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Is Ishmael actually the son of Eliezer of Damascus?

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posted on Oct, 5 2008 @ 05:03 PM
Is Ishmael actually the son of Eliezer of Damacus?

I have some curiosities that maybe you all can clarify for me.

First, I have studied the Bible endlessly, I do not feel that it is all what we think it is.

When looking at current affairs in the world the enmity between the descendants of Abraham's sons leaves me with the notion that how could brothers by different mothers hate one another so completely?

How could such epic hatred exist between Jews of Israel, who are of Abraham and Sarah and Isaac, and Arabs, who are alledgedly of Abraham and Hagar and Ishmael?

Now let me ask some what ifs.

What if Abraham was not Ishmael's father. What if Hagar was already pregnant with the son of Eliezer of Damascus when she laid with Abraham?

When Abraham and Sarah were in Egypt they lied to the Pharaoh about Sarah not being the wife of Abraham. Pharaoh took Sarah as a wife and brought down God's wrath upon himself. What if Hagar (Pharaoh's daughter), in order to exact revenge for Abraham's lies, decided to lie to Abraham and pretend that Ishmael was his son, but secretly knowing that Ishmael was the biological offspring of Abraham's butler and servent Eliezer of Damacus; with the intent that Ishmael would become Abraham's heir?

The whole of Islam rests upon the notion that Ishmael is Abraham's son, Abraham is credited with the rebuilding of their holy house in Mecca and many other things. If it were ever found out that Ishmael were Eliezer of Damacus's son is their a limit to the catastrophe that the entire Islamic religion would face?

If it is indeed the case that Eliezer of Damascus is the Father of Ishmael, wouldn't the learned men and leaders of the faith protect this piece of information at all costs including war? Jihad even.

posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 08:56 AM
hmmm....wonder where you came up with those curiousities and what ifs

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