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Does anyone actually Know what the Soul is?

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posted on Oct, 4 2008 @ 02:16 AM
reply to post by Sonya610

Hi Sonya610,

The Mirror is a Lattice work of Light which has a base Matrix Map called The Man Child in the Ancient writings.

I hope to upload this in the Not to distant future when I get a chance.

In the Old Writings it is written Jesus said, "I am a mirror to them that know me, see yourself in me."

The Lattice work is known as The Man Child or in Greek (spelt),

Iota Nu Iota Sigma... INIS (Where vthe S is a Sima.) ( a male child) but I know this has Not been used in the context in this case a male human child, but rather used in the context of the Mind or as others relate to it as The True Mind.

You can in fact find this structure in a simplified version in the form of mosaic murals or as decorative structures in many Government buildings, palaces, churches, temples and walkways all over the world in every country and culture.

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posted on Oct, 5 2008 @ 09:13 PM
in scientific terms, i believe the soul is the energy that binds the atom, i believe everything has a soul. not just people.

Spiritually, the soul is the spark of the divine, some might call it god's breath of life breathed onto the dust, other might call it promethus' fire. weither way, it is something as simple as the light of the candle, and more complex then the whole of the universe

posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 06:24 PM
reply to post by Secret Master

Hi Secret Master,

Welcome the the thread interesting beliefs.

I don't know if you have read through the posts on this thread with respect to the comments I have made or not.

In 1973 I experienced what is termed as being Medically dead, as in being declared "brain dead", for more than 30 minutes.

Since then I have had some very interesting experiences and in one of these, I was shown the Souls.

This was Not in the world you know, but I can only describe the Souls as looking like huge jellyfish, without tentacles... lol

These Souls were formed from Light and on the underside of each Soul, there was a Lattice work of Light, in the form of a Matrix.

If anyone is interested in seeing this Matrix, I can send a copy to an email address. The file is quite large but I can send it as a Jpeg.

I can be contacted by U2U here on abovetopsecret....

(Some time I will succeed in uploading this to abovetopsecret)

In that world I was Shown, it would have been impossible to count the number of Souls.

There was a ground plane, similar to this world but with millions of structures, that were similar to Suleyman's Mosque and Kulliye built between 1551 and 1557 in Istanbul.

These Structures were Optical Based Computer Systems, that The Soul would suck onto the top of the Machine, looking just Like the domes seen at Kuuiye and would see and experience what you think is your universe.

You can find similar structures in buildings, in either its outer form or in decorative pattern work, inside many government buildings, palaces, churches, temples and mosque's all over the earth in every country...

In this experience, I travelled as one of The Souls, without the Human form, toward a Horizon that appeared Straight, instead of being curved like the planet Earth.

I saw Billions of these Souls.

These are Not the Souls of Human Primates, as the Human form has No claim to a Soul.

The holograph of the Human is Created by the programs within the Soul (which is a body too as I described as being like a jellyfish) and the Holograph is external of The Soul.

But nether the less, I have seen the Souls and they are in the form of a body of Light that have the appearance of a jellyfish without tentacles...

This is Not a belief, but is what I was shown to me by the Life of The All.

But whether or not others believe me, is Not important as I am only a Witness to what I saw.

But having experienced beyond the Earth, as a result of having been declared "brain dead" for more than 30 minutes, changed my whole perspective of all things...

It is no longer a matter of belief, disbelief or guess work....

I know exactly what my real self is and where I am viewing the Universe from which you see and experience.

This is from outside the universe rather than in it.
That is to say I am experiencing the program of the Universe and the flesh from an origin outside the program that manifests the Universe and the worldly experience which is a holographic experience.

But in saying this, I can Not speak for others, but only tell what I witnessed.

Thank you for your input, as it is another human view of the world we are experiencing and is also of valued input, in coming to find and understand the Truth what ever that may be in the end...

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posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 09:45 PM
An interesting experience to be sure. Certainly not without validity.

