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So... Who's Going to Join the Zeitgeist Movement??

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posted on Nov, 5 2008 @ 05:50 AM

i was really thinking about ZG and all the implications
of change.

Thing is, you have to stop for a sec and place yourself
in the world, and realize that black sheeples (us) scare
the hell out of the common ones.

We are living the bradbury nightmare.

Everytime i try a friend of mine to watch any material,
they say they dont have time and so on...

We live in a society thats practicing finger pointing, but
no one leaves the sofa, or TV, or god damn youtube to
correct things.

"Protest? For what? You want to go to prison?"

We learned the 'delegate way' of doing things.
We externalize problems, just like corps do.

We see the poor everyday. They are a constant reminder
of what happens when you boycott everything and isolate
yourself from society.

Sure we can gather people and go the hills, produce our
own food and energy.

What happens when our computers break?
What happens when our light bulbs need replacing?
What happens when our toilet paper runs out?

If we go to a 'test city', we will be something like
neo-amish. I was a very found of the idea, but outgrow
the monetary system means that we have to reinvent
everything, become self sufficient in everything so whe
dont need to go back to the city because 'we are out of ..."

I see the pattern in Asimov 'Fundation' books. RBE can only
rise when the MS falls.

Its time to study, learn things and gather as many engineers
as we can into a net of contacts, just like Terminus, so we
dont loose our technology to build a RBE.

Its time to stop posting in youtube and go secrecy.
Its not that everyone doesnt tryed, its that no one wants
to listen.

ZG was excellent for us.
For us.
It was a good point of start the debate.

Dont waste your time on sheeps.

Im very angry today, so you can see..

posted on Nov, 5 2008 @ 07:39 AM
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posted on Nov, 5 2008 @ 07:39 AM
double post delete please :-)

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posted on Nov, 5 2008 @ 07:39 AM
Im with you LOL.......................rock on. I'll help for freedom, International Freedom. :-) This certainly could be the extreme yet public new International Ufo/clean energy movement [maybe], but as soon as they say the word "suicide" im out. Fight for freedom. This isnt about "UFOS" but clean energy. We couldve been solar powered. Think Tesla. Who cares about them [if involved in ufo disclosure]. Clean water. They know what they are doing to alot of humans souls, they dont give a crap. They have an underground train system[proven], Ufos [proven] the speed of light, poision our water[proven] and ignore it and much more crazy things then the terrorists that they label.

Matrix them like the movie swordfish, each damn base and we all get all the information we need with a team of "removed for certain ideas on ats"

If your rich , middle class or poor. Support a new clean Earth. Make a difference before you die! Do something lol!!! wooooooo

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posted on Nov, 5 2008 @ 08:34 PM

posted on Nov, 6 2008 @ 09:45 PM
Q1) Would it be possible for you, as an insane human being, to imagine a fully functional social system completely different from the actual system?
A) I obviously think yes, you could do that and nothing can stop you from altering what you think is real and is making sense to you in this very moment.

Q2) Now it would be posible for you, as an insane human being, to even try to imagine yourself living in such a system and also act in that way in order to satisfy your conscience whether or not it is a choice of your own free will?
A) I have no doubt about it, the answer is yes.

Q3) It would be possible that suddenly all the human beings become insane and no doctor could imagine how sanity looks like?
A) Hmmm...maybe yes, but we wouldn't be us anymore.

The point is that in order to implement a different logic into the same system you have to eliminate the old one. And that, in human terms, would be called brain washing.
Now it's clear what it is to be done in order to succed, but are we sure that everyone will get his brain washed? We are definitely not...

posted on Nov, 7 2008 @ 03:03 AM
About me and my Utopian intercourse I would like to clarify:

The winning or loss of the zeitgeist can be divided between 2 extremes,

The retirement of people in an inactive Utopia and its opposite, the building of an active procedure able to create a self-sustaining system.
This is a paradox, both extremes are present in the zeitgeist I think but the goal that should be the principal aim is the positive one.....and about my hellish intercourse I would like to say to those that maybe are retiring in the inner of their minds....dont fear it, you maybe are living in a ton of bull# but its a natural intercourse of the mind.


