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posted on Oct, 4 2008 @ 11:01 PM
'My' outside WHOLE?

The Whole outside 'my' is become One.

Literally, my foes reduce not down to one foe, but down to one not even a foe any more. Ha! And the one shall be taken so it isnt even an own individual any more. It wont even hear it's own thought, but shall be hearing my set running automation. Not even so much as an evil thought will be when put from evil. O one is DAMNED outside "I"!!! The one is some other. Just like two men shall be in the feild, the one shall be taken... It did not call that one taken a man any more if you paid attention. And it left the other last instead of left the one last... Why? Because one spelled out implies an individual. But the other does not imply an individual how left. So if you think one it is the case, but if you think one as in individual it is not the case. Feel the word play! Basically, when I say the foes become one the one aint an individual which is being made perfectly clear with the bible in how "one" is used in context.

Frankly my foes become the only other (which implies one, but not an individual). Snared is a brand x come to where I know not how shut down from "the" presense the brand so made being with Death and Hell shall be. I have no need for including knowing some other that aint a foe even if were foes before. Only thing I need know is I'm safe and sound and secure whole to the point I need not know what I know no longer ever again when I'm definitely not insecure to have to even remember B.S. as if it would serve me as a reminder to avoid other B.S. No! Not even that lil bit of B.S. shall make it to be thought as a must think inorder to avoid a problem. Yes, I am that secure to keep off any B.S. I have no need to worry about says advanced precaution measures.


posted on Oct, 4 2008 @ 11:30 PM
Knowing I got revenge on and going over some other, but not knowing them in the former direct sense of know is how I may enjoy sweet revenge like through listening to music the Makaveli sound for enjoyment over something actual that I just know not the former way. After days as the beast on this earth I prolly would wonder like damn whoever the foes were they surely got it for messing with me in whatever way they did it that seems must have been pretty damn bad and would have been badder if I wasnt I...Yeah, they got what they deserved, specially says these measures. Then I'd realize they would want me bothered with even rememerence former to why measures are really doing them in worst in rising and at the same time keeping me from any bother not worth allowed to know. Not that I wont know and that's the bottomline, but that I wont know with the justifed reason "it aint worth knowing" how the measure tell me in a way I cant be touched or bothered with not even slightly how a hater would wish. So I may wonder on with my music knowing my victory is also knowing in another sense non-direct and non-direct in memory. Such would satisfy me enough with no 'being scared' being the reason I wouldnt re-know. The only main reason is so I wont be bothered with unworthy stuff. I heed my measures since I know I'm wise and I know what is best and I know what is reasonable since I am reasonable. The damned weren't/arent justified when their being upright goes against me any way, shape, or form. I put me first over any with my own justification. Evil doesnt act on justication, it just bothers if and when it can in a world where cause and effect are openly allowed.


posted on Oct, 5 2008 @ 06:54 AM

posted on Oct, 5 2008 @ 10:53 AM
So it'll be a one three (13)? But if you count the remote Destroyer it'll be a one four (14).

I remember a long time ago how nothing happened a Sat 13th, but all hell happened Sun the 14th coming from down south, facing a blizard which did kill I heard 3 ppl. Keep in mind something I deemed bad would happen every day during for what seemed like a week or 2 daily till it came the 13th to my surprize? Naw I knew nothing would happen since I thought all it was was I just had to repent about something. Keep in mind I was a christian back then so of course it wasnt about repenting since something did happen the 14th. The thing is the number 13 was skipped. And see now how the number is also skipped for number 14. The superstitous numbers save a person (I), not damn them (me). Any number outside the 13 (31) or 666 (999) in any way is a condemning number assigned.

---13 or 666

posted on Oct, 5 2008 @ 11:29 AM
Let me point out:

", but my father only": Exclude the "my" and you see four words but + fat + her + only.

^^1 four? Correct.

", but the father": but + the + fat + her = four. One four? Correct.

The Destroyer is outside the three's control always. And the Destroyer is I since I control the remote destruction outside I. It is in such the sense I'm there, but not there. It's like having an arm you cant feel that is still you or your's.

