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Must Read: Hidden in Bailout Bill

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posted on Oct, 5 2008 @ 03:25 PM
reply to post by Darthorious

When it is legislated to deal without paper money or coinage, all merchants will be forced to comply by law. The only way you stop this is by abolishing the Fed and restoring to Congress the responsibility to provide a currency that is backed with tangible assets, such as gold and silver.

One thing that can be done is to read what is considered taxable by the IRS and learn why your wages are not. First, it is unconstitutional to tax wages, and second, the loophole the IRS uses in called "earning" which in fact your pay check is not. It is a credit/debit transaction which by definition is NOT taxable income.

Fix America

posted on Oct, 5 2008 @ 03:38 PM
reply to post by PhilltFred

I agreed with all that you say, except for the last sentence. I know that it appears to be fascism verses communism, but my opinion differs somewhat. both parties are actually fascistic / socialistic in doctrine. The fascistic philosophy is being employed to subdue all but the financial elite, the socialistic philosophy is applied to benefit the corporate agenda. I know that the projected image says one thing, but take a look at who really rules and what the ultimate goal is.

posted on Oct, 5 2008 @ 07:35 PM
reply to post by stumason

This problem began and is firmly rooted in the USA. We do not have the same problems here, rather our systems have been infected by Toxic US investments which have fallen in value. Granted, our boys in the City got greedy too, but the origin of this mess is America.

First of all, over 95% of Americans did NOT get mortgages over their heads, and are NOT in danger of foreclosure, and did NOT cause this problem. Less than 5% of Americans DID contribute to this mess. Yes, it is a mess, but you need to understand that the 95% of the Americans that did NOT contribute to this problem are now suffering. I don't have a mortgage, and haven't for many years, because I owe no one anything, I worked over 40 years, and instead of living high on the hog, I used what we could save after paying bills and our children's education to pay off our mortgage. Now, I look at my retirement 403B, and I realize that I've lost a lot of it, on paper.
What caused this problem? Well, a large part of it was caused by politically correct politicians that forced banks via legislation, to give loans to lower income people, with little or nothing down. Politicians like Obama, who seems to be a love child of Europeans. started this mess.
Will it get worse.? Absolutely. The polls seem to indicate that Obama will be elected, and we will all see more of this mess, and yes, much of the American public have NO IDEA of what they are voting for. There were many of us, on ATS here, that strongly supported Ron Paul, and still do, but the MSM ignored him, and when they couldn't ignore him, vilified him. Maybe you are not aware of it, but less than 10% of Americans voted for Obama in the primaries. Oh, you say, that's the American's fault for not voting. Wrong. First, with all of the candidates that were running in the primaries, the votes got distributed out to many candidates. Furthermore, in most states, like mine, you CANNOT vote in the primaries, unless you are REGISTERED as a REPUBLICAN or DEMOCRAT. INDEPENDENTS are NOT ALLOWED TO VOTE. To make matters worse, many of the states that OBama won, were caucus states, when only several thousand people caucus and decide who they like. It's too complicated a process to explain here, but you can google it and see for yourself. Start a new party? We have tried, but it is virtually impossible to get on the ballots for 50 states. The Democrats and Republicans control the election process, by a combination of petitions which are invalidated and exorbitant filing fees, have made that route virtually impossible.
Before you take your anger out on Americans, understand that we are the primary victims, and 95% of us did NOT cause this problem. However, it has been said, and it is true, that a "Democracy is a form of government where the majority have no say." A truer statement has never been made about America today. 90% of the American public did NOT want this BAILOUT BILL, but our Congress ignored us. Oh, yes, you say, vote them out. Sure, like there is REALLY a difference between Obama and McCain regarding the economic mess! They both voted for this treasonous bailout bill. Tweedledee and Tweedledum!

posted on Oct, 5 2008 @ 07:40 PM
ive closed my bank accounts, stocked up on non-perishable where can i get some gold bullion?

posted on Oct, 5 2008 @ 07:48 PM

Originally posted by Anonymous ATS
Do you guys have debit all over America yet? In Canada its completely nation wide, and almost nobody carries cash anymore (at least nobody with a steady job). The most common form of payment I see is completely electronic. Straight from the vendor to the bank, no cash involved.