posted on Nov, 7 2008 @ 03:24 AM
could all the sheep keep moving along please your blocking the entrance.

zeitgeist 2 was just another bull# story yes they made good points about the monetary system but like all good dis info mix bull# with a bit of honey so we can eat it all up.

do you really think people that have been in power for hundreds of year and who control the world military naval and air force are just gonna let a bunch of tree hugging hippies change the way they do business. wake the hell up. jesus what the hell do u think is going on here? u think we have a choice in anything? we are slaves the only choice we have what products to buy. you try to walk away they will hunt u down and destroy you. economically or physically.

why do u thing free energy hasn't come out it never will!!! you think these guys at the venus project have some magic power thats gonna allow them to do this. u think that if the people of the world see the venus project doing what they claim they can do there not gonna say " hey we want that cool stuff too" ? and then start asking the government questions? do u think they havent thought about it? do u for a moment think that with all the power and money at their they havent created computer simulations with computing power so far superior to anything we have to see what the outcome of certain activities will be?

are we that naive or blind of so full of hopes and dreams that we cant see the horrible truth? that we are screwed WAKE UP we are in a dream world this is all a game to them. our lives mean nothing. its just entertainment on a planetary level.

supernatural phenomena
all these things and more are tools to keep us distracted while they move us around on the grand chess board.

the big question we should be asking is where is all this heading?
whats the end game and who is the ultimate controller?
but there is one thing i know, and that is we cant do a thing to stop it. but your more than welcome to try. im sure they will be laughing about it all the way to the bank.

posted on Nov, 8 2008 @ 01:51 PM
reply to post by Shocka

This movie is more scarry than our present situation and what we will be enduring in the near future, status quo.

To take The Creator out of the mix and turn technology into their religion is nothing short of the work of HaSatan.

No intelligent being can possibly believe that this earth and the heavens were created out of some primordial soup. To believe that one could also believe that a bomb went off in a junkyard and when the smoke cleared there sat a Boeing 707, running and ready to take off.

The scarriest part is that this is so full of truth, other than taking Yahweh out the picture. We do have the technology to accomplish all that this movement portrays. It gives a wonderful picture of Utopia.

But to deny The Creator is a death sentence. I do not understand why we could not accomplish this WITH Yahweh as the Elohim of all.

I am not trying to endorse any 'religion'.! I do not believe in 'religion'. For, if you break that word down to it's roots, you have 'many-Sun gods', Re is the Egyptian Sun-god, and 'ligion comes from 'legions' or 'thousands'.

The Scriptures as our Father gave them to us, is not a 'religion' religion is of 'man'. Christianity is nothing more than the melding of 'many' 'pagan' religions together. Judaism became 'pagan' while in Babylon. We all (should) know, that Islam was also 'created by man' in the 6th century. And 'allah' is not the same god that either the christians or Jews view as god. The truth is that The Creator is not the god of any man made 'religion'. The true Creator is Yahweh, and the 'world' killed His earthly manifestation, and slapped Him in the face. The true followers of Yahushua, Yahweh in the flesh, were not even part of the beginning of the christian movement, they were expelled from the Council of Nicene, and shortly thereafter were hunted down and murdered by the 'church' almost to extinction.

But there are some (true followers of Yahushua), like the Apostles of the Messianic Writings, who have existed since the 1st century, and are now beginning to grow and the 'True Faith of The Father, Yahweh and His Son, Yahushua is re-emerging and what He has in store for those who will follow the Truth of the whole of Scripture, both Old Covenant and the Re-newed Covenant. Thise who will return to The Way, The Truth, and The Life, keep the true Sabbath Day and keep the Torah as given by Yahweh. What He has in-store will make your version of Utopia look like nothing was changed at all.

The ending of 'Addendum' was very effective, I fear, as I felt as I was being manipulated and it was almost an MK-Ultra moment. I also felt the clear presence of Satan in those final moments of the movie

If you really want 'truth' check out; and some of the links from that website. And you too can have the real 'Utopia'.

