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interest free global money system

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posted on Oct, 1 2008 @ 03:37 AM
There are a lot of threads and opinions and halfhearted remedies towards
the present financial crisis, caused by irresponsable ``roulette banking´´
and by americans who have been using their homes to gamble along with the banks that gave them the credit to do so.
These banks were able to get 90% credit from the Fed on top of every credit contract they could sign, thereby giving them lots of cheap cash to gamble with and further inflate an already grossly inflated economy.
Now the tax payer is expected to foot the bill..., a bill which is already
beyond comprehension and will never be payed, not by us nor our grandchildren.
The only remedy is a clean slate, start from scratch and because american debt along with every other countries national debt has been sold globally in the form of govt. bonds, it makes sense to reform the whole system globally.
The new world money system has to be based on interest free money,
which means the old fairy tale that your money works for you will no longer be recited.
The fact is interest really does not work for you but against you in the long run.
Money can still be lend out to finance investments, those investments will create new jobs and revenues.
Loans will be repaid without interest, there will be no inflation and the value of money will remain constant. Your savings will be safe and the economy will be very strong, houses will be affordable and the only big losers will be banks and speculators. We do not need 100 banks, 10 should be sufficient,banks will allowed to charge a small % for managing portfolios and that´s it, no more layered cost through interest.
Goverment bonds should be bought up and reissued without interest gains making it possible to pay off the national debt. Off course there will be a loss to take, but it will not be devastating.
The economy will quickly recover and unemployment will be history!

posted on Oct, 1 2008 @ 04:39 AM
There is another option.govt created debt free and interest free money.If this were 1776 you wuld have been lynched to death but be prepared to be virtual lynched.THe end times said about one world govt and moey.
thankfully the light is with us and soon evil would be vanquished.

THe revolution has BEGAN.


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