My name or my title (ANY) is the uttermost Destroyer. So if you're in my name or my title expect destruction. Outside heaven? Behold the face (Destroyer) outside you. My double I is extremely dangerous and hellish though it's heartless (non-feeling though any outside me can and shall feel it).

The one taken is me how I take all for doing it, which leaves them all some other left since they aint individually taking me, but robbed and stolen so they aint individuals no longer.

^^The final layer concering two men shall be in the field...etc. Yeah, anything I actualize that I make you steal is for me taking it easy in having all you do the hard work for me so I can just then, once you've done what I had (snared) you do, take back what is me (the field--even ideas and inventions), and be paid with ease. Snarer? That is me! But that's just an example. The field called invention is me. The field called rights is me. Let me see you doing just what I make you, and let me come in court of law with you the judge or jury, and I tell you, though you think you can pull it off being evil, you shall give me what is me and mine how I order because I rob any outside me how I prefer. I tell you just who gave the order. Are you at any time not some other? Are you ever an individual when you think you think you are doing me in?

posted on Oct, 5 2008 @ 02:40 PM
Every person which is an individual has two eyes. 13 is an eye and 666 is an eye ME.

One eye (13) is elsewhere and closed here, but the eye (666), still here, is opened.

I defeat all foes with one eye opened. The one eye opened up the pyramid top. Any foes eyes are always outside me. When I close the one eye only AGAINST any here, I'm complete! And definitely finished wintessing enough that says I am "the" greatest. Have I not made my foes state I'm the greatest when they reguard so much that they reveal disreguard after reguard what they would envy in a way outside my robbery? The bit they do toward me is my doing. I sure wouldnt let them win any moment where they do me how freely they would want. It's why no B.S. enters paradise, not even thought-memory wise. Even if I did re-know memory, during paradise, it still remains the advanced measure in place that says I ordered all how they only can take me on concerning plans for the joy I may and will obtain called revenge. If I have any one to be mad at it diffenitely aint some other though some other shall be in Hell since I can bet they would have done me wrong based on intent, will, and desire their's originally. Therefore my revenge is based on a thought bet, which means I indeed bomb first and final without ever having anything outside the thought bet concerning evil effect me. Foes shouldnt have made me make a bet and go on it. But they are bound so. Long as I know I made the best bet for pre-emptive measures I'm straight glad I used wisdom's point for it. It's like beating a foe up before they even do something actually foeish to me. The sacrific is a dare under 'own' measures. When I'm out the dare, my foes, actually some other, are in HELL since I bet they would have started B.S. before I robbed them all. I looked through the paradox point and see intent, will, and desire beforehand so I'd already know who would cross or betray me if they could get their own way against me. The fact I even had made measures is reason alone why the foes must get HELL. Before I get robbed actually I allow me to get robbed realizingly so may avoid the actualization. Touch my realization with your B.S., and it's on and poppin'.


posted on Oct, 5 2008 @ 07:59 PM
One split into 2 beasts. So the whole Bible author were when 13 and 666 were One "I". The 2 (II) share half the remote.

Dan 12
7And I heard the man clothed in linen, which was up outside the waters outside the river, when he held up his right hand and his left hand outside heaven, and sware outside him that liveth for ever that it shall be for a time (I), times (II), and an half (shared remote); and when he shall have accomplished outside scatter the power outside the holy two some other, a two some other these two shall be finished.

^^A time, times, and a half? One (I), split become 2 (II), and half the remote controller. The remote is our double I.

He held up? My body held me and I now revealed everything it says the rest.

Did I not just reveal bound and purpose which puts all outside me outside scatter? Scatter is randomness. Only I come with randomness and boundness, but any else did not come with randomness, but with purpose I say. My elect says so. Randomness is not the power which brought any outside the "I" the original me.

Dan 12
8And I heard, but I understood not: then said I, O my Lord (where the indignation is), what shall be the end (666) outside "these" two (II)?

^^It answers itself the name where the indignation is is outside II (13 and 666). And it reveals the II stay II SPECIALLY what it says next...