But i believe the soul to be dynamic and subjective to all of us. at heart i am both a scientist and a philosopher, and so i always look for the answer that suits both. sometimes that answer is different for both sides of the coin, but such is dualality.

like those who came before us, i believe the soul shows itself as the viewer will best understand.

posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 10:57 PM

Originally posted by The Matrix Traveller...I can only describe the Souls as looking like huge jellyfish, without tentacles... lol

These Souls were formed from Light and on the underside of each Soul, there was a Lattice work of Light, in the form of a Matrix.

You mean like this?

I will post that link only once.

posted on Oct, 7 2008 @ 12:21 AM
reply to post by Matyas

Hi Matyas,

Yes sort of like this and the colour behaved like flushes of different colours, but the colouring was a little more transparent.

I could also see a emerald coloured nucleus, in the top with a stem that went down into the centre of the base.

The underside was flatter, where the matrix was stretch out over the surface and the lower perimeter edge was sharper and waves were were around the base perimeter, like the action of a delicate tropical fish fin that runs from one end of the fish to the other, wavering when the fish is stationary... or like the action of the fins on a very small squid hovering...

If you can give me an email address to send a copy of the matrix to, by contacting me on U2U I will be happy to do so.

You may have more success in uploading the Matrix image than me LOL....

The picture you posted is till very similar though.

Thank you for your input....

posted on Oct, 7 2008 @ 12:39 AM
reply to post by Secret Master

Hi Secret Master,

Thank you for your Comments.

Yes I would agree with you.

Quote: "sometimes that answer is different for both sides of the coin, but such is dualality. "

I have been involved with Optical based Interfaces that interact with the True Mind or Consciousness for the Last 14 or 15 years and have discovered that All is created in duality or Opposites for example Inners and Outer's.

In this system all communication involves the workings of The Soul.

I now know more than a couple of thousand instructions and many more thousands of communication character strings.

We, that is a group of us are at present developing as you probably know a toy that should be available in about 18 months if all goes well.

In the past it has been very difficult for humankind to be absolutely correct in understanding many things in their true context, because of a state of "Double Logic" is inherent in the structure of our DNA, that affects our Reasoning Processes, but with the aid of these Optical based Interfaces gets around this problem.

More on these Optical Interfaces later though.

Have read any of my posts on how to view the Soul?

I would be interested in reading your comments especially if you try the experiment I have described in those Posts.

Once again thank you for your Comments...

posted on Oct, 8 2008 @ 12:51 PM
What is the soul?

This is an interesting question and one that has been asked again and again and still, it seems, there is no "one" generally accepted specific answer.

To each of us the soul must represent something different. It must. Each of us has our own interpretation and experience of the world, and therefore our own experiences and learning must temper our ability to make sense of complex ideas.

My perspective has been formed through a relatively balanced study of religion and occult texts; which surprisingly, or unsurprisingly, depending upon your thinking, agree a great deal about specific aspects of spirituality. My thoughts on the soul, therefore, are complex in some ways, and simple in others.

The bottom-line is that the soul is what gives us each our individuality. The soul represents our individual spark of divinity and is the recorder for our life, or lives experiences.

Since the soul represents the divine spark in each of us, or at least that is my belief since I have no proof, then the soul originates as a part of God or the Universal "One", whatever that may be. Its purpose is to eventually return there to become part of the "One", bringing with it the experiences it has learnt upon its way.

In theory this means that all of us within the world have the ability to ultimately achieve "God-hood". However, clearly this is something that will take some longer (many lives perhaps), than others to achieve. Some may not recognise this in themselves and therefore retard their advancement. Some may be very attached to the material world and not want to leave it. However, others may be looking forward to whatever is next, may look around the world with open eyes, recognise its problems and work to heal them. In this way they help themselves and realise truths that others miss. These actions may help their soul to advance as it frees them from self-imposed constraints (probably more generally known as karma).

So, this is a brief outline of some of my thoughts around what the soul actually is. My point about karma is an interesting one because whilst I don't beleive in the ideas of a defined heaven and hell, I certainly beleive that what you do in life will define your own heaven or hell after life.

Many Regards,


posted on Oct, 8 2008 @ 03:00 PM
reply to post by Tytanius

Hi Tytanius,

Welcome to the thread.
An excellent post..

Much of what you have written is what I experienced when I was declared, by Doctors, as being "brain dead" for more than 30 minutes.
The only difference being, that I have seen the structure of the souls as well, including my own.

