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From The Past To The Far Future

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posted on Mar, 24 2004 @ 12:42 AM
I had a dream last night where i was sitting under a tree near a hill, as the base of the hill was a forest and mountains off in the distance... i live in Florida so i knew something wasnt right.... i thought back and didnt remember traveling anywhere, then i realized i must have been dreaming, i almost got too excited but didnt wake up, i started running up the hill towards this gothic looking castle/building...

i got inside and it was a huge library, i was drawn to this huge book that for some reason felt like it had answers to a lot of my questions, i opened it and it sucked me in, now the book was taking me through a planet similar to earth but it was telling me that it was the next planet that souls from this earth will go to... it said it was venus and that after life goes extinct on this planet before the end of the century than life will start over on Venus

this all made me scream and suddenly i was standing in blackness, i got scared as f*** and woke up.. it was 5:03 am

posted on Mar, 24 2004 @ 02:01 AM

I had a dream last night where i was meant to go to heaven, but instead i decided to check out what hell was like for a bit.

Instead of gravity holding you down to the ground (unless oyu were behind an object...the wind would carry you really fast across the planet.. If there wasn't an object blocking the "wind", you would be blown back really fast. You could fly though and manouvere yourself, but if u were in the wind you had to land on an object sideways... Lots of concrete walls, an dlittle buildings were around, towers, houses. Me and my friend explored around a little bit, saw some evil bad guys who roamed the lands of hell. Didn't get along too bad with them though.

Also found some of God's sacred water and drank a teaspoon full amount of it. So did my friend. We were able to leave hell whenever we wanted and go to heaven. But we just stayed and checked it out some more, checked what was around. Had a little fmily holiday there.

Wasn't hot, and buning. More like gravity was messed up, so was this wind thing, and the whole place was pretty much deserted except for a few people here and there.

anyways was fun being in hell

What a trippy place.

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