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Now Is Not The Time To Stop Calling, Faxing and Emailing

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posted on Sep, 30 2008 @ 09:13 AM
Firstly here's a link to the phone numbers you need

Now is the time to put it into high gear, because they will be back on Thursday and will try to sell us out yet again.

Since the DOW went down fools like anderson cooper are doing alot of fear-mongering.

They keep pushing the idea that there are only two choices, do nothing or bailout which is a lie and misinformation.

Keep calling, emailing but also.... rally and protest.

The media is scaring the public, it's imperative that you educate the masses through any form of education.

make youtube videos if going out is not possible, but do something.

Read this:

Excellent and concise commentary for the masses, spread it.

What would you do if you country is turning into a socialist form of fascism?



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