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Palin Appears To Be Wearing an Earpiece During The Debate

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posted on Oct, 4 2008 @ 01:07 PM

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posted on Oct, 4 2008 @ 01:10 PM

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posted on Oct, 4 2008 @ 01:15 PM
I noticed the earplug as well... Doesn't matter as, its all staged (as could be seen by them both reading their responses). The whole process is silly, a spin circus of BS. Any American who sits there and sees truth, honesty needs to go back to elementary school, or just give up.

They are all used car salesmen in the end, regardless on how attractive they may appear. The whole system is currently broken, offline, and not in our hands.

Let's look at a few key facts:

She did not answer one question, she openly spun every answer, which is ironic, because the true art of spin involves hiding the spin, not openly saying I'm going to not answer that, but I'll answer this.

What about her lies? I found it hysterical when she said Obama voted for this or that and it was wrong, when Biden pointed out that she stated lies, corrected her on what the votes were, and if McCain voted the same. Yet, she never responded to his claims. Isn't that a weak way to debate?

I would have failed debate in College, if I pulled the same things she did, but yet she may become Vice President for doing so. She failed in my eyes, and came off as an attractive clown. Winks should not win elections.

Regardless, I am shocked that people think she did a stellar job.

I watched the debate, and was almost certain that the media would tear her apart afterwords. I was shocked to see what could honestly be said to be more propaganda. The media's approval of this woman should be a key sign that she is very dangerous. The media has become so corrupted, that their push for anything should be a key sign of a problem, yet most are still asleep to that and listen.

Doesn't it make you wonder? Of course they liked her, because they all make over $250,000 a year. Key number to understanding whose for who. Anyone whose for McCain who makes lower then that, and lower then $50,000, what are your problems? Don't you get it? Your not in on the party thats being thrown, so go back to work and struggle, because that's what we are all going to do.

Our media is as sick as our current government, and "future" government. They all suffer from Corporaitis, a debilitating disease affects our country and world today. Fascism is the new way.

What shocks me are the working class people who watched this and thought, "yeah that's who I want for my Vice President, possible President." Really? This is what you want? Really? Another Bush, but in a dress? Really?

That may be your opinion and I respect it, but really???? Sometimes, I feel that all politicians should have to take lie detector tests and all voters should take intelligence tests.

I am not a fan of either party, nor their Candidates, but to say she stole the debate, well I guess that's key evidence of a population that lacks any true sense of education, and if that's the case I am starting to believe that America is dying if not already dead.

If these "mavericks" are our future, well then our future may just be our end. We do not need slogans, didn't the last administration prove that slogans are only good for bumper stickers, and nothing more.

Yeah... Drill baby Drill.... That's the answer.... ?!? Are you kidding me? Maybe for Joe Six pack whose too drunk to realize what that even means.

Biden may have come off as a prick, and he is, but in my opinion he won the debate, despite stumbling several times. He spoke to the middle class and working class, and warned us of what may occur if they get in, more Bush, the same things for another 4 years. He was clear, confident, and did not come off like a twit like Palin.

posted on Oct, 4 2008 @ 01:16 PM
As previously noted, this image proves the apparent earpiece is a trick of lighting...

Thread closed.

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