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Wall street and the richest .01% of Americans are a threat to national sovereignty

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posted on Oct, 1 2008 @ 03:39 AM
The ultra wealthy are the enemy of democracy. America only has one political party; your choices are the capitalist party or the capitalist party. All other choices have been shut out. They do not believe in the equal disribution of wealth or information.

They have an agenda that is not in the best interest of America. They are the principle authors of a one world government and are not loyal to American ideals, the constitutuion or the freedom of it's people.

Here is a link to America's wealthist 1,000 neighborhoods. You will be hard pressed to find any foreclosures in these neighborhoods.

THese are the people who need you to work harder for less money so that you can support them. They outsouced your jobs to India and China. They are the ones who have bribed your politicians to not formulate a cohesive national policy that brings America into the 21st century or helps it's citizens forge a better life for thier families.

They control Wall Street, the media, the military, the intelligence agencies and Washington D.C.

The richest neighborhood in the United States is the lush Holmby Hills neighborhood just west of the Los Angeles Country Club in the so-called Platinum Triangle (along with Beverly Hills and Bel Air). This small neighborhoods has some of the most gargantuan houses in the United States including Candy Spelling’s 60,000 square foot mansion.

The second richest neighborhood in the United States is located in Denver’s lush Cherry Hills Village. I have named this collection of upscale sub-divisions Buell Mansion-Cherry Hills Park after two of this Block Group’s most luxurious developments. Cherry Hills Village is typical of the Western United States in that it is hard to categorize. It is a combination of old wealth and the uber-mansions of the nouveau riche.

The second and third richest neighborhoods in the Higley 1000, North Greenwich-Round Hill, and The Indian Hill Club-Woodley Road area located in Southern Winnetka, are older and very traditional. They exhibit the mature landscaping on carefully screened acreage typical of this type of neighborhood. Each of these neighborhoods have exceptionally large new homes that are interspersed among the equally large older homes.

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