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What would you propose if you had the power to fix our country?

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posted on Oct, 5 2008 @ 03:01 AM
to those who corrupt others by means of bennefitting themselves for and or jail all greedy poeple in and connected to the government and put them all in the general populous hard core jails and let the populous there deal with them. stop the buisness money train, if you scratch my back i will scratch yours. meanning buisnesses that do write offs for kickback bucks from the government. this money is your tax dollars meanning they stealling from you and give this money tax dollars to high officials in buisnesses so they in turn give some of this money to lets say a congressman for his cause and make him more rich. how about all the others. a congressman who built a small airport just so he would have more conveiniance to do his job in congress. what a bunch of bbbbssss. pork belley spending, earmarks the list goes on and on. congress writes laws for them to get away with highway robbery of your tax dollars. sending money overseas to contractors to build something up to make it better for looks on a cnn camera. 85% of your tax dollars goes to some money thief to do other co vert ops elsewhere. when is it going to stop. america is like rome and it fell due to the same crap going on in our offices in congress now. why we have no govt, it is a mob state of corruption. send all congress people to fight front line wars, let them earn the right of passage. but first, get rid of all of them and start over. how do the buisnesses help you with these bucks , do you see any money , no. the theives just keep borrowing from china until every man woman and child owes so much that china will make all us citizens endentured servants to pay them back. you dont think so america, well wake up. oh and china, they think they will get paid back, not. congress will suck em dry and when they want the money back, we say no they say war. and give you all kinds of lies why we went to war. you know , 911 this is our govt in its fine est mob greedy thieves to say and do anything to fit there agenda. nixon, im not a crook, yeah whatever nixon. america is really tired of all of you in our govt and if it does not cease a revolution is at hand to close you down. so, start being for the people, not for you. if i were president i probably would get shot. if i had true power and protection to keep it id get rid of most of the sick laws and people in congress out . set up a way for the people to have a say what goes on in their govt and where monies spent.

posted on Oct, 5 2008 @ 03:19 AM
Reverse ill-advised legislation and Re-Legalize Cannabis as a viable industrial plant.

Its use as a fiber, fuel, food and medicine would revitalize the free marketplace.
The boon to the economy combined with the tax revenues for the Federal Government would improve the quality of life for every American citizen on a personal level, but also society as a whole.


posted on Oct, 5 2008 @ 10:17 PM
* Provide tax incentives to any company doing research into alternative fuels and even bigger incentives for a company who creates a synthetic fuel that does not create harmful emmissions. It should be made from renewable sources at a price inexpensive enough to pass the savings on to every American at the pump.

Rationale- Free America from the grip of foreign oil and lower the price and availability of fuel so that we are no longer dependent on gas, plus

* Begin the process of bringing the troops home within 30 days and planning the pull out to occur within 6 months to one year.

Rationale- The Iraq war has drained the economy of funds better used to stimulate it's recovery. The Iraq war hasn't done anything for the American people accept cost us lives, money, and resources that this country needs refocussed on home soil.

* Begin an audit to account for every penny spent on the Iraq war.

Rationale- Since there have been reports in the media about troops being inadequately equipped to fight this war, that makes it apparent that a large portion of the enormous funding alleged to be used to fight this war is paying government contracts, such as that of Black Water Corp. That is making Bushe's government contract buddies rich at the expense of the American economy.

* Only rase taxes for people who make $250,000 or more per year and use that money to create an "economic stimulus package" and cut a check for every tax paying American with a job that pays less than $250,000.

Rationale- I think it's fair for the rich to be the ones to fund such a package, since they often take advantage of tax breaks and incentives the rest of us can't get at our middle class level.

* Append the 700Billion bailout package to have even stricter controls over the money, who has access to it, and account for every single penny spent. More congressional oversite is needed.

Rationale- Government waste of tax payer money is no secret. it's a fact of life. It needs to be insure that this doesn't happen with the bailout package.

* Start a recall of Sarah Palin as Governor of Alaska and do anything and everything to keep her from ever successfully being elected to any public office again.

Rationale- Listen to Palin speak for five minutes and tell me you're ok with her becoming the VP and potentially the President, in an emergency? We need to keep her as far away from any decision making process that affects anyone's lives outside of her family. In fact, if we can legally ban her from the mainland under penalty of arrest, that would even be better.

That's all I can think of for now.

[edit on 5-10-2008 by Mirlin11]

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