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Warning !! This will make you think!!!

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posted on Mar, 24 2004 @ 09:02 AM
If you are going to mention the last 100 years as far as advancement, why don't you think about the last 10,000 (give or take) years or so?

Humans are arround for 4 Million years. Modern "Civilization" has only been arround for the last 10,000, what about the other 3,990,000 years? Civilization that we know about has only really existed for %0.25 of the total time humans have been arround. I personally think there was some outside force that spead up our development over the years. Wether you call it god, or aliens, the point to me is all the same.

I think you can thank the "mechanical age" for our recent advancement, without that, we would all be spending our time farming and hunting, instead of deep thinking and inventing. Now we are in the "computer age", well have to see how these "machines with brains" effect our civilization as a whole.

I think this trend is not going to slow down any time soon, unless we all blow ourselfs up.

posted on Mar, 24 2004 @ 10:41 AM
Think about this... Maybe civilizations existed that possed nuclear technology millions of years ago and had their civilizations end in nuclear wars that completed wiped out everything and anything that existed reformatting the earth.... All organic matter would have been elimated and forced to recompose itself starting all over from basic to advanced life forms.... In a universe where anything is possible you cannot discount anything because its the seemingly impossible that could have been possible!


Originally posted by Lysergic
"I believe that Earth was inhabited MANY times by advanced civilizations that had technology as great or GREATER than we currently posses"

1 question, not saying you're wrong or anything but this popped into my mind, How come there hasn't been any highly advanced tools found by us, that are beyond our own? You think maybe that they have been found we just have no clue as to what it is and write it off as just another ancient art piece?

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posted on Mar, 24 2004 @ 11:37 AM
I've thought of this often. Techincal advancement between the Roman conquest and the Renaissance (if you ignore Leonardo's flying machine concepts) was almost nil. Then came the Industrial Revolution, but if you think of it, we were still using steam power in late Victorian era. Its only recently (the 20th - 21st century) that technology has really taken off. Kitty Hawk first flew in 1911 (I think), followed by the biplanes and triplanes of the first world war. And 60 years later man was walking on the moon. Now we are talking AI, nanobots and cyborgs.
What caused this leap ?. Probably a coupling of man's natural inquisitiveness and the loss of Church power. Remember, Galileo was charged with heresy for merely stating what we see as scientific fact. Even as recently as the Victorian era, the church was holding man back (Darwin's theory of evolution was seriously attacked by the Church for what they saw as a modern form of heresy).

Basically, it was the Church teachings that held human evolution back for many years.

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posted on Mar, 24 2004 @ 12:03 PM
The catholic church definatly was a player in holding the advancement of man back. Ancient Greeks and Romans were incredibly advanced, then came Christianity and 1500 years of darkness. If the A-bomb was created 1000 years ago do you think we would be here today?

posted on Mar, 24 2004 @ 12:16 PM
I think that the spark of growth is simply a result of an exponential curve. If you think about it, the more technology we get, the better, faster and more technology we can get out in less time.

When humans first started out, we were at zero technology. It takes a long long time to reach the first step, but that first step isn't too big, so for the next step, it takes a only a little less time to reach it, but it's still a long time. But throughout our history, we finally reached a point 100 years ago, where the curve shoots up more and more vertically. For example, because of computers, we make new jumps and advancements SO much faster than if we didn't have them. So our technological level is a result of what technology we used to help get us there. Hope that made sense.

posted on Mar, 24 2004 @ 12:52 PM
The advancement of technology is clearly exponential. I don't buy the reverse engineering stuff, I know far too many people who are working far too hard developing brilliant new things every day to believe that the reason for our technological advance is alien technology.

Is it possible that we have reverse engineered alien technology, yes. Is it much more likely that we have engineered our technology ourselves, again yes.

Look for common technology to continue to advance at a phenomenal pace. If our technological advancement is exponential the rate of advancement will continue to increase. The reason this occurs is that each time we create something that allows us to do things we weren't able to do previously it opens the door to all sorts of new possibilities.


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[Edited on 24-3-2004 by Lukefj]

posted on Mar, 24 2004 @ 03:03 PM
I don't think it is an exponential curve as stated by SimpleTruth. It is just new step in our understanding of the world. By the time electricity began getting popular, steam and other machines were explored to their furthest extent. Sure, some modifications could be made, but for the most part, other technologies were exhausted and were advanced as they ever would become.