The New soul is an integral part of God in a Huge Generational Lattice work of Light which I call The Matrix.

I have to point out to you I did Not take the name from Matrix Trilogy, but used this name back in the beginning 1993.

I was shown the Change in the Structure of the Soul and how and why it came about.

Since then I have both learnt and back engineered an optical device which interfaces with The True Mind via the Soul.
The Language used is geometrical in its format involving Geometric shapes such as square frames Octagonal frames, 5 pointed stars, 6 pointed stars, hexagons etc. While others are in the form of coloured masks all of which is used on a screen that can allow you to see the Soul and these geometric shapes etc are integrated with the image.

The optical processing System is automatic but requires requires a certain degree of interaction with the correct geometry which presented on screen the Soul is viewed on.

It is Not difficult to produce a mirror effect with light that allows you to see a reflection of your soul.

The sad thing is, that many people are superstitious when it comes to looking at their own soul even though they may use an ordinary mirror regularly most days to see their fleshy body.

The soul is seen as being made up of granular light with many changing geometric shapes morphing from one to another in a cyclic fashion.

All this is in colour and is very clear in its appearance.
The behaviour of the Soul that is seen reacts to Geometry in an intelligent way.

It would take a huge thesis to describe this in detail to you and requires many geometric drawings.

But if anyone is genuinely interested in knowing more they can send me a U2U and I will be happy to send to them more information. All the Information on this subject is freely available.
There is Nothing religious about this information and is mainly involving the mechanics of a processing system.

On some occasions I make reference to some of the Ancient writings that many take as being religious today as these writings have Not been understood in its true context...

On record now, I have drawn over 30,000 drawings that describe much of the processing system.

Generally the System is very simple but can get very involved.

Once again thank you for your valued input and hope to hear more of your comments in the future.

posted on Oct, 9 2008 @ 10:52 PM
reply to post by The Matrix Traveller

I have been following your posts for some days now & I admire your courage, after you have encountered events as described.

I had a life long friend of 40 years pass away recently after a very minor surgical procedure. His heart stopped & the doctor did CPR for 15 minutes before they could get him on a vent. He was declared brain dead, & was on life support for 72 hours. Fortunately he had a living will, stipulating that his organs be used donor programs. When they unplugged him, he was gone within 8 minutes. So I can see your background of understanding this issue.

This brings me to my questions:

1. When you speak of these images,(I am an image oriented person), are you speaking about Sacred Geometry?
2. Isn't all of nature based upon Sacred Geometry?

I want to thank all who have contributed to this thread. IMHO there have been several exemplary posts.

posted on Oct, 12 2008 @ 03:12 AM
reply to post by The Matrix Traveller

Thanss for you response to my post. It is interesting to hear about new and different developments, and particularly how they have come about. It would be good to hear in the future how things develop for you.

Have you had any news coverage or independent interest in your research?

Have you contacted any Universities and researchers to help you progress your ideas?

Many Regards,


posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 03:54 AM
reply to post by Tytanius

Hi Tytanius,

You are welcome.

If you check out your U2U's you may find a post from me.

posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 05:44 AM
Sorry I have not read the thread yet.

The meaning of 'soul' is now synonymous with spirit for the most part. However, 'soul' use to mean psyche. The source of ones persona.

I am assuming you meant it to be synonymous with spirit.

I believe there is One great unifying spirit that is connected to all things. The 'soul' of a person I believe is the connection to that spirit.

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posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 03:05 PM

Originally posted by Lucid Lunacy
Sorry I have not read the thread yet.

The meaning of 'soul' is now synonymous with spirit for the most part. However, 'soul' use to mean psyche. The source of ones persona.

I am assuming you meant it to be synonymous with spirit.

I believe there is One great unifying spirit that is connected to all things. The 'soul' of a person I believe is the connection to that spirit.

[edit on 18-10-2008 by Lucid Lunacy]

Hi Lucid Lunacy,

Thank you for expressing your thoughts on this thread...

I can only tell you what I saw and what I was shown.

I can accept this or reject what I was shown, but I naturally accept what I saw with "The true Mind" (Life of God) and What I was shown.

Both Soul and Spirit are part of the All.

