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Sarah Palin: Red Herring

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posted on Oct, 3 2008 @ 08:16 AM
Let wiki sum it up.

In literature, a red herring is a narrative element intended to distract the reader from a more important event in the plot, usually a twist ending.


This woman has absorbed so very much attention of the world. She's a spokes woman, a lobbyist, a red herring. Her inexperience, family issues (pregnant daughter), unusual choice as VP nom, and multitudes of "gotcha soundbites" alluding to some kind of deficiency has distracted the world and I, for one, am sick of her.

She was amusing for a while but the 'Palin Effect' is wearing off and her persona is becoming more and more like George W. Bush's, offensively stupid. People are accepting her for what she is, inept.

I just noticed Valhall's signature reads:

Sarah Palin's logic: $700 billion bailout to corrupt phat cats & greedy irresponsible homeowners = better healthcare and lower taxes. Oh, and she lives next to Russia! *

So it beggs the question, what is the "more important event in the plot, usually a twist ending" gonna be and why is the (very transparent) red herring still out there?

[edit on 10/3/2008 by Good Wolf]

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