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AHAB’s Rant: Mods keep your fingers on the button

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posted on Oct, 3 2008 @ 03:15 PM
Today President Bush signed the bill into law in what I can only call an informal declaration of war against the American people by both the legislative and executive branches. It is evident that the judicial branch does not care one rats ass about the constitutionality of defiance of the expressed wishes of the people.

In another thread that has been largely ignored, I gave a legal solution of ballots over bullets by direct petition of you state’s governor to immediately recall the elected under a vote of “no confidence” and to hold a special election for replacement. In this thread I also told how to tell the banks exactly how to get bent.

Now as calls of revolt and violence are being voiced I ask for reason and decorum. There is time enough in the future for that. And when that time comes, I will give advice and direction for efficient strikes, weapons acquisition and other such necessities and rest assured I will there to plant the stake in the heart of the beast as we make our final push for victory over the enemies of the people.

But for now, I ask that we all stop the tears and lowered heads of defeat. While this was a victory for them, we must steel our resolve and set our focus on the war ahead. Bush had his War on Terrorism. And he learned from his enemies how to manipulate fear into a weapon. But with his pen strokes today, the War on Tyranny has begun. Our weapons must be intelligence against soft targets, unity against affronts and usurpations of powers not granted and the resolve and determination to see this through to the end. It is a war that we can not and must not lose for our existence and future tranquility are what is at stake. Yes, I admit that there will be bullets…let us save them for when they are needed most.

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