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Palistine, There Struggle???"scarry"

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posted on Oct, 2 2008 @ 03:06 PM
I hope this is the right thread...
Let me start by saying I do not know how to use "External Source"
OK this quote is really old (at least before 1978..

"Our struggle has barely begun. The worst is yet to come. And it is right for Europe and America to be warned now that there will be no peace...The prospect of triggering a third world war doesn"t bother us. The world has been using us and has forgotten us. It is time they realized we exist. Whatever the price, We will continue the struggle. Without our consent, the other Arabs can do nothing. And we will never agree to a peaceful settlement. We are the joker in the pack."

-Dr. George Habash, Leader,
The Popular Front
for the Liberation of
Palestine (PLFP)

It may be old but the Palestinians are very loyal to there beliefs and if this holds true how will there ever be peace!!!????

Now im not one to say they are wrong ..I think everyone should budge a little (try to compremise??) but it is obvious that this wont happen sooooooooooooo...
What is our best hope for this resolve or do we just let them kill eachother off????(BAD IDEA)

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