Fear not what this world can do to you!! But FEAR what The Father in Heaven can do!

Merlin Fields

Not neccessary to keep me anonymous, I am a warrior for Yahweh and I wear His full armour, at all times.

posted on Nov, 10 2008 @ 03:34 AM
I think that the major flaw of christian religion is considering this world, a sort of middle-earth between the skyes. We are devine as God is devine, but we are faulty and God is not. I really would like to shout it loud to the christian world that this universe we live into IS Hell, and theres no other one, and its because of God's Love that we live here only for a limited amount of years. I feel this in my heart and Its because I believe in the Coherence of God that I shout it here. Theres no corruption in Gods love but theres corruption in religions.

Paolo Pietribiasi

I bear the sword of reason and I wield it any time my passion inspire my arm.

posted on Nov, 10 2008 @ 03:43 AM
I think that the major flaw of christian religion is considering this world a sort of middle-earth between tha skyes.We are devine as God is devine, but we are faulty and God is not. I really would like to shout it to the christian world that this universe we live into IS Hell and its because of God's Love that we live here only for a limited amount of years.Its because I believe in the Coherence of God that I believe it deeply. Theres Corruption in religions, not in God.

Paolo Pietribiasi

I bear the sword of reason and I wield it any time my passion inspire my arm.

posted on Nov, 10 2008 @ 06:53 AM
reply to post by TiM3LoRd

TiM3LoRd, if you need a big hug, just call man. You prob need it.

We are six billion.

We are the majority.

We make the wheel spin.

No elite, no system, no military can deal with all of us.

We must break the sheep mind prison.

Any new society should be about emergence and symbiotic with ALL of us and our planet.

The future is bright, but we are the ones who get to do the hard part.

Let all go: materialism, religion, political and military.

The system must failure and collapse.

Dont support this insanity anymore.

Dont support scarsity and paid slavery.

Again: the system must failure and collapse.

How can our [future] children live free?

Save the person you love, by showing the truth of this insanity.

We are the same. You and me, and everyone else.

Change is coming. No need of fear mongering anymore.

posted on Nov, 10 2008 @ 04:05 PM

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posted on Nov, 10 2008 @ 08:26 PM
I'm with Paulsim and pbot on this one; I've studied both Zeitgeist films in depth, read Achayra's book (which is great by the way), and cross-referenced with every possible 911 media clip available; studied Aaron Russo, G. Edward Grifith's work..

I was struck by the sincerity and calmness of the former 'hitman'; I've also taken in more of his lectures; Hicks and Carlin have been my top 2 comedians for years; studied everything by Maxwell, Tsarion, and others.

basically, this whole combination resonates with me strongly; it is critical to understand the interconnectednes of the seemlingly separate subversive institutions, and the Zeitgeist films synthesize that understanding well..

as for the Venus Project, I'm fascinated by its ideology, and hopeful that 'we the people' can survive any cataclysms, collapses, and criminalities that may be imminent, such that we can truly evolve into what we were born to be..

I'm in -- I signed up early; just waiting for the updates..

posted on Nov, 10 2008 @ 11:08 PM
"Also why does Zeitgeist totally do away with Religious knowledge, instead of teaching us the truths that are in Religions, yes we all no they aint perfect, but what about the truths that are there within?.

No, so Zeitgeist, essentially is telling people to discard sacred and ancient knowledge, and not try to understand its truths?."

No, the truth is there is no Jesus Christ or God above. You can't say there are "truths" and "they ain't perfect". Then ask yourself WHY aren't they perfect? And if it there can be a better truth, then you should do everything in your power to search for it. Don't just except what the bible has to say out of blind submission. There are values and morals to be had in the bible, but the people and places involved are based on fiction. There are no archeologists that can tell you Jesus existed or performed miracles. Christians believe the earth is 10 thousand years old and dinosaur bones were put there to "test our faith".

posted on Nov, 11 2008 @ 03:22 AM
...and if I could say something to England or Scotland I would say

"Shut up and dance!"

which is something beautiful a beautiful girl once said...

