Don't be afraid of them,try and zone in on them and practice using them for good. Meditation is a very good way to help you concentrate on your gifts. Because that's what they are,a gift.

Oh,and incidently,I think shows like Heros and Fringe and X-men,are priming the normals for people like you.

Welcome to ATS


posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 02:51 AM
reply to post by lightinthedark33


Welcome aboard and thanks for posting your story. It is said that ESP is developed as a child as a survival tool which may to be so in your case.

The premonition of a financial collapse is nothing new. Next week the DOW will likely drop below 10,000 which will cause many people anguish. I wish I could say that there is nothing to fear but I will say: do not let the fear run your life. There are many people like you worried about what the future may hold, you have to get past that initial fear.

What is currently happening is merely a consolidation of wealth and power by the world elite.

If you have further detail about what you feel to be future events please post them here. There are many people here willing to listen to even the craziest story.


posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 03:07 AM
Welcome, I have moved your thread to here in the paranormal forum where i hope it will gain much more answers for you,

Very interesting life you have led and i think quite a few people will be able to share events that match yours,

Your not crazy thats for sure, Im still reading
so i will get back to this once i have read it all,

posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 04:29 AM
reply to post by lightinthedark33

It seems to me that your abilities are latent, bursting through into your conscious mind when there is a triggering event.

As such, I think whatever potential you have may be untapped and unharnessed.

Have you tried meditation, or active concentration to try and see into the future? Give it a shot.

As to whether you're mad or not, who knows. Clinically speaking this sounds like a case of paranoid delusions infused with megalomania; however if you are a functioning member of society do not take any medication unless a doctor advises it! After all, we are all mad to a certain extent... (myself included

posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 07:43 AM
You do not seem, from this post, to have any of the signs of "crazy". From your post, it would seem that you are empathic, and have precognition.

Dreams with a "religious feel", huh? Who would have thunk it?

Acts 2:17 (King James Version) And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:

posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 02:11 PM
Thank You all for responding to my post.

A few people mentioned meditating. I do not know how to meditate correctly but have tried before. Normally everynight before i go to bed i lay myself in the most comfortable position possibleand just try to feel whats around me. Nothing extraordinary has ever happened and i usally do this for about thirty minutes before falling asleep.

Wether or not my experiences have anything to do with religion i do not know.

What i ask from this community is to help me at least get a grip on this. I have come here to learn the best ways to learn about this. Learn how others have become able to some what control and use gifts like this.

On the record this is something have thought about for years nowI do not believe i'm special rather someone who god, science or the unkown has allowed to utilize much more of his seses or brain power then most. I do believe everyone has this in them but if they ever experience it or not has to do with who they are individually.

Thank You i look forward to hearing more.

posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 04:23 PM
reply to post by lightinthedark33

You are not crazy, but clairvoyant. Man, I am almost jealous.

posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 06:49 PM

Originally posted by Acidtastic
I don't think you're crazy,and here's why. Crazy people don't know that they're going crazy. You've shown a distinct awareness,and that pretty much proves you're sane.

I'd challenge that - from having worked in Mental Health for over 13 years and currently involved in crisis/provisional assessments, Mental Health examinations etc.

While it's certainly not uncommon for someone who may be becoming unwell to not posess much awareness of it (and tends to be more so in the more psychosis based disorders) - it is also not that uncommon for people to also certainly be aware that their 'grasp' may well be slipping.

Like anything to do with Mental Health...there really seems to be more *grey* areas than any real clear cut black and white.

Not saying the poster is crazy - heck, if thats the case then coat me in icing, bang a candle on my head and call be a I certainly get a bit of where they are coming from...


posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 07:28 PM
so what should i do. is there anyone out here who has been where i'm at and was able to take control of it? Make it usefull even? You will have to forgive me i will not be familure with many terms such as ESP and etc.

If anyone needs me to answer anymore questions about my self that could be helpfull in you helping me i'm more than willing to? ask away

posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 09:20 PM
just giving everyone a heads up i do not have u2u currently when i achieve it i will message you back. please continue to converse through this thread till then.

posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 09:34 PM
...interesting that you mention the Aunty with the 'viel' face...

...much of what you speak of, feelings, knowings, seeing/hearing, prediction etc...all in my peoples (NZ Maori) terms are pertaining to those amongst us we call MATAKITE (pronounced 'Mar-tar-key-teh)

...might be relevant, might not be...worth a read the base of it is a link to the next page 'Matakite as a Healer' which gives a bit more understanding of Matakite...


posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 09:52 PM
reply to post by alien

what was intresting about my Aunt to you please explain? have you heard of this before or know someone who has the same condition?

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