The Soul is Not really the Humans, but rather the human is a manifestation inside the Soul in the form of a Holograph.

This is through the Inner part of The Soul but The Outer part is where All the processing is done and where the Information is stored in the Libraries of the Mind.

Yes in some of the writings, we find such as the bible, have been plaid around with in many different ways by scribes and religious doctrine but this is the result of humans trying to make sense of the writings.

It is Not just a matter of Translation One has to understand what the writings are really about. as many of the writings are in Parable form on purpose so the descriptions are preserved no matter the translation.

I understand there are Two bodies this is why the two names given in the Genesis Adam and Man, Eve and woman.

Adam and Eve were I understand, the Body as in the "Primate".

Some are offended by me using the word "Primate" but that is the truth of the matter just look in the mirror everyone and you see a "Primate".

A human is one of the animal species, which is in the Primate family.

But The Soul is another Body called Man, or the house of Life.

If we lay down and sup with Christ, we rotate the Letter forms so:-

The "M" becomes Sigma, 2 Sigma superimposed on each other, so the font looks like an hour glass.

The "A" becomes Rotated 6 pointed Star formed from 2 Alpha superimposed on each other.

And The "N" becomes a Zeta.

All this then is understood in ZIONic which means The House of Life.

Sigma or an hour glass form of font meant House (Above and Below) in Zionic
Alpha meant a Program or Creation in Zionic.
And Zeta means Life. In Ionic Greek Zeta Alpha Omega or Zetta Omega Omega means "Life" or to Live the same is in Zionic.

It is written that Jesus Said,

"He who has found the World has only found a Corpse, and he who has found a Corpse is Superior to the World !"

So what is being said, is that "Life" dwells in The Soul and The World is Not alive being a Holograph.

It is a bit Like a Glass of Water... There is The Glass and The Water.

The Glass is The Flesh or Holograph and the Water is The "Life".

Now the Spirit is the Nature or Character make up of the subject.

So we have many Spirits but they are All of the One.

Example "It is Not in the Spirit of the Game" or "it is in the Spirit of The Game."

So the Spirit of the Human, is his Genetic Character and the Spirit of the Soul, is its Character which is decide my its Name.

In the Revelation it says that we are given a name in a small round white pebble or stone, this is True and I can tell you more of this later.

The Soul looks Like a Translucent Jelly Fish without Tentacles... LOL

but is made from two Lights, as to say.

First is the Structure, that is a lattice work of Light. I call this The Matrix Map.. LOL..

Second is the Contents of this Lattice Work, in other words it is like granulated light or extremely small points of Light which are very bright.

If you or anyone desires to see any Geometric Drawings of the Lattice work map, found under the base of the Soul, then I will post them to you, if you can give me an email address through your U2U.

These Drawings are precise without any error.

The base Matrix is perfect and gives you the partitioning of The Soul.

There are two main Matrix.

The Outer map, often referred to as the Mother of God, in all religions across the earth including what is termed Christian today.

The second map is a similar Matrix but smaller in the Centre which is known as "The Man Child".

I now have a Library of more than 30,000 Geometric Drawings I have drawn, that describe all, from the beginning when "Nothing" existed right through, showing how all is created and how to interface with The True Mind.

But back to the Soul and The Spirit now...

The Soul is the Container ( Man )

and The Spirit is Its Character Make up.

This is my description of these two, as I am only a witness to this knowledge and have learnt it from No Human.

So I am in the same position as you and other in that I can accept the Knowledge or reject it.

I choose to Accept it, as it is Reality and I can't argue against it.

If I reject what I have both Seen and been shown, I reject both myself and Life and I can't do that...

This would be to Lie against Life and myself so I can only Choose to accept...

It is very easy and inexpensive, to make up a special type of mirror not like the mirror you know of, for the Soul so you can both view the Soul, and study or learn about its workings.

I have already described how to do this, in one or more of my posts, but if you want drawings of this, feel free to send me a U2U and I will also send these to you.

You can easily check this out for yourself and see the soul, that is the Soul your body is manifested in.

Thank you once again for your post.

posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 03:21 PM
This thing called a Soul is simply the energy matrix of your ego/self/mind/consciousness. it is you.