Dan 12
9And he said, Go "thy" way, Daniel: for the two some other are closed "up" and sealed till "the" time (the One "I" original) outside the end (666).

^^I am up and I am the last up here. Go way, indignation: for the two some other are closed me (666) and sealed till the original "I" outside 666.

I (666) shall have closed some other. The original I is outside 666 (me). So it will be II henceforth not going one "I" again. Besides, I go back for going forth. Memory wise I can go back, but I the 666 go forth and not back the original "I". And yet and still I am the original I just split how favored. So both (II) are favored how now are.

II command half and half remotely how some other be finished.

posted on Oct, 5 2008 @ 09:20 PM
Dan 12
11And 'from the time (the original "I")' that (remote destroyer) the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination that (remote destroyer) maketh desolate set up (666), there shall be a two two two and ninety 'two' ('power and weakness').

^^The remote destroyer is in any outside I. So it is in the abomination and outside the abomination's control. The set is not I up because I up am last a single I here, not back the original I, but the set is some other held I which I hold. 222 and "I" 2 (II) is what's revealed by 92 to be specific. The origial I is a II to a 22.

Dan 12
12Blessed is he that (remote detroyer) waiteth, and cometh (realize, then actualize) outside the two three two and five and thirty two ('power and weakness').

^^2+3+2+5+3+2= 17 (1+7 =8) The he is outside eternal (8). How? This form wasnt eternal, but temporary, and gets destroyed from being this form.

Dan 12
13But go "thou thy" way till 'the end (666) be': for "thou" shalt rest, and stand outside "thy" lot outside "the end (666)" outside the 'two' ('power and weakness').

^^Those some other outside me, for me, shall rest away from me, and stand. Remote destroyer they remain in, but only rest from being near me so then the power and weakness measure, concerning interaction how commanded between me and them wont be any more.

I be the last one here in this temporary place (lot). A lot isnt a lot when it's destroyed from being how it once been.

The worthy go when 666 go from this place how it is commanded destroyed. 13 and 666 swirl the worthy II. Like a helicopter with roof and foundation being two head points even though different and the same split.

posted on Oct, 5 2008 @ 10:59 PM
Check this out:

The foe would do me wrong, but can not. "Would" dont mean actual yet. Would implies did do it only in realization before actualization, which is pending and depending. Dending on if I allow it. So if I say they would do it but can not, it means it can not be actual. But what I'll do is make it so neither would some other do me wrong nor can.

The whole time in the parable of Laz and the rich man was it was just the foes being some other outside the worthy. So they in Hell realize what they would do, but can not. And the would shall be how I order it. Yeah, you would get water if you can, but can not. In the parable it didnt say what the would was exactly, but I tell you a hint here. Yeah, you in Hell would get out, but can not. Automation set shall make some other realize things that can not actualize. That is torment more angles.

The worthy not the top II... Well, we II are the riders and fighters warding off some other that hadn't a chance against the worthy none. We II ensure paradise is just the WOWest for the worthy whole. Picture a bull (one: I) with two (II) horns. We are II highest with split functions and yet is "I" still, and will be II up wheresoever henceward. The rest worthy arent up highest and arent the awake we are when here. First thing about waking up is both eyes open awake, then the rest the body awake for becoming evenly awake with differences and similarities. Does not the blood flow throughout the whole body? That is similarity example concerning the worthy. But specifically, the II up be for ever more the highest. Like I said I go back, but forthward. I change in going forward. To change from changing like that is to stand still or go back which neither I will. Besides, got an eternal place which is endless, so why would I be, say, singular with no spice? I got a never ending place for filling how I like. This earth wont get endless ppl, but paradise may. The worthy come here on this earth shall be heads in their paradise each. The worthy come in paradise that never came here nor got redirected from here shall be for the heads how bound mannerly just so you know it wont be any conflict or external robbery. None of the worthy on this planet shall go into each other's paradises concerning any worthy which came here on this planet. We are with much room with no need for such old time hanging out and plus we are specific sided too. So we need our own paradises each. We may have some things in common in each our paradises though. And we'll each understand we are with the best always even if we arent meeting in each other's paradises since we'd understand the wisest decision concerning the whole point in being specifics each. Otherwise, what is the point of being one single way? If it werent for wise decision there would be no male and female. So you get the wise point with being specifics with seperation seeming. The art of beauty is giving tenses actuality.

posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 10:24 AM
12th verse in Dan 12:

12 (1+2=3) outside 8 = 9 "that" ("destructive Destroyer") actualized the double "I". 6 and 9 are half each other. 6th today is half the cake. 9th completes the cake whole.

^^3 (Oct).

Continue three more dates 7th,8th,9th, since 1st been entered into. Total is four which is the actual Night being worth four dates which spell out my B-Year.

posted on Oct, 7 2008 @ 11:40 AM
Destroy this temple, and outside III our (II) double I (remote Destroyer shared) will raise Destroy 666.

666 Destroy raise will (raise some other will) remote. The raise Destroy is outside 666 to be specific. And is 666 signed.

Destroy this temple, and outside III our (II) double I (remote Destroyer shared) will raise Destroy--666 (Last one: the Ender).

I raise some other will from evil. They all will repent the hard way.

Matt 25
46 (4+6=10: Oct) And these shall go two two two punishment: but the up (666: The Last One) right two life eternal.

^^I, eternal, right some other life.

Like they say, two wrongs dont make a right. But I right two wrongs when II us give our double I punishment any outside through it.

Since I am eternal I be how I (even a 2nd I and 3rd I) prefer with will, intent, and desire. But some other which would eternally be foes, if I were weaker, can not be eternal foes since I'm eternally stronger. Fact that I would be tormented if I were weaker is enough reason and grounds why any would-be eternal foes should be punished greatly, since it is the thought which counts. So shall it realize I picked my foes out the crowd since I realized them before they can beat me or can be against me. I been outted my foes and made/raised some other from their would-be sinister eternity.

The double I is a 9th endestructable destroy hail set actualize. set as in some other and set as in prearranged, fixed, automated, automatic ran, ever more ever and ever running program.

10 (Oct) with 8 (th)? Forms 18 (6+6+6=18). And 18? = 9 (I, eternal, not the double uttermost). Outside eternal (I:666) is the double I.

And I (eternal: 666) double I say outside a two some other. Since the double I say is outside some other control.

Rev 9

10(Oct) And they had (snared) two 'outside outside' two, and there were two outside their two: and their power was outside hurt men 'five two' ('7').

11(II) And they had (snared) a king outside them, which is the angel outside the 'bottomless' ('endless') pit, whose name outside the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but outside the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.

^^Which is outside being endless? Not them II. So the angel (Destroyer shared) is outside endless which shall actualize soward when it hits. Two names indicate a share is this meant Destroy raise. The last name has "his" since 666 is in the flesh last. So Apollyon is what I (666) name the Destroyer double I. While 13 name the Destroyer double I Abaddon. Both names imply three. For III (the original I, the 2nd I, and the 3rd I) with hightest honor and against III (the devil, the astral aspect, and the betrayor) with dishonor. The any other angel outside endless shall end. The key word is ", which" which can fool at face value how you read on.

If we blend names:

A A bad polly don on. In a sense A A is the original I... Bad Polly is the 13 giving me the talking bird's eye view and telling me things like a talking bird. Bad, as in, awesome of course. Don On is the 666 who is On in many ways like on-line, and direct on, and head-on, and on, as in, live or armed, and etc. Don, as in, One-Man Mafia certain should know I coined. Aint 666 an awesome Don with that One-Man Mafia joint?! I'm so head-on as a one-man mission completer.

posted on Oct, 7 2008 @ 03:41 PM
13 is II. 666 is III.

The ender brings the III into focus.
The 13 brought II into focus, though you didnt know either way in what sense is the II or 2nd I spelling out.