posted on Nov, 11 2008 @ 04:03 AM
Idealogically Zeitgeist was great.
But idealism isn't everything.
And if you think about it realistically, the entire Venus Project is completely stupid.
First off, the one big beef I have with it is this:
If you eliminate money, who allocates who gets the better goods, living situations, or front row tickets to see the next up and coming band?
Money was created on the basis that there is no fairer way to distribute goods without having some dictator decide who gets what.
In a world with no money, every single house that already exists is going to have to be torn down and replaced with living structures that are all exactly the same in size, or else a world without money will not be fair to everyone, and people will get mad, and revolt.
I live in a nice house, and I know that in a world without money, everyone would want to live in a nice house like mine.
But there simply aren't enough nice houses for everyone, and if you eliminate any type of money then who gets to decide who gets the better houses, like mine?
It will turn into a survival of the fittest environment - if you are stronger and can take over the house, you win!
Same goes with the tickets.
If I decided, 'hey, I want to go see that new band'
In a money free society, who decides who gets the front row seats?
I want the front row seats, but so does Sally and Henry and Gabe and everyone else.
Human beings, although inherently good, are not selfless enough that they would just selflessly give up the front row seats to strangers.
Obviously not, or else we wouldn't be in the situation we are in with finances.
Money comes from a distinct need to create fairness. If the money system worked, then everything would be fair because whoever had the most money really did earn it all and deserves the front row tickets.
Now obviously life doesn't work like that, and I am not saying that people who are poor deserve it. That's completely illogical to say and I don't believe it.
But what I am saying is that in a world with the Venus project, where there is no money, then whoever is strongest will get the best stuff, and the weaker people will get the short end of the stick.
Unless you tear down every house, create every single product exactly the same for everyone, and somehow manage to get everybody in the world a front row ticket to their favorite band, then the inevitable Survival of the Fittest happens. This is why money is so important.
The problem with money is that it's not fair anymore. But that's not money's fault, that's the Fed's fault. We need to get rid of the Fed, but we can NOT get rid of money. A world without money is primitive and does not create the fairness we all wish for.

Now on to the idea of a world without laws.
First off, the whole thing about "why don't we just make it impossible for cars to drift into the other lane instead of making it illegal"
That's such a stupid idea.
It's deskilling us so that we won't even have to think about what we're doing.
I personally would rather be thinking about driving the car than to not even have to worry about crashing because honestly, life is about thinking, and in a world where our problems are fixed by technology is a world in which the human intellect is completely insulted.
And besides, what about laws against rape and child molestation?
Does anyone really believe that eliminating money is going to eliminate the humans innate want for power, which is what causes these crimes in the first place?

I could go on but I am running out of room. Basically, I just think that the Venus Project is a stupid idea, and won't work.

posted on Nov, 11 2008 @ 05:45 AM
reply to post by difsjf

You know, all the things you said are valid and are my concerns aswell.
Now, there is a single phrase that sums up what everyone in VP are showing in the end:

"Outgrow the monetary system."

New cities will be built.
Resources will be shared.
People will be invited.
Food and housing will be sustainable.

"Outgrow the monetary system."

You can stay in your gifted house any time you want, but how long can you pay for that house in the monetary world?

You see, the whole thing is change, not take out your goods.
Everyone will be invited.

posted on Nov, 11 2008 @ 07:05 AM
reply to post by RobertPaulsim

You talked about city, so i though write little about city of my design.

I have tought great idea to create huge city where we live and up we entertain ourselves or do new designs or so on, or just live. Underground city is safe, because its underground. If meteorite strikes up there, nothing happen to underground city. If huge waves go to upper areas of this city, nothing happen underground because water can't come in. Sure, upper areas of the city what is not underground are maked safe too, could we say, waterproof city. Everything is very hard structrures. And because of we need food, food is growed underground. This city is not like Resident Evil because that is scary, so inside design there is wood at the walls to make comfortable. Or hologram walls where is wood what really is not real wood, only hologram. Those walls can be changed different colors if needed. But automatically it changes daily different design of picture example or something. But whole structure is heavy steel to make it hard structure. Earthquake is sometimes problem, but because very heavy and hard steel structure, making whole structure safe. Because you know what rocks doing to earthquake. Stabilizing earthquake.