I think it is more of a parabolic curve. First it is discovered and only minor things are known and used this new technology. Then, it grows and grows and grows...then it starts to tank when nothing new can be done with it. Then the new breakthroughs are further and further apart...then we need a new technology.

The big question now should be what the next big breakthrough will be. I personally find that it will be more along the lines of using radiation or cold fusion for powers...not just a steam boiler for electricity...

I don't think we would ever see the phase out of electricity in our time...but I believe it will happen one day...

Just my opinion.

posted on Mar, 24 2004 @ 03:06 PM
One of my first posts.....

Ok... so I've been reading around the site... getting familiar with everything and all the different conspiracies... so one night i was talking about the greys... the invasion.. and the agreement for technology in exchange for abductions.... in a ET chatroom... and i started talking to this guy...He claims to have been recruited straight from college to AREA 51!! I will get more info about this but some of the things he told me were amazing. Here's just a little chat we had today. Take a look....
I changed the names just to protect the identitys...

Contact: nuttin just in the et room like always
Me: yeah im new to that
Me: glad I found it though
Contact: its the room I like the best
Contact: that my hangout
Me: yeah im really starting to like it too
Me: we got a lot of snow last night
Contact: I find it better that the other rooms ive been to
Me: around a foot or so
Contact: snow, I have walked in snow but it was like 1965
Contact: cool
Me: how old are you?
Me: i'm only 21
Contact: im [V] old, just turned 43
Me: but i've been reading all that (c) on abovtetopsecret and starting to open my eyes
Me: really damn
Contact: there are other sites
Contact: besides that one
Me: happy belated birthday
Contact: thanks
Contact: I guess
Contact: doh
Me: haha
Me: so you seriously worked at an underground base
Me: thats crazy I never thought I would meet someone that actually has done something like that
Contact: I was hired right from college
Me: it brings a lot more credibility to things
Me: you know
Contact: sure
Me: I bet you've seen some crazy things
Contact: they sent me to nelles air force base in las vegas for training then off to the base
Me: metals and electronics
Contact: I think I have
Me: thats crazy
Me: and awesome
Me: what were you thinking when you were just getting out of college going into this top secret stuff
Contact: I loved it, I never thought I would be in contact with stuff that I got to mess with
Me: must have been overwhelming
Contact: it was, im really into electronic, I didnt have a clue
Contact: I didnt know what I was getting into, I just needed money
Me: so they would just hand you things from time to time
Me: and you had to figure out what they did?
Me: and how they worked?
Me: yeah I see what your saying
Contact: I had to get clearance first
Contact: then I got to play
Contact: I got very high clearances, it was so cool
Contact: I was about 20 then
Me: so basically you got the technology that the "aliens" gave us in exchange for using us for abductions and genetic experiments
Me: so the story says
Contact: well, they put you into a group that is only involved with only a part of something, but as time goes by you get to branch out
Me: did you ever use your clearances to investigate other stuff that usual people werent allowed to see
Contact: it doesnt make much sense in the beginning
Me: right it was very secretive
Me: what branch were you in?
Contact: yes, I did a bit of looking around
Me: find anything cool?
Contact: this was not in the military
Contact: I was a civilian
Me: right
Contact: I went into some really cool secret stuff
Contact: into the basement
Contact: as it were
Me: how many levels were there?
Contact: I thought I would be killed by now really
Me: and the base that you worked at... was it s4? I think I remember you saying that
Contact: from what I knew there were 30
Me: yeah I know what you mean
Me: 30 are a lot
Contact: do you mean levels of clearance
Me: no levels as in rooms I guess you would say
Contact: there are levels above the pres
Contact: 30 levels below ground
Me: damn
Me: thats ridiculous
Contact: but we were not allowed that low
Me: how did you go about getting out of working at the base
Contact: the elevators were not like any I have ever seen before, some kind of magnetic levitation crap
Contact: silent and fast with some kind of inertial damping
Me: yeah i've read about that
Me: that the lights and all elevators etc were some kind of magnetic force
Me: powering it
Contact: there is no way we came up with it, I just dont think so
Contact: unknown
Me: wow
Contact: well, I coulnt go everywhere
Me: right
Contact: it dont look good
Me: so you just said thats it? and retired
Me: or were they just eventually done with you
Contact: well I moved on
