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Here is the NWO plan as I see it. what do you guys think?

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posted on Oct, 5 2008 @ 12:28 PM
I would first like to say that this is my first post, but over the last few weeks I have been getting Ideas off this board and doing research through other "non-fringe" sites on the net. Well after doing this for about 4 weeks non stop, here is the results.

As well all know the bailout passed, which put America further into debt to the Federal Reserve. It also gave even more power to the people that run it. These are the same people that caused the great depresion, when they pulled thier money out of the banks. Nothing new to ya'll. In 1929 it took one month for the colapse of the banking system. Now picture today's world were this can be done with a few key strokes, were talking a matter of seconds. for the sake of timeline the 7th of OCT.
This date is also talked about on this board as the coming of Aliens. Well stored at FT. Chaffe Arkansas is a chemical weapon known as B-Z gas. This nerve agent has been tested for the use of counter-insurgency forthe vietnam war, along side of '___' and other drugs. When mixed with moist air this nerve agent has a half life of four weeks. The effects of this gas include mass hallueinations and disorientation. after 20-96 hours the personnel exposed fall into a deep sleep for up to 3 days. After which they awake with no lasting nerve damage. all of this information can be found at the center for disease control. It is important to note that there is no civilian detectors that can show B-Z gas is present and it is odor less and non painful when asorbed by the skin. It can be deployed through many methods, including, spray tanks(airplane) or through MARS smoke generators(vehical mouned). It only takes 1 Week to bring the final stage of B-Z, which puts us at 14 OCT
Durring the climate change from summer to fall, every place in the US has a high level of humidity, a perfect tme to deploy this gas.
The highest level of humidity right now is the southeast region of the US, oddly enough it was also the site of the "gas shortage", i put that in quotes because at the same time as the "shortages" Yahoo was running an article on how the demand for gas was down and bloomerg lists the price of gas at 88 dollars a barrel, as a aposed to the 100+ a barrel in the last few months. Now if the entire southeastern US was hit with a gas shortage, how can the say that the demand for Oil was down? My thoughts on that are that the southeastern US was the first people in the History of this nation to say F-U we can make our own nation. The current Government knows this and was trying to keep history from repeating itself, by limiting the movement of people.
OK thats were the plan comes in, you have a large number of people who now can not get at "thier money", or are seeing Alien space craft, or both. Thanks to Civil Disturbance plan 55-2 the goverment can put out that were are under martial law, and round up people and put them into FEMA camps across the US. For those familiar with the camps, they have a highest number in southeastern states. all of these camps were under renovation in the last 2 years, and all were WW2 internment camps. For those that think that these cames are just AMTRAK maintenance yards, ask yourself this, were are the broken trains? And why does and train yard need a wind sock? All of these facilites are traintrack equiped and have paved areas large enough to land a CH-47.
So that brings us to why?Why do all of this work?
What better way to inject a chip into people, and to issue the ID cards, then to round everyone up and issue them after re-programing is finished.
You can blame Nerve agent on Terrorists, and that FEMA is steping in to help with the de-contamination process, and you may even have people go to these camps be thier own will. the time it would take to make all this happen: the end of NOV 2008.

[edit on 5-10-2008 by peacefulwarrior]

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