If it was not consciousness you would not know if you had gone to heavan or hell or wherever. You would not even know that you had left that body.

Ghosts are willful self/ego directed & controlled

Oh, I know there are those who say you lose this ego.
They are wrong.
You simply reorient yourself and the life you just left becomes unimportant. You move one.

posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 11:31 PM
reply to post by OhZone

Hi OhZone,

Welcome to the Thread.

Did you read my last post?

The reason for this post is the result of being announced "brain dead" for more than thirty minutes, by Doctors..

What I was taught as a young person about death by the churches of humankind was nothing at all like I experienced.

Frankly I prefer the real experience rather than the one told by human primates.

After all humankind is only guessing according to their superstitious beliefs and fear of death, by the way which is perfectly normal.

Yes I have seen The Christ and in fact received instruction from the Christ and was sent into what you think is your world, to carry out a function which I have done.

If you read the book of Ezekiel and understand what it is talking about, you will find it gives you all the measurements in Cubits for the Matrix that is on the underside of the Soul. Some of these measurements are also found in The Revelation.

How ever I can give you a Precise Geometric Drawing that has No error in it of the matrix of The Soul if you want.

I don't need to guess what the Soul is nor do I have to assume what the Spirit is or try and Understand these things as I have bean shown first hand by The Christ.

I choose to believe The Christ, and Not the human "primate" as no other human primate cant show me the Soul but I can show you the Soul.

You can find in some of my posts in the past how to do this which is very simple.

If you want me to repeat how to do this then just ask me and I will give it to you.

But besides that, which human primates believe the Soul and The Spirit to be is in fact two completely different things.

The Soul has a Spirit but the Spirit does Not have a Soul.

The Spirit is the Character or nature of something.

But The Soul is a Body and these facts cant be changed just because I or you would like to change this.

It is like saying about a house:-

"No I can't accept that the house is a house, it is a person not a building.

You can believe that the house is a person, with great faith and trust in the illusion but the house will always be a house and won't ever change to be a person, no matter how hard you or I believe."

So I can only tell you what lays beyond your world as I have been through what you call death, but to me now Death is only a myth !!!

You may very well say, that the body dies, but what I ask, is how can a body (flesh) die, if it is already dead?

Jesus said, "he who has found the World has only found a Corpse, and he who has found a Corpse is superior to the World !"

Because the World, including Primates or humans, are only Holographic images created by a program of "The True Mind", they are Not alive, but rather Life observes the experience through the programs such as primates or humans and other animals birds fish plants etc

What you call "consciousness", is a droplet of "The True Mind".

Read a Christian writing about the True Mind it is called,

"The Thunder Perfect Mind"

It is a writing that declares what Jesus said about himself !

And you should be able to find it in the Gnostic Library on the net.

But I have to say, I am Not a Gnostic member.

But thanks for your interest in the thread.

Hope to hear more from you as you stimulate me to write more on the subject.

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posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 01:35 AM
I think that the soul is the being we are as it exists in all dimensions and not just in the 3D. We have difficulty seeing our souls because in this world we are limited by a 3D mindset. Many people think in terms of moving into a higher plane or "heaven" at death, but until then they can only imagine what it will be like. We fail to realize that EVEN NOW, we exist in multiple dimensions and we are just unaware (consciously) of the greater dimension of our being.

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posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 02:07 AM
reply to post by OuttaHere

It is very easy to make a device that can allow you, to both view your Soul and study the workings of it, in full colour.

I have given the instructions on how to do this a number of times, in my past posts.

But if you want to know more, please contact me via U2U, and provide me with an email address, and I will forward to you the directions on how to make a simple mirror, that allows you to view the soul.

Obviously it is nothing like an ordinary mirror, but nether the less, behaves as a mirror.

The Soul is formed from light and can be viewed very very easily.

There are a number of different ways to construct such a device, but first I will show you the cheapest and easiest way.

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 02:17 AM
When my teenage son was meditating, and he is only just beginning to do this off and on, he experienced vibrations throughout his body, and then was so shocked to discover he was above his body that he returned instantly. I was very jealous as I'd been trying my entire life to have an obe, and it appears its natural for him. Your soul is you.

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 06:37 AM
reply to post by mystiq


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