Contact: you can only take it for so long
Me: yeah I understand
Contact: they can recall me at any time
Contact: I have been used at time since
Me: wow
Contact: I have been into electronics since I was around 7
Me: yeah thats pretty cool I love electronics too
Contact: I love it very much
Me: I remember you saying that you've worked on computers that we still dont have today
Contact: now im into real estate because electronics took a dump right now
Me: yeah good choice
Me: so you've seen computers back in the day that we still dont even have today?
Contact: thats correct, when I worked at intel
Me: wow
Me: what were they like?
Contact: im having trouble with my et room, no voice
Contact: who
Me: I cant believe we still dont have that powerful of computers yet
Me: so technically speaking... is bill gates a fake?
Me: he didnt invent anything
Me: ?
Contact: well its being slowly brought to the general public because it creates maximum profit
Me: see I wonder where our technology stopped and the alien technology started
Contact: its hard to say
Me: I suppose its a mixture of both still?
Contact: I have met some really smart people, it is hard to say
Me: did you ever take anything back with you? any alien materials or devices?
Me: what was the underground base called that you worked at if I may ask?
Contact: at intel I met some really great minds, I was so interested in some of the phd people, I listened and understood, and they were so happy to have someone that was hearing what they had to say, I might not be at their level but I can understand much
Me: true
Me: thats really cool to have experiences like that
Contact: they just called it the nevada base
Me: was it area 51?
Me: or under it
Contact: there are something like 130 bases
Me: yeah so i've heard
Contact: yes area 51
Me: all around the us or the world?
Contact: the world
Me: you worked at THE area 51? thats amazing
Contact: they had bowling too, I liked it
Me: so basically its not just our government thats in on this whole thing?
Contact: there were thousands of people there it was a city all by itself
Contact: it more like a global thing
Me: damn thats deep
Contact: I wish there was more information on this stuff, but it is a hard thing to understand, most people would freak
Me: oh yeah I know
Me: I know exactly how you feel
Me: its so unbelievable to some people
Me: so what do you truly believe is going on? in concerns to the alien invasion
Me: or is this just a peaceful share of technology
Me: I love how we're basically just "cattle" definitely not on the top of the food chain...
Contact: well, there is a gut feeling for me, I cant help feeling that its in their ballpark and they give us just a little to make us happy
Me: yeah I share the same feeling
Me: some things just seem to fit together too well
Contact: I dont know if we can do much to defeat them if they want to get us in the end, it is a really big "game" and I just dont know
Me: do you believe in god?
Contact: I believe in a ultimate power that I call god and I talk to him every night
Me: as in faith?
Contact: yes, faith
Me: this really is a lot to take in huh
Me: and you've been spending a lifetime doing it
Contact: we are like ants
Me: yeah and it sucks
Contact: I hope there is more to my life then just live and die
Me: well I think there really is... but we've been getting lied to all this time and there's so much more to life than we know
Me: thats what im finding out
Contact: you know, life is short, I have gone thru so much (c), its almost funny
Contact: I want more and more just to be the [V] away from all people
Me: I think somehow this information needs to come out
Me: people have to start opening there eyes
Contact: its not that easy
Me: I know it really isnt
Contact: yes, true
Me: it really makes you feel helpless
Contact: but people think the government wants to help, no
Contact: yes, you have to be really high up
Me: to the government were just cattle raised and controlled
Contact: the country can make you vanish just like any other
Me: to benefit them
Me: exactly.
Contact: yea
Contact: you can be taken off the street for any reason or none at all
Contact: and no one can help
Me: yup
Me: scary
Contact: well, yea
Contact: im gonna reboot I still can get into et 1 with voice
Me: ok
Me: about the crash in area 51 and all that
Contact: oh god
Me: oh god what
Me: were you around for that?
Contact: i dont want to talk about it
Me: really?
Me: that bad?
Contact: well, to much too soon
Me: will you tell me about it another time?
Contact: sure
Me: ok ok

[Edited on 24-3-2004 by porschedrifter]

posted on Mar, 24 2004 @ 03:11 PM
The advancement is mostly due to intellectual and philosophical improvements.

A) The Renaissance
B) The Enlightenment
C) Isaac Newton

Yes, Isaac Newton was as important as each of the others.

Combine the philosophy with the improvements in industrial revolution, which permitted physical experimentation and improvements with the capitalist desire to do so.