I see this section of the bill as the excuse now to implement electronic currency in America.

Yes, but many people still prefer cash. Many don't trust electronic transfers. Cash is always anonymous and oftenm using cash makes you aware of how much you are actually soending.

posted on Oct, 5 2008 @ 10:45 PM
reply to post by Clear Thinker

Cash is always anonymous and oftenm using cash makes you aware of how much you are actually soending.

If everyone had your attitude, we wouldn't be in the financial mess that we're in now.
Keep that attitude! I applaud you.

posted on Oct, 5 2008 @ 11:00 PM
I agree with the sentiment that this paves the way for a totally electronic economy, no more cash.

This will also have interesting repercussions for illegal aliens who will need valid credit / debit relationships to be able to buy basic needs. In short order even the ticket home will become hard to come by without the system knowning exactly who and where you are.

We will all become absolutely transparent to those who hold the keys to the machinery. We will be "all watched over
by machines of loving grace."

To quote Richard Brautigan my favorite poet of the 1970s with only a sentence fragment which is taken out of context:

I look forward to the day where all banks and sellers display the following sign.

"Cash transactions by special arrangement only!"

The banks for reasons you already know, the sellers because the cash will become more hassle than the transaction is worth, to document where it came from.

[edit on 5-10-2008 by Cyberbian]

posted on Oct, 26 2008 @ 01:50 AM
This way they won't need a bank holiday, plus when the dollar crashes nobody will want to run to the bank to get worthless paper. The IMF has been asked to avert this crisis ,but since they are owned by the elitists I don't expect them to lift so much as a finger.

It's not fear-mongering when they have a pistol in your face.-P. Revere

posted on Oct, 26 2008 @ 01:55 AM
The actual amount of CASH any bank is to have on hand has been lowered to $25,000 once thats gone that is it; unless they have gotten other deposits during the day there by raising the amount of cash they have on hand.
I and a bank manager I know believe they are doing this to prevent any bank runs that would totally crash the markets if things get really messy.

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 10:57 PM

Originally posted by EarthCitizen07
reply to post by alphabetaone

Stumason is correct. The american financial system is dangerously reckless. They lend much more than they have aka leverage. Someone earlier in the thread said they can leverage UP TO 9 TIMES "their" holdings

Actually, that is partially correct. After the collapse in 1929, the banks were required to start holding 10% of their money, and could loan out the rest. So them greedy little gnomes started holding ALL of it, and 'only' counterfeiting 9x the amount they had. Previously, they no restrictions on the amount they loaned, reguardless if they had any at all. Greedy little... Anyways, that new 'arrangement' worked well, until last month. With that $700 Billion giveaway, the second attempt by our enemies in the Con- gress had a provision added, allowing the banks to do away with the 90% provision, and go back to freely counterfeiting, with no restrictions. Not even a facade of restraint.

posted on Nov, 1 2008 @ 01:25 AM

Originally posted by fixer1967
No cash would stop all but store and business trade. Now would you have a yard sell? How would you earn extra money doing odd jobs? Some much trade for goods and services need cash that by removing cash some much would stop the whole system would crash. The whole idea is crazy. I hope I am dead and gone when and if it happens.

In many towns yard sales are already being eliminated for the most part. In other towns people have to pay money for a permit to hold a yard sale, then some places charge taxes on what you sell. You have to keep records. I stopped off at a yardsale in KY and the town had them put their permit on display. Government is becoming more and more anti-yard sale and anti-odd jobs. The government wants a cut of everything.

posted on Oct, 2 2009 @ 04:46 PM
reply to post by Anonymous ATS

Same here. I went to buy some barbell from Fitness Depot and whipped out my cash, the cashier was like, "Whoah. Cash! Never seen that before".

That was weird. I haven't used debit since Feb. 2006 when my bank called me saying that someone had copied my card number and tried to withdraw funds but got the PIN wrong 3 times.

If I don't have cash to pay for something, I'll go to a bank (or machine) to withdraw cash.

Plus I used to have friends that used to run scams to steal debit and credit card numbers.

Never again.

posted on Oct, 2 2009 @ 05:13 PM
Now this is a backward way of imposing a bank holiday. The American people will not know just how far we've been screwed.

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