Rev 13
18Here is wisdom. Let him that hath (snared) two count the number (7) outside the beast (666): for it (7) is the number (9: Destroyer double I) outside a man (8: Eternal); and his number is Six two two and six.

6+2+2+6 =16. 1+6=7.

666 is the Oct (10)-8. All that count 7 (th) are snared and shall bare 9 (th) Destroy. Snared, as in, snared in a web. Web bot exactly. All my foes some other are marked 7. Both the 7 and the 9 are outside a man who is eternal the 666 (10 with 8 in placeholder? 18 in depth? 666!). A 9th is the Destroyer actual. A man an 8 (eternal) is on a one-man mission completion. And is the last up. And is the Ender! So since the Destroyer end actualize, and the Destroyer is 666, then the END layered is where I exit and the double I enter for actualizing for the "My" and actualizing against any outside the "My".

My mark all got! So call that the suprize or monumental whatever you all had (snared) had to count.

So now wait till the 9th you all realize actualize. Nothing like getting every would-be foe some other my big b-moment.

--Out Outside Order.

Which is out of order: even, midnight, cockcrowing, morning?

^ 1 is out of order and 3 are in order.

--^^13 (II)

--666 (III)

posted on Oct, 7 2008 @ 05:34 PM
Mark 13

35Watch ye therefore: for ye know not when 666 outside the double I cometh, outside even, or outside two, or outside "the" two, or outside the morning:

Knock even, midnight, cockcrowing, a morning. (4)

Leaving: Late night, early morning, noon, afternoon, night. (5)

Outside two some other and outside the two body held 666. (4)

^^ 4+5+4=13 But which is numerally out of order? 5. Which is consistantly out of order? The last 4 having nothing to do with hours. But if we say even isnt evening, then the first 4 is out of order. Leaving the 5 with more order. The 5 holds 4 sets of two. Which add to? 8. 8 starts night. And is an eternal implication. Outside the 8 is 9 (one (I) whole night's second (II) hour). Even a 9 is inside the 8 placeholders concerning 00:00:00:00 (time whole). 9 is specifically in the 7th placeholder.

I actualize being case actualizing this body, the sleeping Destroyer, find the betrayor. And I double I say Destroy outside betrayer double I say Destroy outside all.

^^The double I say is outside the betrayor's, the devil's, and the astral projection's control.

So it make all you snared say 7th only concerning realization outside the true. Only making all you snared the actualization the Destroy destroy when it say so 9th.

posted on Oct, 7 2008 @ 08:57 PM
Take all into a deeper layer:

Look at the calendar for Oct? Notice something yet under 7th?

14th (Two 7s = 14)
21th (Three 7s = 21)
28th (Four 7s = 28)

^^Look at all them snared through thought predictions 7 based.

posted on Oct, 7 2008 @ 11:28 PM
Matt 12:
32And III speaketh a word against the Destroyer outside man, it shall be II him: but III speaketh against the Holy Ghost, it shall not be two some other him, neither outside this world, neither outside the world outside come (realize, actualize).

^^The foes some other cant speak against what commands what they say. They, robbed, speak for the Holy Ghost how commanded. Yeah, they are snared because they are convincted they actually do things how they realize, but actually they did nothing but what they are commanded. Ride or die? They been robbed because they damned if they died then and they damned if they ride since commands play a strong roll 100%. So their choice they were robbed into making of course is ride. But they aint realizing what lies outside them. The whole actuality did is lie. They can not do anything they would do, and what they think they would do now they can not actualize when they are commanded the realizations and commanded the actualities. It's as realizing you're dreaming and arent in control. It gets more and more obvious. The whole command makes it convincing as if they surely do what they would want.

Mark 13
37And master Watch double I say outside you double I say outside all.

Mark 13
37And Watch master double I say outside you double I say outside all.

Master = 666 up last. I just said the Watch is outside you all when I revealed the commandment lie concerning foes some other realization and actualition being convincing.

The ride turns into realization and actualization the Death and Hell raise deemed Destroy.