The world did not advance in just the 100 years---actually, 1900 was more different from 1800 than 2000 was from 1900.

The primary scientific achievements and many fundamental industrial achievements happened in the 19th century. We went from knowing almost nothing about actual chemistry to having good empirical knowledge to have "chemical plants" be a reality.

Except for nuclear weapons, the key technological improvements of the 20th century rely on the scientific discoveries of the 19th. The technological improvements of the 21st century (biotech) will rely on the scientific discoveries of the 20th (molecular biology).

posted on Mar, 24 2004 @ 03:12 PM
The industrial revolution has nothing to do with the major advancements in technology today.We have literally leaped 500 years in the last 50.It took us thousands of years (this lifetime) to harness the things in the so called "industrial revolution" (we love to kiss our own a$$e$$).But now all of a sudden we have lasers and holographic projections, satelites and so on.That doesn't strike you as strange.I think I was taught the same things in school, so tell me something new!And technology does not improve every 15 years (how about some of those ancient cultures who remained the same for centuries).And don't bring human evolution into this because THAT, is only a theory and not a proven fact!!But I guess if you believ in that, then of course you feel that everything we have is by chance, human beings will to survive...Blah Blah Blah...this makes me sick!

posted on Mar, 24 2004 @ 10:02 PM
Now you can assume that human beings somehow become inspired and created new technology during the industrial revolution or maybe there was some alien intervention.... During the course of human evolution huge advances were made during very little time which must raise many questions as to how things can progress so quickly at certain times and not others...


Originally posted by Leveller
The massive jump in technology can mostly be laid at the door of the Industrial Revolution.

Recent accelerations in technology are a furthering of the process that started back in the 19th century.

The jump in science and philosophy can be placed at the door of the Royal Society which dragged the West out of the Dark Ages.

posted on Mar, 24 2004 @ 10:45 PM
I remember hearing in college of an accepted theory that man's knowledge is increasing exponentially. It seems to make sense that more educated people, more research and spending on research, more experiments done at an ever increasing rate would produce knowledge at a greater and greater rate.

However, I believe certain destructive events in our past have held us back or temporarily set us back. If we have to stop all our research etc. just in an attempt to maintain our survival, then that would set us back or hold our knowledge back. I read if the libraries of Alexander had not been burned down long ago, then we might have been flying the space shuttle 200 years ago. If an asteroid or meteorite impact (likely theory I believe) had not caused the "dark ages" in the middle ages and caused societies to struggle to survive, then we might have discovered pc's 100 years earlier too. Just my two cents opinion here.

[Edited on 24-3-2004 by orionthehunter]

posted on Mar, 24 2004 @ 11:10 PM
I am 100% certain that humans have achieved a high level of technology in the past. In many levels even beyond our current technology. The technologies of ancient civilizations probably took a different form than what we have today, but it is also worth to note that unless the ancients found some alloy that would not corrode like iron does, even stainless steel corrodes with time, it just takes longer to corrode, no machine made of metal would survive for a long time.

This would be one of the reasons why we don't see big finds of ancient technologies, except, we do find incredible technologies in the form of stone, like the pyramids, and in ancient texts.

Anyone familiar with the vedic scriptures knows that they say that in ancient India there were Vimanas (flying ships) in the skies.

Many of these ancient texts even say how to construct one and what kind of technologies they had.

Most ancient cultures say that in the past there were great cities, and according to some sources the first great cities were built by Gods.

The Zep Tepi,(sp?) meaning "time before time" of the ancient egyptians tells us of great cities that the Gods built, later on the Gods slowly left but there were descendants which were born from the relations of human females and Gods and they became the Pharaohs.

This same story can be found in the bible and the Nephelim. "The sons of Elohim mated with the daughters of men, and from them were born the men of reknown, men of great size and strength..." (it goes something like that)

A lot of people think that Goliath was a rarity in ancient times, but it was not so. The bible and other texts say there were giants in those times, and even before men existed in Earth there were giants, the Greeks and Romans called them Titans. These giants were on earth even before the Gods came from the heavens.

I have studied ancient cultures for years and all the stories seem to talk about the same thing. Some of you may know about the Tuatha De Dannan, or the sons of the Goddess Danu. These entities came from the skies and the Celts had to fight them to conquer Eirie, or Ireland.

Every ancient culture says the same thing, most people think that these accounts are symbolic, but there is too much proof to the contrary.

