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My rant on why Ufology gets no respect

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posted on Oct, 5 2008 @ 11:57 AM
These are some of the reasons why I think ufology gets no respect. They are not in particular order, and I expect many true believers of some of the aspects to flame on me.

1. Channelers: These are people who have entities/aliens "enter" their bodies and talk about New Age stuff. Another words, people who can change their voices and act. There is a thread about a person who channels Bashar (or whatever the name). I saw the video and started laughing so hard at one of the most terrible acts I had ever seen in my life. The audience was cheering, and that saddened me. Many people on the board believed this was the real deal.
News flash: Omni did a report on some of the more famous channelers in the 1980s. The reporter caught several of the channelers practicing their voices and acts. When Stephen Hawking refers to us as weird, this is no help.

2. Contactees: Billy Meier, need I say more? Even George Adamski is making a comback, and his aliens were from Venus. I guess science doesn't matter when it comes to this phenomena.
There are several now who claim telepathic communication. I don't know what to make of that, but at least they have not shown a picture of a Sears catalog model and claimed her to be from Remulak.

3. Abductees: This is a difficult one, since the people who claim to be abducted in their bedroom are sincere. The only evidence is hypnotic regression, and many of them are lead or expect to have an alien encounter. Don't get me wrong, as I believe the Hills were abducted. But what convinced me of that case was the physical evidence and the rarely talked about Pease AFB radar confirmation of an unknown object in the same area at the time of the abduction. I find it interesting the skeptics never mention that. I just have a hard time with millions of abductees all around the world, with no other people seeing a craft or any other type of evidence.
There has to be a way to figure out what is sleep/hypnotic or neurological. One of my suggestions is separate the bedroom abductions from the ones during the daylight or driving. Then separate them again with those that have other witnesses or trace evidence (implants help).

4. Whistleblowers: These are people who have allegedly worked with aliens in Area 51, Dulce or pick the secret base. While they have interesting stories to tell, they often contradict themselves. Some say we are working for the aliens, others state there are no live aliens, but we have crashed wreckage and bodies. If someone tries to ask a question, they are labeled a disinfo agent. The biggest problem is not one of the have a shred of evidence, and when any paperwork is produced, it is quickly shown to be a fake. Bob Lazar's W-2 form should of come from his contractor, not the military. The military pays the contractor, the contractor pays its own employees. No one has called him on that because they want to believe him so badly.
The other problem is they sound so sincere, and many do have good military records. I am a veteran, so I can't be criticized as bad as a non military person. I still won't attack the individual, but I would like to see something tangible when they talk. I usually file all of them as interesting and worth a look, but not to be believed until further evidence.

5. New Age/Religious part of Ufology: This is a touchy subject, but almost all the sites out there have a New Age message. This is not a bad thing, but when one is trying to find out what is true, these sites tend to not be large on fact. Many people believe the UFO gurus out there like a cult following. If one states one thing bad about these type of people, one gets attacked almost immediately. I have even read people stating they have faith in UFOs, and believe it no matter what. I am a nuts and bolts kind of person with this phenomena. I want to prove there are aliens who visit us, be they from planets and or dimensional beings. After we find out about that, then we can exchange philosophies.
One thing about this if a guru is Christian, the aliens are Christian in nature. If one is New Age, the aliens are New Age in belief. If one is atheist, the aliens are atheist too. The aliens will reflect the belief of the guru.

These are five things I have thought of, and will put more as I think them up. I do wish ufology would have a meeting of the minds and figure out where to go from here. For all those who claim to know or have the truth, why don't you share with the respected researchers, or invite Stephen Hawking over to change his mind on the UFO phenomena. If we can get a super genius on our side, then the rest of the world will start taking us seriously.

posted on Oct, 5 2008 @ 01:15 PM
reply to post by kidflash2008

Who says Ufology gets no respect?

There's more going on in Ufology than ever before, there are more people researching it than ever before, it's getting more TV time and internet buzz than ever before, presidents and congressmen are coming forward saying that UFOs are real....

posted on Oct, 5 2008 @ 03:18 PM
I would say about 1/3 of the abductee stories are true, simply speaking from experience.
My abduction happened at night in my bedroom, there's physical evidence for what happened to me, I have some permanent nerve damage from my abduction.


posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 11:16 AM
reply to post by jimmyjackblack

At least you have the physical evidence to back it up. I do believe in abductions (the Hills), but I also get wary when people say they were asleep at home when it happened. More research needs to be done on the abduction theory, and there needs to be less hypnotic regression. I think Bud Hopkins has started more on the physical evidence part of the abduction phenomena. Here is where he stands out from most researchers in that field.
Dennis Kucinich was laughed at when he made his UFO cliam. Big name scientists call UFO researchers the tin foil hat crowd. The subject has no respect, and will not get any real respect from mainstream science until it cleans up its act.
There are many sites devoted to UFO research, but the vast majority are out to sell books and DVDs. The claims made by some are laughable at most, but it is the claimants who are laughing all the way to the bank.

Most people want answers, but it seems they stop looking if a reasonable or down to Earth explanation is found. That should not be the case, but too many people want to believe whether the evidence supports ET or other phenomena as the answer.

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