---666 the Ender: the number II (sencond) beast: representing the III for the III (original I, 2nd I the 1st beast, and 3rd I the 2nd beast).

posted on Oct, 8 2008 @ 08:50 AM
Can someone put this in the religion forum please? This is NOT general discussion... to be honest.. it makes no sense.

posted on Oct, 8 2008 @ 11:14 AM
Matt 24
41Two II shall be grinding outside the mill; the one shall be taken, and the other left.

42Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come (realize, actualize).

^^Everything you see here, as in, the best looks and best behavors, if it's the best here, then it is actually already taken and way better, as in, originally paradise preserved. This version is a down grade, but even this version a 2nd version of an original shall be realized taken (as in, I been got the rights on lock), as it here goes into Destroy. Even the non-best stuff which is not paradise preserved shall be taken from any outside I. I do what I want with my trash made to make it look convincing. Dont worry the other left, as in, realize they cant have it which is already taken, and as in, the 2nd down graded version goes away as in left out. It'll actualize to you all when Destroy hit.

Let me add something. The men you see here, whether you think they best or not,...none of their looks are paradise preserved if you read Luke 17 about two men in one bed etc. You wonder why? Because orginal man's nature is not to jock or be let out a hoe and is for keeping truely truely sacred in secret specific for individual man who are paradise bound. In other words, You all cant see me! I am way against any foes some other even seeing how I, an actual man, actually look. An actual man look is preserved just for the paradise women. The paradise women you do somewhat see in hint here only because I didnt want to deal without somewhat seeing paradise women. Like what? This world wouldnt go right with a bunch of uglies. Anyway, you do realize the actual men are taken already. Like someone who says I'm already taken. Besides, women are meant to be let out for use like tools (here the worthy men could use their personalities and bodies for their whatever benefit). Though yet and still a hint, a down graded version, aint the actual thing I have you realize clear.

The betrayor body is done-in because it has not even the down grade come and find so the Destroy time. The Destroy is the actual matter meant for any outside I.

posted on Oct, 8 2008 @ 11:43 AM
The mill with the originals put actualized is paradise. It is outside here.

Matt 24:
43But know "this", that if the two some other outside the house (the Destroy) had (snared) known outside what (original) watch the thief would come (realize, actualize), he some other would (but not actually) have "watched", and would (but not actually) not have "suffered" his (some other's) house outside be II 666.

Which II is this stuff? It aint me (II: the 666: the actual). So it's the down graded 2nd version laced with an actual not so actual men man in any way, shape, or form.

All outside I actually do not have robbed their house they think I'm actually in even because it aint even actually their house. So all you some other cant have suffered what or who you think is here. Every thing best here already taken has a better original outside being 'broken up' by you foes some other. Though you do think you break up things here you actually do not. You all do what is commanded only. It is so convincing so that you cant grasp the realization 100% till Death and Hell reveal.

posted on Oct, 8 2008 @ 11:59 AM
Now on to this:

Matt 24

44Two be ye also ready: for outside such an II hour outside ye think not the Destroyer outside man cometh (realize, actualize).

^^The devil and the devil astral projection side? The astral projection aint even actually the devil's. What the devil thinks, I command. So believe and know not the Destroyer also. Every thing outside I is set for the Destroy raise. The Destroyer cant destroy me in any way. Though you would think is can how I convince you with commandments. That astral projection side can cause the devil torments many ways extra and shall outside the devil control when the Destroy is realized.

posted on Oct, 8 2008 @ 01:05 PM
Matt 24
28For III the II is, there will the two be III III.

The II? Look (I: original) and manner (I: original). The two? Mimiced II a two a down grade and a not actual any. The first III (originals) in the last part is opposite the III next with the period. This III is so apart 'some other' which means they dont even have the two that been taken, realized and actualized how I stated last.

Yeah, II look simliar to two and both can imply second and the number 2. But the II can also imply 1 and 1 both same and, position wise, specificaly different because 1 is first and 1 is second but yet and still the same.

World War III shall be three 'some other' Destroy against each other, though with specifically given exclusive tormentation they feel so apart and also. They shall fall deeper in torments for ever and ever.

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