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Black holes in human brains?

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posted on Dec, 14 2008 @ 12:34 AM
Your post definately makes sense.

The way I see it is our thoughts, dreams and imagination exists in another dimension and when our material brain evolves or there's intervention by a more intelligent species it then gains access to this higher dimension of ideas.

The question becomes who are you? Who is the person sleeping and who is awake?

When your body sleeps you have dreams and when your body is awake your dreams turn to thoughts and imagination.

Think about your dreams, thoughts and imagination. It's not bound by the laws of physics as we know them. You can do things in your dreams like fly or jump off of a bridge, land on the water and walk to dry land. These things are not bound by classical physics.

So your body is 3-dimensional and bound by classical physics but your brain can access a higher dimension of ideas and this makes you self-conscious.

See, if science can't quantify it they just say it's a product of the material brain. This is blind materialism.

Consciousess, thoughts, dreams and imagination can't be quantified so the materialist say that these things must come from the material instead of the transcendent.

This is why I say science is in the dark ages accept for some out there. They have this view that everything must end in materialism when every experiment tells us that infinite transcedence is the true reality.

A black hole in the brain might act as an attractor of these higher dimensional ideas.

Good post.

posted on Dec, 14 2008 @ 12:47 AM
I'm thinking of dark energy and quantum physics. Black holes probably have a strong relationship with these anyway? If wormholes and blackholes are connected to a star, than we're all part of a collective in that regards. The sun may actually be feeding off of it's satelites or planets as if collectors for fuel. This might also explain things like the bermuda triangle. idk

When people are said to die and go into the light, it could be back to the closest source which is the sun or another similar energy.

posted on Dec, 14 2008 @ 09:09 AM
You might be interested to know about a dream I had as a child in which I had a glimpse of a day 15 years before I lived it, I was aged 9. I dreamt actually played with a gameboy before it was invented! When I reached 24 I actually lived out the day that I dreamt as a child. What was interesting on that day was my Kundalini was active and the energy and sensations I felt that day were just like everything was being sucked into my mind. I cannot be sure because it was like I was in a trance but on at least two occasions I saw the traffic come to a complete stop and everything just went quiet. Again in the bar later that day as I closed my eyes and my energy went inward the whole bar except for one person went dead quite and inactive for a few moments. Wild huh!

Being played out I believe were the dynamics or physics to do with time-travel, albeit on a small scale ie my consciousness and not my body.

So OP a black hole in my mind, yes it's possible and I have witnessed it. Nice one.

Another thought around the topic of black holes. This universe is layered from point zero outwards (the big-bang) right? Therefore somewhere out there must be a point zero that is still connected with our origins both big bang and pre-big bang. This place or entity (a possibility) would be the closest thing we have to the God spark from which the rest of the universe was seeded. Because everything started off from a compressed point ie a singularity, that which followed the explosion would have been a compression wave emanating from a single point in space imo most likely a former massive black hole. Speaking topographically because everthing expanded from this zero point that leaves a point that by definition must be whole and encompass a 360 degree structure. In other words if something comes from something the original something must have had structure down to a single point into which nothing more could be compressed. The centre of the centre so to speak. I call this the God particle and if it were an actual entity would most likely exhibit black hole type properties. They would be like a walking hologram from all angles (dimensionally speaking). Make any sense?

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