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Fragile Earth Forum vs. The Anti-Space Exploration faction.

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posted on Oct, 2 2008 @ 01:20 PM
This idea came to me as a possibility for an Adult debate.

Point: We are seeing other nations investigating, and achieving LEO space flight capablities.

Point: Irrespective of National 'borders', or separate ideologies, we ALL still live on ONE planet, so far.

Point: The last several decades of USA politics have de-emphasized a focus on Space exploration, except for the barely minimal ability of NASA to launch into LEO, and use the "smarter, cheaper" concept of robotics, in lieu of manned missons.

Point: The Russians are using automated launches to the ISS, to help supplement provisions....since the US STS has suffered a few spectacular delays and tragedies, of late.

Outcome? Better cooperation, on an International basis.

We are all HUMANS, who, so far, rely on this ONE PLANET for our survival!

fake 'International Boundaries' are becoming obsolete....they are POLITICAL in nature, and we need to move beyond that 18th Century mindset if we want to prosper as a species.

posted on Oct, 2 2008 @ 01:28 PM
I fully agree.

However until we find a way to economically harvest the natural minerals and elements to suplement Earlthy raw materials to introduce a whole new industry, I doubt we will see any type of cooperation in space as your suggesting.

Simply providing hotels and orbital flights for tourists wont cut it. Basically space needs to be industrialized first, then expand outward from that since your going to need the workers and equipment out there to mine the minerals, and the workers need shelters, food, supplies etc.

Its a neat concept. But right now, as you pointed out, the mindset is still stuck in the 1800's of exploit the weak and plunder to keep rich is the primary obsticle. And of got military types who want to wage war no matter if its on a tiny out of the way island or in orbit around Omega-5. Eliminate these things and you got a real workable idea!!!

Had something like this began right after the Apollo program, I am quite sure our world would be in a far better situation than it is today.


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posted on Oct, 2 2008 @ 01:40 PM
reply to post by RFBurns

Thank, 'Mr.' Burns....

I WAS suggesting a unified approach....from every and ANY Nation who has the wherewithall....because it should be a planetary concern, and it should be a concern for the survivial of our species.

However, any of these considerations should be moderated by the concern for the less fortunate, on our planet Earth, at the same time.

Pooling resources, without International boundaries and intercine conflicts COULD result in betterment for all of Humanity.

I just fear, greed will rear its ugly head, and the idea will be lost......


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