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Letter To My Congressman

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posted on Sep, 30 2008 @ 03:59 PM
The following is the text of a letter to my congressman.

Dear Congressman,

It was with great dissapointment that I noticed that your name was one which was listed as supporting the Bailout Bill for Wall Street. Has it now come to the halls of Congress that you no longer head the words of the people? Has Congress in it's croneyism for Wall Street and party politics gone deaf?

I have a wake-up call for all of you, if you fail to defeat the Paulson Plan and enable the Wall Street Bankers to continue doing business as usual the Economy of the United States of America will crash. Everyone in Washington will lose their phoney baloney jobs and the Citizens will only laugh as the now penniless Government issues orders that will be ignored because it cannot pay. We the People will no longer accept I.O.U.s nor will we allow ourselves to be taxed for the benefit of a small segment of society. Let the Free Market reign as it is supposed to, allow these lying Wall Street power brokers to hang on their own petards. It is so simply obvious to the millions of Americans that the WallStreet Fat Cats are LYING in order to save their financial perks and benefits.

Repudiate all interest owed to the current FED.
FEDERALIZE the FED and all of its member banks.
Seize the assets within the United States of the Owners of the FED and place them up for auction.
Declare all Officers of the Fed to be Federal Employees subject to Federal Pay guidlines.

It may seem a radical idea, but it will work and will throw their idea of one world banking and Government out the door.

So how about it?

posted on Sep, 30 2008 @ 04:12 PM
Bravo Bravo! I think this should be cataloged so everyone can send it to all of their congressmen.


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