There are ancient Egyptian paintings of things that seem to be electrical, like lightbulbs and other things. I remember seeing once about the discovery of some ancient drawings which peeled off in Egypt, and under the peeling paint there were other paintings which seemed to show submarines, airplanes and other modern machines.

The Hopy indians say that they came from caves under the Earth, the snake people had enslaved them for a long time and that another race came from the heavens and fought the snake people, liberating the Hopys and other native american nations.

The stories and the proof is there, you just have to have open ears ( mind) and open your eyes.

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posted on Mar, 25 2004 @ 09:39 PM

Even if only 5% of what you wrote is truth than its truly amazing and awe inspiring. I believe that the technology we posses existed on earth long, long ago. That is was a gift from aliens, once considered gods....

I just wonder why they would fully interact with society back then but now they play a much more subliminal/low-key role.... any ideas?


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posted on Mar, 25 2004 @ 10:41 PM
I do not have all the anwsers but my search has been pointing to these facts, but i could be wrong. You can do a search on anything i posted above and you will find for yourself, don't just take my word.

All the stories seem to point that the battle in the heavens is still ongoing. Some of the lower ranks in the hierarchy of the Elohim wanted to wrestle control from the higher ranking in the celestial hierarchy.

In the Judeo-Christian faith the fallen angels following Lucifer (Baal) decided to wrestle control from the other Elohim which seems to have been commanded by El, since in hebrew El is the highest of the Elohim.

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posted on Mar, 25 2004 @ 11:03 PM

Originally posted by psd_1
I just wonder why they would fully interact with society back then but now they play a much more subliminal/low-key role.... any ideas?

Great Thread! Lots of clear thoughts expressed well.

I think if those beings existed, they merged with us and so aren't around anymore (but considering that people are getting taller and larger, maybe we are evolving back into em).

I don't buy the reverse engineering to account for the tech growth. I think Simple Truth put it very well, but it's not a constant curve. (Where is Hari Seldon when you need him?) It varies and changes with events and minor breakthroughs.

Here is an example: We've pretty much reached a wall in the machine/human interface. We're all looking at a 2D screen using some type of hand driven external device to control the machine. There is some VR and other experimental stuff, but if it was any good we'd all be using it. We're as close to the machine as we can get at this point. This apsect of the technology is stalled or at a plateau until some other technology (voice recognition?)(implanted chips?)(NWO folks collectively gasp), is developed to allow this to take off again. But, for now we'll be using our screen, mouse, and keyboard to develop the tech to ultimately do away with them. Tech not only builds on itself, it builds on what it spawns. Does that make any sense?

If we did reverse engineer anything, I think it's much more likely that it was something that we found here from our unknown past than something that crashed here recently.

posted on Mar, 25 2004 @ 11:18 PM
As to why the Elohim are not more involved, the whole situation seems to be that as the higher hierarchy sent Baal and other Elohim to Earth to help in the evolution of men, they seemed to have liked the human women and had relations with them. "and the sons of Elohim saw the daughters of man beautiful..."

From these unions came the ancient men of reknown. The higher hierarchy under the command of El didn't seem to like that. (hence the original sin) Battles were fought on Earth, both sides of the Elohim had men fighting for them. This is where you find in the bible and otehr ancient texts that El asked his human followers to destroy entire villages that followed the "fallen angels" (followed other gods).

When it was obvious to El that he would not win fighting on Earth, he ordered the destruction of men (deluge) but the Elohim that followed Baal wanted to save men, and they saved a few.

But if we are to believe the traditions of the native americans and other cultures, it seems that Baal and the other Elohim that were sent to Earth wanted mankind as slaves mostly.

Now their battle seems to be only in the heavens and very seldom do they have any interactions with humans.

[Edited on 25-3-2004 by Muaddib]


posted on Mar, 26 2004 @ 12:16 AM
Maybe the question is not the tech . . .

But, rather, the evolvment of man(male and female), from enos back, too, where we are today.

IMO . . .Evolvement and/then intervention.

posted on Mar, 26 2004 @ 12:30 AM
maybe you guys should search the forum and read the intelligent discussion that's already happened concerning thsi topic before you rehash the same stuff.

posted on Mar, 26 2004 @ 03:28 AM
If sarcasm is your best response, and i am assuming you do not agree for some reason, then you lost already in your attempt to belittle our "intelligence" and the discussion.

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