How we live. Ok, we using underground places only to surviving and so on, eating and so on. Upper areas what is not underground, those areas are on the ground and there is city kind too, but there is all what we need to recearching, enjoying, living, entertaining ownself and so on. All what we need. Underground we have own rooms what we can give others if we moving to other city living. So, my first priorities is safety. Rooms are very shielded and waterproof of course. Every room has its own plants, if in emergency times you need to lock yourself in the room, like if something bad happened and can't do nothing, so you can eat food what is grown in your room, if you can't go middle where is plants and everything growing. Those middle growing plants section is waterproof rooms what is steeled. That room doors are allways locked and they can only opened manually. With hands, so it will secure at those middle room plants will be safe.

Those plants what growing in your room, are in garden. Every room has garden section, because underground there is much space that kind. But because of space, that garden is under the room section where you coming first from front door. Every room has its own electricity, so if something bad happens, you no need worry because that electricity maker is in your room. Of course there is 5-10 electricity maker plus too, because if that one goes down, you need to change it. But if those all 5-10 electricity things are broken, you can say only, oh crap. Of course for that, there is thing what you need diving, if water came in. Of course room have 2 doors, so if you need to dive, you open your room first door, then go inside, close the first door and open next door, so water can't go your room. Then you can check out or ask your neighbours do they have any electricity things left or did they use all of them. Waterproof radios are best thing in these situations. But because we have phones, that makes more easyer. You can ask that question before you go diving. But that was maybe good educating about my city, what i build if i am alive and if we get this zeitgeist movement complete.

Mostly i am interested building spaceship and start travel to star to star with laser cannon and high shielded spaceship. Actually i am interested using saturn ring asteroids and using them to build big death star like moving spaceship. But not so stupid designed at if you shoot one rocket one place, it blows whole spaceship to pieces. I don't know what George Lucas though when he designed his own dream of death star. Actually bad guys are allways low level in designing anything, like bad guys are with this monetary system slowing down our evolution in the stop. Like we see, we are stupid with money. If we crash money, ok, we come more intelligent because we start thinking things more freely without competition.

Now its like: Hey why you copying my thing and sell it more. HEY STOP DOING MY DESING, i have patent for it. What the? I doed it first you idiot. What, you? Yes me. Ok, you must be very idiot because you didn't buy for it patent. What you said? YOU DIDN'T BUY PATENT FOR IT FIRST. Ok, me, sure, you are just jealous to me so you copyed it very much from me. What the heck you talking about, you saying i copied it but you copied my, i did it first. Hey stop talking like that. I call police to get you in jail because you break the law of patents. What you talking about, am i breaking laws? Ok, let's settle these things, i give you money so you can desing something other. NOOOO. Hey i am just trying. IDIOT, i don't want your money, i want sell my design but you stole it. Hey i wasn't that who didn't buy patents for it first. HEY YOU, I WILL KILL YOU, IT WAS MY LIFE, i doed that design just because i thought it, it was good to sell, but YOU, you came up to these plans and you ruined my life, YOU idiot. Talk to my hand, ask him to can you do this design if you don't have patents for it, nananaaa. You breaking my patience, im soon breaking in there. POLIICEE, there is violent person or terrorist of something. Wait there, i coming there. (Closing phone)

Next day in the news about person who died. That one who killed him is anonymous. Normal day in capitalism world where monetary rolling all the way with tires. (You know money is moving place to place in the trucks or cars example.) Sometimes its digitally. Digital money is easy to made, its just numbers. Paper too, but it need little resources, but paper is easily maked, so much paper money then. Much paper can be maked in a day. Much money to paper can be printed in a day.

posted on Nov, 11 2008 @ 07:52 AM
reply to post by Silenteye

Its a scam. Think for yourself people. Letting these types of groups dictate the way they think it should be, be all agree to disagree. Never ever going to happen, do something possitive today. Help someone who needs help.

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