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Reclaiming Personal Power.

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posted on Sep, 30 2008 @ 01:00 AM
I have a belief, that we have given away our power to such an extent that we do not even realize who we truly are. Once and a while, I do a meditation on reclaiming personal power, and quite often the effects involve some pretty intense feelings, and emotions.

Last night, I decided that I need to get back on track and start reclaiming some of my personal power, as corny as that sounds. I laid in bed and meditated on the following self-made affirmation:

"I am reclaiming all that I am, all that I was, all that I will be. All parts of myself suspended in time, I call on all that I am to return to me, to be whole. I reclaim all my power, my memories, my free will and my gifts of being, gifts of creation. I remove any power I have given others, who have abused that power or used it against me. I return that power to myself. I will not allow others to take my power, or use me in a way harmful to myself or others. No one can control me, or take away my spiritual heritage."

I drift into sleep meditating on this, and what I didn't expect was the dream state to suddenly take on such an aggressive role and act out this affirmation.

Normally my dreams are peaceful and non-violent. However, in this dream, as I tried to become lucid and aware, dream characters started to belittle me, attack my ego and try to reduce my self-confidence. I would be verbally attacked, and emotionally attacked. When that failed, I would be physically attacked.

Finally I started to fight back, and manifested two long daggers, which I ended up stabbing and slicing up my attackers. Eventually, I would scream, "You have no power over me.", and pull some Jedi like force powers blasting the attackers away with energy.

From a video game or entertainment perspective, it was kind of fun, but I am not into being violent.

The dream progressed, and more attackers would emerge, big, muscular and threatening. They would be very dominating, assuring me and others that they were going to beat up, that we needed to be taught a lesson. I remember thinking they had no right to just attack us, and force their violence on us, so I started to get angry.

When they wanted to attack me, I started to become lucid and aware I was dreaming, which was cool, because I would start to let them hit me, and all the force and energy would be instantly nullified, kicks to my groin where painless, every effort to hurt or damage me failed.

I even allowed weapons like bats and daggers to pass through my body. I realized I existed, and I was dreaming. I just started to laugh at the situation. I just waved my hand and they all flew back and disappeared.

The battle raged on for hours of dreaming though, so it was epic. When I woke up however, I felt the best I have felt in a very long time. Very clear mentally, my cold seemed to be gone.

I'll have to keep up with that affirmation, and see if perhaps I have given away to much of myself, and taking time to reclaim it might prove interesting.

Any thoughts on reclaiming personal power?

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